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Pictures of Legoland Hotel in Malaysia - Sneak Peek

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Photos
These pictures of the all new Legoland Hotel in Malaysia are a series of sneak peeks as I had the luxury of spending the night for a full experience a day before the soft opening of the hotel.

The Legoland Hotel opens its doors to the public on the 29th November 2013, and will complete the entire Legoland Malaysia project. The hotel also sits in between the Legoland Theme Park and Water Park therefore this completes the overall experience. 

Walking through the main doors of the Legoland Hotel sort of took me back to my childhood days where almost everything was made from Lego.

The only thing missing were Lego people attending to me but I have to say that the much anticipated hotel has really impressed me.

Anyway, here are photos taken today, a day before the opening of the Legoland Hotel in Johor, Malaysia.

Pictures of Legoland Hotel in Malaysia

Photo of Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Main lobby area where the reception area is, a Lego pirate ship.
Lobby Area Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Also in the main lobby area, a Lego castle for kids to play. Note the thousands of Lego bricks around the area.
Entrance Legoland Hotel Malaysia

The Hotel Restaurant

Restaurant Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Bricks Family Restaurant, the main dining area at the hotel
Legoland Bricks Restaurant
Inside the Bricks Family Restaurant at Legoland Hotel
Even sugar and creamer holders are well thought of
View of the restaurant from outside
Buffet area with Logo plants and animals
Legoland Hotel Malaysia Rooms 

There are a total of three themed rooms available at Legoland Hotel Malaysia, and this is suitable for families that want something different when they stay here. The theme rooms are;

1. Adventure Theme Room
2. Kingdom Theme Room
3. Pirate Theme Room

Adventure Theme Room

Room Photo Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Adventure Themed Room at Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Picture of Room Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Adventure Theme Room - The master bedroom with king size bed
Legoland Hotel Malaysia Kids Room
Adventure Theme Room for the kids section. 3 kids can sleep here while there is a TV on the wall.
A unique Treasure Box is available in every room. Solve a puzzle and open it for a prize! Trust me, adults will be the ones doing it and it is quite interesting too.
Coffee and Tea with Legoland Mugs in standard rooms. Higher tier rooms have coffee machine and premium coffee
Adventure Theme Legoland Hotel Malaysia
The Adventure Theme Room Corridor
Kingdom Themed Room 

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Kingdom Room
Kingdom Master Bedroom at the Suite. All suite rooms are on higher levels of the Legoland Hotel.
Kingdom theme room - Kids section with 2 triple bunk beds. Meaning two families of 8 persons can stay here.
Kingdom theme room living area
Pirate Themed Room

Pirate theme room doorway which is very creative
Pirate Room Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Master bed for the Pirate theme room at Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Pirate Kids Room Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Kids section for the Pirate Theme Room
Legoland Hotel Malaysia - Pirate Theme Room
Pirate theme room corridor. I just love the carpet designs at the hotel.
The room numbers outside each room
Legoland Hotel Rooms and Specification
Courtyard Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Courtyard area at Legoland Hotel Malaysia
 General Photos of Legoland Hotel Malaysia

Below are a series of general photos taken around the Legoland Hotel Malaysia. They were taken as I made my way around the entire hotel during my trip here.

Information are in the captions of the photos below.

Opening Staff Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Legoland Hotel Johor front office staff prepare for the opening on the 29th November 2013
Reception Legoland Hotel Malaysia
The amazing wall of Lego mini figures. A total of 12,585 mini figures are used to make the wall at the reception.
A Lego boy on bicycle moves left to right at the wall of mini Lego figures. Note the tires are actually a special magnified glass to see a close up of the mini Lego figures t the reception area. Very cool.
Welcoming guest to Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Swimming Pool Legoland Hotel Malaysia
The Lego Captain that looks after the Infinity Pool at the hotel
Pool at Legoland Hotel Malaysia
The swimming pool here is slightly different where salt water is used instead of chlorine
Elevators Legoland Hotel Malaysia
The elevators are very interesting. Two themes on each side, one with a Disco theme and with Disco music!
Facade Legoland Hotel Malaysia
Legoland Hotel Malaysia, a recommended place to stay at if you want the full experience here.

There you have it, an almost complete pictorial of the newly opened Legoland Hotel Malaysia. All photos were taken on the 28th November, a day before the hotel opened to the public in their pre-opening ceremony.

For more information and bookings, you can visit the official Legoland Malaysia website as they are offering some amazing promotions which include hotel, waterpark and theme park. This is also for a family package of two adults and two kids.

My recommendation - Well worth it and if you are a Lego fan, this is your mecca. Overall, the experience at the hotel alone was quite fascinating. The food at the Bricks Family Restaurant is above my expectations. Check out the Candy Bar here!

There is guest parking so buying the package will make your access to all the three parts easy. Any questions, please feel free to ask or contact the customer support in the website. I hope you liked my pre-opening pictures of the Legoland Hotel in Malaysia.


hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

wow~ another totally different hotel..if i enter this hotel..it would be a totally different world..must go there one day.
thanks David for sharing with us.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks! Hope you make it here to experience this hotel.

Anonymous said...

i'm on my way there tomorrow with my family for a three night stay. you review has heightened my expectations. thanks!

Malaysia Asia said...

Anon - You are most welcome and have a great time there with your family!

nateniale@gmail.com said...

Wow! What a colourful happy hotel!

Malaysia Asia said...

Yes Nateniale, it kid of makes the general hotels look plain after staying here.

Musemahi said...

Wow!!Nice Hotel

Malaysia Asia said...

Musemahi, thanks and yes, the Legoland Hotel Malaysia is very nice and different. Very recommended.

Moer said...

Nice! Wonder what's the price like.

British Airport Transfers said...

Wao, great it looks like a package deal, one can enjoy properly with family and every things seems so managed and well organised.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like a really amazing hotel. Hope to stay there with my son sonn...