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Royal Floria 2015 Review

Floria DiRaja 2015

Royal Floria 2015 is off to a great start where the 9-day event held at Precinct 4 in Putrajaya will see over 100,000 people visiting this flower and garden exhibition here.

For this year, the title 'Royal' was endorsed by the Queen where the official ceremony will take place on opening day on the 29th May 2015 at the Royal Garden of Negeri Sembilan here. 

Malaysia Asia attended the media preview on the 28th May to see what the entire place where the Lily is the official flower for the Royal Floria 2015 with the theme "Tapestry of Hues".

The event is also in its 8th year running now at their own location here in Putrajaya.

Review of Royal Floria 2015

Royal Garden of Negeri Sembilan
The Royal Garden of Negeri Sembilan
Below are various photos taken on the media preview, minus the crowd so the photos are much clearer too.

They are randomly selected so when you visit the Royal Floria 2015, there will be many more things to see and experience.

Royal Floria 2015 Photos

Below are random photos taken during Royal Floria 2015. 

China-Malaysia Friendship Garden Royal Floria
China-Malaysia Friendship Garden
Hobbiton at Royal Floria 2015
One of the most surprising finds at Royal Floria, Hobbiton! 
Royal Floria Laman DBKL
An interesting entry from DBKL seen here
Royal Floria MBPJ Council Garden
MBPJ Council Garden, nice decorations using pots
Royal Floria Laman PKNS
Laman PKNS, one of the popular displays every year
Royal Floria Limkokweng University
Limkokweng University garden display here
Royal Floria Johor Garden
Johor Tengah's beautiful display
Glamping in Malaysia
Glamping in Malaysia at Tourism Malaysia's display 
Melaka Garden Royal Floria
Melaka council floral display, quite interesting
Contest for Royal Floria
Those who like cute will find this very interesting, using flowers
Head Art Design Royal Floria 2015
One of the many interesting head art designs using flowers
Garden Designs at Royal Floria 2015
One of the various garden designs seen here, there are many around the area. 
Putrajaya Royal Floria 2015
A beautiful and interesting outdoor display
Some of the beautiful flowers on display at the event
Royal Floria Negeri Sembilan Palace
Negeri Sembilan Palace mockup
Taman Fantasi Royal Floria
Fantasy Garden for the kids, a permanent fixture here 
Taman Laut Terengganu Royal Floria
Terengganu's interesting sea-themed garden
Plants Bazaar Royal Floria 2015
The plant's bazaar area where you can find all kinds of items
Orchids at Royal Floria 2015

The flowers found all over the Royal Floria Putrajaya are beautiful, especially the orchids at Royal Floria this year as there are many unique and interesting ones to be seen.

I will only show a few orchid photos here, the rest - you will have to go there and see them by yourself as there are just too many.

From the rare orchids in Malaysia to the hybrids, they come in all sizes and colors too.  And as for the names, I do not know them, perhaps if you do, you could leave a comment with the names below.

Malaysian Orchids
Some beautifully colored orchids
Strange Rare Orchids in Malaysia
A rare orchid, to me I have never seen this species before
Orchids at Royal Floria 2015
I once found the name for this orchid but I have forgotten now. There are a few species of these here at Royal Floria 2015.
Orchid Photo Royal Floria
One of the winning orchids at Royal Floria

Royal Floria 2015 Information
Date: 29th May to 7th June 2015
Venue: Anjung Floria, Precinct 4, Putrajaya
Weekday Time: 9am to 10.30pm (Monday to Thursday)
Weekend Time: 9am to 12 midnight (Friday to Sunday)
Entrance: Estimated RM5.00 adults RM1.00 Children
Website: Royal Floria 2015

Map of Royal Floria 2015
Royal Floria 2015 Map

Weekends are going to be really crowded and if you want to visit this place, I highly recommend you go really early.

It can get quite hot and humid as well, so bring an umbrella or hat and drink lots of water. The area is quite huge so please come in comfortable walking shoes too. 

There have been some changes this year and the Magic of the Night 2015 Float Parade is happening from the 29th to 31st May and no longer coinciding with Royal Floria.

So, if anyone wants to catch both the events, you need to visit Putrajaya by the 31st of May. 

For anyone who loves flowers and gardens, this is the one big event you should visit here as there are displays, showcases, art and design, bazaars and many more at the Royal Floria 2015. 

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