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Sun Bear Picture

Bornean Sun Bear Photo
The very special Bornean Sun Bear is my picture of the week. This is the unique Malayan Sun Bear or Honey Bear which is one of the highly endangered species in Malaysia and the smallest bears in the world.

I was fortunate to have seen the Malayan sun bear as it was my first visit to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center or BSBCC in Sepilok Sandakan, Sabah in 2011. This was well before it was officially opened to the public.

As I toured the sun bear conservation, I was told that all the bears here are going through the rehabilitation process and will be eventually sent back to the wild. The center is also just next to the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary and only opened in 2012.

The picture above is one of the bears under the sun bear rehabilitation program which is a non-profit organization headed by CEO and wildlife researcher Siew Te Wong, the main person in charge of this conservation.

In his team, there are a number of volunteers who are local and foreigners who help in this program. For more information about this endangered mammal, visit the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center website to understand what is being done to help and protect the Malayan Sun Bear.


Cathj said...

Great.. Oh this is sun bear... noted that.. :)

Unknown said...

Should create more awareness to our young generation so that they can learn more how to save an endangered species.

yuliang said...

that's a beautiful bear.

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Cath - Yes, they will open somewhere next year so when you go back to Sabah, head to Sepilok.

Tine - Trying my best to do so as it is a great cause for the future.

Yuliang - Thanks, they are really cute too.

Silver Jewelry Jaipur said...

great pic

Anonymous said...

yuliang, chinese weddings seem to be all the rage now, even between non-chinese. maybe it has something to do with 1 malaysia? that bear is cute david.