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Temple Street Market in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Temple Street Market

Temple Street Market in Hong Kong is one of the markets worth visiting to see the local side of this place. Situated in the Yau Ma Tei and Jordan areas, the market is open from 4.00 pm right till around midnight or 1.00 am.

Temple Street is also famous for clothing, gadgets, watches, ladies and men's accessories, and the vendors operate in two rows where you can walk till the end and turn about.

For the foodies, there are actually quite several popular food shops found along with the Temple Street Market, namely at the shop lots.

Temple Street Market in Hong Kong

Temple Street Market is also called Men's Street as a majority of the stalls here cater to men items like shirts, belts, lighters, accessories and even bedroom objects.

There are over a hundred stalls here selling all sorts of items. If you go right to the end towards the open park, you will see some fortune-tellers who set up a stall there.

Along the way, petty vendors are selling second-hand goods or those from China selling items from the mainland. 

Photo of Temple Street Market
All sorts of goodies being sold

For the curious, there are the traditional Chinese Medicine shops in the vicinity while a good spread of local Hong Kong food can be found here.

At some portions of the market, there will be food hawker tables set up alongside the road so you can easily have a meal here.

One of the popular hotels which are just behind the market is the Dorsett Sea View Hotel while for the MRT Stations, there is the Jordan Station and Yau Ma Tei Station.

Photos of Temple Street Market

Below are some photos of the famous market in Hong Kong, taken with a point and shoot camera. Please note that this was all experienced and taken in early of 2011. 

Photo Temple Street Market
Yau Ma Tei end of the market here

Stalls Temple Street Market
Chinese trader from the mainland selling items

Vendors Temple Street Market
Vendors along Temple Street in Hong Kong

Temple Street Market Video

How to go to Temple Street Market?

1. Get off at MTR Jordan Station Exit A. Turn right into Jordan Road and walk three blocks to Temple Street.
2. Get off at MTR Yau Ma Tei Station Exit C, walk along Man Ming Lane to the market.
3. Take a taxi or Grab as all drivers know where this place is.


Overall, I had a great time exploring Hong Kong before the new generation of travellers came about. During my trip here, I also stayed at the Dorsett Seaview Hotel.

Every day when I left the hotel or came back, I would pass the Temple Street Market and sometimes, I would even have supper here at the market as they have an awesome corner shop selling local Hong Kong noodles.

If you are visiting this amazing place and love markets, you should make it a point to spend a few hours in the evening by going to the Temple Street Market in Hong Kong.


inka said...

I have book marked this. I'm heading for Hong Kong and Shanghai in September and this is a great addition ot my must see list. i'll make sure to visit a fortune teller.

Kelly said...

I love street markets! I will miss them so much when we leave Asia!

Adam said...

Looks amazing! Markets are one of my absolute favorite parts of travel. This one looks great!

Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista said...

This market looks great! Very lively and fun. thanks for introducing me to it.

Jeremy B said...

Visiting markets are one of the best experiences I have had when traveling!

jade said...

When we were in Hong Kong, we tried to visit all the different markets and really liked Temple Street. Since my name is Jade, of course we visited the Jade Market and I bought a bracelet. I thought the markets were really fun.

Malaysia Asia said...

Inka - Thank you and I should start putting my Shanghai articles up. Been over 8 months since I got back from there.

Kelly - Aww, put it this way, now you have a reason to come back next time?

Adam - Yes, among the many markets in Hong Kong, there are so many various types.

Debbie - You're most welcome and I still have a few more markets to post :)

Jeremy - It still is my number one itinerary whenever I travel. Hope you make it to Southeast Asia to experience the various markets here.

Jade - Awesome! I hope you got a huge jade at the Jade Market there. Wait for my other market articles and thank you.