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Hot Spring Spa in Krabi, Thailand

Krabi Hot Spring Spa
Hot Spring Spas in Krabi are currently the trend for visitors headed to this Eco-Tourism haven in the Southwest of Thailand. Called the Waree Raksa Hot Spring and Day Spa, this beautiful place is located about one hour from the main town of Krabi.

On a recent visit here under Thailand Tourism, I was fortunate enough to experience a full Hot Spring Spa and Wellness Treatment. The journey took us out of town through a scenic drive passing various local villages in the Klong Tom district of Krabi.

The van then turned off the main road while we must have traveled in for another five minutes passing nothing but shrubs and what looked like a secondary jungle. 

Within minutes, we arrived at a traditional wooden Thai home which did not look like a spa at all. Feeling unsure, I asked the driver again and he assured me this was indeed the Day Spa we were visiting.

Hot Spring Spa in Krabi

Waree Raksa Day Spa, Krabi
Waree Raksa Day Spa, Krabi

We were greeted by the Waree Raksa Spa manager who invited us under the house, literally underneath the beautifully reconstructed traditional house where an open air lounge cum restaurant with wooden tables and benches were placed.

Here, the manager give us the run down of the entire process from start to finish. After our welcome drinks, we were ushered by the staff to our changing huts which were about 50 meters away.

Waree Raksa Photo

The two huts were made from semi brick and thatched roofing with male and female changing rooms complete with a bathroom and outdoor shower at the back. Lockers were provided and we got into our shorts and robes while Croc-like shoes were also available.

Upon exiting the hut, the staff led us down a pathway through the beautifully landscaped grounds. Along the way, I noticed some traditional outdoor gazebos which were about 15 meters apart. The path kept going until we passed some bushes only to be greeted with various pools of crystal clear water.

They were man-made and creatively done too. Looking around, I noticed that there were multiple pools in that huge area hidden from the public eye.

Waree Raksa Spa Krabi
Waree Raksa Spa walkway

Krabi Spa Waree Raksa
Outdoor Cabanas or Gazebos for massage

As the spa manager joined us, he then explained the concept of their hot spring pools here. Two natural spring water sources were discovered here and instead of just making two main pools, they opted to share the source of water through an advanced system and coming out with six different pools here.

The spring waters were an average temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius which was also odorless, rich in minerals and with a PH value of 6.9. The multiple pools in one section had different temperatures ranging from 38 to 45 degrees Celsius including a cold pool for that perfect hydro-therapeutic experience. 

Krabi hot Springs
Multiple hot spring pools in Krabi

Hot Spring Pools Krabi
Natural Hot Spring Pools

Krabi Hot Spring Pool Thailand
Hot Spring Pools

As we started our spa session here, it was rather funny when we were asked to start with the cold pool for five minutes, then hop into the medium pool and then into the hot pool. This went on back and forth for about 20 minutes until it was the outdoor massage. Well trained masseurs then invited us to benches near the pools where a salt and herbal scrub was performed onto our entire body.

When the scrub was done, a quick outdoor shower was taken nearby and then we were back into the pool for a repeat of the first session. Shortly after adjusting to the hot pool, one of the staff who was a yoga instructor came by to give us a Yoga Relaxation Session while were in the pool.

During this basic experience, I noticed another staff member prepping the medium pool with natural flowers and pandanous shaped flowers for the final process. I took a look at some of the other pools and to my surprise, I even saw a waterfall with hot spring water. That was a first for me.

Traditional Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage outdoor

Flowers in the hot spring pool

When the spa and wellness treatment was finished, one of the staff walked in with a tray filled with little green cups and from a distance, I could have sword they were cups. As she walked closer towards me, I was taken aback that the cups were actually little mini coconuts for our refreshment drinks. Heading back to the main entrance of the place, we were stopped at an open area where a buffet of local Thai fruit was displayed.

Here, we were invited to feast on these exotic fruits which were Durians, Rambutans, Longkongs, Watermelons and Mangosteens. Being local, my choice was clear as I headed straight for the Durians. The Thai Durians were plucked from the local plantations and as a durian lover, I have to say that they were incredibly tasty.

Traditional Thai massage room Krabi
Traditional Thai massage room

Changed and feeling refreshed, a late lunch was provided for us under the wooden house. Local food was the highlight where stick rice and mango was served while a selection of Thai dishes complete with barbecued chicken on sticks and grilled beef made our meal complete.

Not helping was the fact that most of us stuffed our faces with the Durians earlier but that did not stop the host from bringing more of the thorny fruits for dessert. You can imagine our journey back to Krabi town after this session. Half of us fast asleep in the van while I was just too filled to even close my eyes.

Thailand Fruits
Thai Fruits
Krabi has always been a popular getaway for many Southeast Asians and Europeans while the place has also been nicknamed the second Phuket. A complete range of activities are available here and many of them which are new include Eco-Tourism and Wellness Tourism.

Strangely, I always thought of Krabi as an Island or  Beach getaway and after fully experiencing this coastal town, I now understand why many are heading here nowadays.

Waree Raksa Spa address and contact;

P.O. Box 25,
Krabi 81000
Telephone - (66 75) 637 130-3
Fax - (66 75) 637 134-5

Bangkok Office
140/389 Sathorn House,
North Sathorn, Silom,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Telephone -  (66 2) 236 4141, 236 2345
Fax - (66 2)236 3344
Reservation: reservation@vacationvillage.co.th
Sales: sales@vacationvillage.co.th

The Waree Raksa Spa is a day spa where bookings can be done from the hotels or even some of the travel counters in town. Transport can be arranged to and fro while they only operate as a day spa for now. 

A half or full day package can be arranged to suit your style while local Thai massages are also provided in the traditional houses here. Huge thanks goes out to the staff and management of the Waree Raksa Hot Spring and Day Spa and also to Tourism Authority of Thailand for arranging this trip.


Ciki said...

looks really cool.. i don't mind some R&R here.. btw, why are your fotos still sooooo small;) hehe

Malaysia Asia said...

Hey Mei, thanks! Oh yeah.. I keep forgetting to size them bigger! I will look into that after this. Also need to look into some R&R this week :)


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i love infos like these. thanks, my krabi life saver.

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Lily, thanks! I will keep in mind to post more Spas and Hot Springs :)


Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks John. I hope you get to visit the Hot Spring Spa in Krabi in 2011. A real therapeutic treatment if you ask me.


Migrationology said...

I was reading through this post, longing for some spa treatment when I arrived to the fresh fruit section and saw the Durians! Now I am strictly dreaming about the Durian!!!

Malaysia Asia said...

LOL Mark! I wonder how you got confused with the Durians... Seriously, we had a Durian Feast which was the highlight among the locals. Overall, it was awesome and hope you make it back around this area for more Spa and Durians.


Kissman said...

makes us want to drive there again ... we drove there a few times but never went to this day spa :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Man, it's only another 45 mins to an hour to get there from Krabi Town.