Cherating Beach - Picture of the week

Cherating Beach - Picture of the week. This was taken at Kampung Cherating in northern Pahang during one of my beach explorations around Malaysia. Kampung Cherating is a popular holiday place with  locals and also foreigners. The beach here is pretty much peaceful and quiet where you can enjoy the local village (kampung) lifestyle and there are a number of hotels and resorts along this beautiful east coast beach.

Kampung Cherating is also well known to the backpackers as most of them would spend a few days till weeks here as it is very reasonable and laid back. Nearby this place, there is a Turtle Sanctuary and the famous Club Med Cherating. A river cruise and fire fly sighting is also available here. Once I have some extra time on my hands and feel like a road trip, Cherating Beach would be one of the places I will be visiting again.