Ipa Nima Bag Store in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Ipa Nima Bag Store

Ipa Nima Bags in Hanoi are one of the highlights for the women who are visiting Northern Vietnam and this article covers how my partner and me went in search for the exclusive hand made bags around town.

She had heard of the brand a while ago but Ipa Nima in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is just too pricey with limited and out of season collection and therefore since we were heading to Hanoi, we decided to allocate half a day to source out the Ipanima Flagship Store in Hanoi.

Ipa Nima in Hanoi

The history of the bags go back to 1995 where a lawyer named Christina Yu from Hong Kong moved to Hanoi to be with her practising husband.

Facing tough times as a litigator here, she decided to pursue a little secret dream of hers in creating a business in the fashion area.

After one and a half years there, she finally came through with the brand Ipa-Nima and is rated as one of the most talented designers in the world today. Her bags are found throughout the world and has celebrities and politicians as her customers.   

Ipanima Shop in Hanoi
Ipa Nima store front
We had printed some information from the Internet on the whereabouts of the store in Hanoi and there were many different locations.

Out of three prints, two of them showed one address which was just nearby the Hanoi Towers. Grabbing a taxi from the Old Quarter, we made our way there only to find that there was no such place.

Maybe the place was closed we thought but then it was a weekday, so I asked one of the shops nearby only to be told that they had moved a few years ago and did not know where they currently were.

Some help the Internet was - it was back to looking at the print out and decided on the next known address which was 34 Han Thuyen Road. After another 10 minutes of driving around the area, the  pink colonial building stood out like a club of some sort. It had to be the place I told Lilian and stopped the taxi.

Hanoi Ipa Nima Shop
Main entrance to the Ipanima Store in Hanoi

Standing in front of the pink and pastel coloured colonial building, the main entrance looked like a grand walkway complete with sheer rich fabrics draped to the ceiling with a little chandelier hanging in the middle of it.

Window displays on both sides show the latest collection of Ipa Nima Bags while the baroque styled decorations were tastefully done. Without hesitation Lilian was already inside while I was still in awe looking around the entrance area.

Ipa Nima Store Hanoi Photo
Inside the Ipa Nima Flagship Store in Hanoi

The Hanoi heat was unbearable on that hot afternoon and upon walking in, I could feel the intensity of the cool air conditioning inside. I quickly told Lilian to take her time as I wanted to enjoy the moment here.

Two Vietnamese girls were manning the store and without hesitant, they approached Lilian with a sweet smile and well spoken English.

Lilian must have looked like she was in the Disneyland of Bags here as her constant focus were on the products displayed cleverly from pillar to pillar and wall to wall. There must have been at least a hundred bags on display here not forgetting the other little items throughout the store. 

Hanoi Ipa Nima Bag Shop
 The interesting designs in the store

Video of Ipa Nima Store in Hanoi 

Each of the stores walls were carefully designed with racks displaying a range of bags. There were pillars created in various sections of the store where new models were displayed against the bright magenta padded velvet fabrics.

A clever way to keep ones eye busy. The cashiers counter doubled as another display where trinkets, purses and other various items were shown. Most importantly, they had very comfortable sofa sets strategically placed for the customers to relax, namely the men like me. I liked it even though I was never the shopping type. 

As Lilian made her way around the store, she must have looked at twenty bags here. Selecting one wasn't easy as everything looked really nice. What made it more interesting was that the previous season collection of bags here was on sale. Up to 50% was offered on selected items while the newer ones had a 20% discount.

Large mirrors were also cleverly placed as women love to see how they would look with these designer bags. Eventually after spending a good three hours here, she had finally made her choice of a Blue Leather Ipa Nima shoulder bag and one more fun designed fabric Ipanima Tote Bag for her good friend back home.

Tina Sparkles Shop in Hanoi, Vietnam
Tina Sparkles Shop in Hanoi, Vietnam

Tina Sparkles in Hanoi

For your added information, there is another smaller shop selling Ipa Nima Bags at Old Quarter in Hanoi. The place is called Tina Sparkles and is just nearby the Joseph's Cathedral in the Hoan Kiem District.

So if you are strapped for time, you can simply make your way here for some of the unique bags offered. They close about 9pm too. If you are a serious shopper, please do call them ahead to check on opening and closing times as the staff here speak pretty good English.

They accept all kinds of Credit Cards here too. You can get also more up to date information from the official Ipa Nima Website

Map to Ipa Nima Store in Hanoi

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Ipa Nima Flagship Store Hanoi
34 Han Thuyen
Hai Ba Trung District
Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone +844 3933 4000
Fax +844 3933 4008

Tina Sparkle Hanoi
17 Nha Tho
Hoan Kiem District
Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone +844 3928 7616

I also went bag hunting to look for some Crumpler Bags in Hanoi and actually found them. So for anyone wanting some quality bags, men or women, Hanoi is the place to explore for this.

Once again, if you are planning a trip to this area and you are a serious bag fanatic or have been looking for a good deal on these unique designer bags, I would seriously recommend you check out the Ipa Nima Store in Hanoi, Vietnam.