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The Datai Langkawi Videos

The Datai Beach, Langkawi

The Datai Resort in Langkawi Island, Malaysia is one of the most prestigious resorts in the region of Southeast Asia.

This is a follow up story to my original story of The Datai resort. In this segment, I will share with you about the Datai's rainforest and it's surroundings in picture and videos.

The Datai Langkawi Videos

360 Degrees view of the Datai Restaurant, Pool and Beach

In the video above, you see a 360 degrees view of the lower section at the Datai. A wooden walkway form the villas joins to this area, a buggy waiting area, one of the restaurants, a swimming pools and the entrance to the Datai beach.

The Datai Restaurant near the beach

The Datai Deluxe Rooms

Walking around the villas at the Datai with nature sounds

In the video above, you can hear the strong rainforest sounds caused by various types of insects.

Another video of the Datai Villas. A buggy is seen outside on of the villas

Buggies are provided for guest in the event of rain or if you are not up to walking around. The villas are about five to ten minutes walk to the main resort building or to the beach.

The Datai Villa Room Video - Entire room and bathroom

The video above shows you the entire room and bathroom of one of the villas at the Datai. The sheer size of it justifies the price you are paying when you book the Datai villas.

Walkways around the Datai

The Datai walkways around the resort are tastefully done to blend in with nature and makes your exploration around the resort very soothing and relaxing.

At various parts, traditional paper umbrellas are available for the guests to use when it rains. From an observation here, most of the guest prefer to walk rather than use the buggy service provided.

Wooden walkways around the Datai

When you walk around the Datai, you will be pleased to know that everything here is absolutely well taken care of by the management in a bid to conserve the natural rainforest.

Wooden walkways are strategically placed around for the guest to enjoy the beauty here. Occasionally on your walks, you are bound to bump into resident monkeys, squirrels or even small lizards.

Bird lovers or bird watchers will also have a chance to hear and see some of the rare tropical birds of Langkawi.

View of the Datai Villa surroundings with Streams and rainforest

Serene rainforest ambiance around the Datai

Parts of the wooden walkways will cross streams and wooden bridges are built to match the walkways.

Stop and admire pure nature of the Langkawi rainforest while listening to the natural sounds of the insects and birds here.

Walking around the Datai compound filled with pure nature

The Datai Beach, Sea and Sky Video

The Datai Beach Video (sorry about the shaky part in the begining)

A resident shelled crab comes out and makes a run for it

Address and contact details;
The Datai Langkawi
Jalan Teluk Datai,
Kedah 07000
Phone: +60 (0) 495 92500

Map to The Datai Langkawi


If you are an avid rainforest and nature lover who would like a secluded, hassle free and luxurious breakaway from the concrete jungle, The Datai is one of the top rated places in the region to consider. 

Prices are above average compared to the normal 5 Star resorts, but the impeccable service makes up for everything. I hope you enjoyed my videos on The Datai in Langkawi. 

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CathJ said…
Wowww.... I want to gooooo... ^_^
Malaysia Asia said…
Cath, book your villa there! Let me know when you go :)

This hotel is understated luxury situated in the most amazing jungle populated with indigenous wildlife that is breathtaking to experience. Really wonderful and great experience.
Malaysia Asia said…
Melbourne Hotels - It is a wonderful place and really unique as mentioned by you. Thank you!