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Kuching Panoramic Photograph

This is my Kuching panoramic photograph taken with my smartphone from a building in the area of the Kuching Waterfront during one of my many visits here.

The photo simply shows part of old Kuching city with the Sarawak River in the background and also the new Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building.

In the foreground, you see low rise shop houses which make up the main Kuching Waterfront and also the famous Carpenter Street. This is one of the most visited areas in Kuching if you are visiting here.

Click on the image to see the full Kuching Panoramic Photo
Panoramic Photograph of Kuching

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak on east Malaysia and is the largest state which is filled with a lot of Ecotourism, culture, food and heritage.

I have been visiting Kuching for years, and have captured many photographs which include panoramic photos. I realised that I have never featured them, and finally decided to do so in this article.

A panoramic photo of Kuching city taken from across the river
Over the years, Kuching has remained as one of the purest destinations in Malaysia, with very little development done. This has somehow kept the originality of the city, and thus luring those serious tourist and travelers.

While other popular cities around Malaysia have fast developed, it has somehow taken away the real charm of Malaysia. But, such is life, and with modernization, comes advancement.

Places To Take Panoramic Photographs in Kuching

Among the many places around Kuching, there are a number of National PArks what can be visited within the day. One of the recommended places to visit is also the Bako National Park which is just under two hours drive.

It is at this national park that you can spot the world famous Proboscis Monkeywhich is also the Visit Malaysia Year official mascot. From the Bako jetty, you can also capture a beautiful panoramic photo too.

Panoramic Photo Sarawak
Panoramic photo taken at the Sarawak Cultural Village for the RWMF
Kuching is also a laid back city where usually in the mornings, activities take place and when dawn comes, people simply relax and chill out.

A great city to walk around while there are quite a number of things to do here. You will not find flashy, fast moving city life here.

The cat city has also been selected to be the main venue for the Asean Tourism Forum in January. If you have never been here, anytime is the perfect time to visit Kuching in Sarawak. 

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