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Star Trek Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

 Malaysia Star Trek Exhibition

The Star Trek The Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was held at the National Science Center or Pusat Sains Negara in KL until March 31, 2013.

This world-renown science fiction show will feature the largest collection of artifacts, costumes, and information from the five television series and 11 feature films which have gone through four decades since the sixties. This is also the first time that a Star Trek event is being held in Malaysia.

Star Trek Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

Highlights of the exhibition include the famous captain's chair from the USS Enterprise, actual costumes, and an actual replica of the transporter.

There was also a seven-meter long model of the USS Enterprise spaceship which apparently is larger than the one on display at the Smithsonian in the USA.

Fans of TNG will be pleased to know that they can browse through copies of scripts used in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series at the exhibition here.

You will be surprised but there are quite a number of hardcore Star Trek fans or Trekkies here in Malaysia so if you see some dressed for the occasion, causally do the 'Live Long and Prosper' greeting.

Star Trek The Exhibition in Malaysia

According to center director Assoc Prof Dr Irmawati Ramli, Kuala Lumpur was the first Asian city to display the items after a successful run in Vancouver, Canada.

The last major Star Trek event was held in Singapore many years ago themed Star Trek World Tour and this was back in 1999. That was over 13 years ago.

Trekkie's in Malaysia will have the ultimate privilege to explore the world of Star Trek through the long history of the 45-year-old franchise that is displayed together with the largest collection of authentic Star Trek sets.

There are also props, character costumes, cultures, ships from all five Star Trek television series and almost a dozen Star Trek silver screen pieces, including the popular 2009 Star Trek movie that starred Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and Zoe Saldana. 

For the Trekkie, a total of 42 assorted costumes on display include Klingon and Romulan TNG uniforms, 7 of 9 Bord jumpsuit, Ferengi clothing, EV suits from TNG, Reman soldier, Kai Opaka dress, General Chang's uniform, Garak's suit, and Worf's uniform.

There is also an Alien Section with various head busts and videos on make-up effects. Various props from TOS, such as the tricorder, and aliens, like Ferengi latinum are also on display here.

Because there is no photography allowed in here, they offer an in-house cameraman that takes your photos at strategic places.

You get three (3) photos taken at the TOS captain's chair, TNG bridge, and Transporter Room. They are sold as a set for RM25 (US$8) which comes with an exhibition folder and photo holder.

This is available at the end of the exhibition. There is also Star Trek merchandise being sold for the collectors.

Malaysia Star Trek Exhibition
The Enterprise Bridge at the Star Trek Malaysia Exhibition

Trekkies or Star Trek Fans from Southeast Asia will have the chance to attend this event as it is going to be held for three months here in KL until next March.

Traveling to Kuala Lumpur would be easy as there are many direct flights from Bangkok, Jakarta, Brunei, Singapore, and Manila.

We do not know when the next exhibition will be or if it will arrive at any of the countries so this is definitely one of your best chances to catch the event here in Malaysia.

There are loads of options for flights and even accommodations in Kuala Lumpur.

This is also an excellent build-up to the upcoming sequel to the 2009 film, "Star Trek Into Darkness" which will be released in cinemas in Malaysia on 16 May 2013.

But too bad, there is nothing of the new show that will be on display here in KL.

Malaysia Star Trek Expo
Star Trek Exhibition in Malaysia
Star Trek Exhibition Malaysia Ticket Prices;
  • Adults: RM 20
  • Children (ages 3-17): RM 10
  • Students (18+): RM 10 (with valid and current student ID)
  • School groups (ages 3-17): RM 5 (in uniform and accompanied by teachers)
  • Exhibition Time: 9am to 5pm daily except Fridays 
  • Date: 19 December 2012 till 31 March 2013
  • Telephone: +603 2089 3400 
Additional Information about ST: Exhibition Malaysia;
  • No food or beverages inside the exhibit
  • No Photography, including cameras, video, or camera phones (Let down!)
  • Cellular phones must be turned off in the Exhibition
  • Smoking is not permitted in any area of the Exhibition
  • Star Trek: The Exhibition is wheelchair accessible
  • Parking is Free at the Science Center
National Science Centre Map in Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia National Science Centre Map
Public Transport to National Science Center Kuala Lumpur
  • RapidKL Bus No.U83 (KL Sentral - Kompleks Kerajaan Jalan Duta route)
    Daily Operation (Monday - Friday):
    6.00 am - 9.00 am
    4.00 pm - 8.00 pm
  • The frequency of the trip is every 30 minutes. No operation on weekends 
  • LRT Train: Catch the LRT to Bangsar Station, from there take a taxi to the NSC. This would be the easiest method.
  • Taxis are easily available from the city but getting one back to the city may be a slight problem. The best is to get a taxi company number if you plan to use the taxi service to get here.
  • Walking: This is out of the question. It is simply too far. It is a 10-20 minute drive from KL Sentral.
Those in the south, the Star Trek The Exhibition in Singapore is still unannounced but after the show in Kuala Lumpur, the next stop is scheduled at the island republic so fans there should keep an eye out for this.

For the Singapore Star Trek fans, it would be wiser to travel to KL and catch the exhibition here as there are reports that there are just not enough Trekkies on the island for a massive Singapore Star Trek Exhibition.


EMS Exhibits, under an exclusive contract from CBS, has managed this unique traveling museum since 2008.

Having finished a six-month stint in St. Louis, the exhibition made a brief 18-day stopover at Vancouver, Canada before beginning an Asian tour for the first-ever Star Trek Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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No photogrpahy ! i was thinkjng a visit next week, but now no thanks! Thanks for the warning !

Unknown said...

I'm from the Philippines, will be traveling to Singapore Mid March. My kids would like to attend the Star Trek Exhibit .

I only have 1.5 days free, can anyone sugest how we can get there with our limited time. My kids would really enjoy this. Thanks !!