Redang Kalong Resort at Redang Island

Redang Kalong Resort PhotoRedang Kalong Resort is one of the secluded places situated on Redang Island off Terengganu. Located on the other side of Pulau Redang and on Pantai Teluk Kalong (Teluk Kalong Beach), this is the only resort on the beautiful stretch of beach here. Known more as a divers resort, the dive resort has it's own well known 5-star dive center called Divers Den.

Redang Kalong PhotoRedang Kalong Resort 

The resort boasts of ultimate privacy because no other resort is within its view. They have a nice stretch of beach, with lovely waters and excellent snorkeling and diving. While I checked in here, I met up with at least 6 divers in just one day. Most of the divers were from America and Europe. Apparently this place is well known in the divers world or circle.

Rooms at Redang Kalong ResortRooms with sea view

So, how did I end up here? Well, on one of my projects from traveling Malaysia, I asked my tour agent to just book me a nice and quiet resort on Redang Island as I did not want to stay at the main Long Beach (Pasir Panjang) and this was exactly what they gave me. The sea view rooms built in a longhouse style living was actually quite nice. Not the best, but averagely alright. To me, it could have been slightly better but according to the divers I met, they just need a place to crash after diving.

Connected sea view rooms

One thing is that you should not plan your honeymoon trip for this place as the walls of the rooms are pretty thin so the whole block will know what you are up to. As mentioned, this is a great place for divers seeking some good dives and some privacy from the beach going holidaymakers.

Beach Redang Kalong ResortGeneral private beach along Pulau Redang

Overall the Redang Kalong Resort is pretty nice. There is a foot path that connects to the main Long Beach and other side of the island if you want to go exploring. It would take a 15 minute walk to get there. But bring a flash light because when the sun goes down, there are no lights along the part.

Relaxing area

The best times here are in the evenings when the sun is about to set as you can sit in the garden in front of the sea view rooms and just enjoy the scenery. I did that a couple of times during my stay here.

Overall guide

From my first impression after arriving here, this place reminded me of my Pulau Lang Tengah exploration trip. Why I say this? I just hate it when they start to dictate your stay here. Every little damn thing is reminded to the guest. Time to use this, time to use that, losing this will cost you that. And look at the check in and check out time. The bottom line here is every little thing is going to cost you.

From what I'm told by the resort workers, most resorts like this type always have the strict military timings. Really, why? Are the guest incapable of eating at the correct times?

I was also told that during slow periods, they would group sell the resort rooms to college kids and other large groups. Companies on a budget will take these offers. So, with no choice, they need to tame the unruly budget guests that come in droves to the resorts.

So how does one make money from running a resort? Charge double of what the store sells. By the way, there are no shops nothing whatsoever on this stretch of beach. So, if you plan to stay here, be well stocked! Wait a minute, the resort thought of that too, so they charge you if you want to put your own drinks or bottles in their freezer. Seriously, I mean, who would have thought of that?!?!?

Restaurant tables overlooking the sea

The resort does have a nice dining area as it faces the beautiful ocean. Basic and simple seating arrangements are provided for all group sizes. I kind of liked it here in the afternoons, having a cold drink watching the divers go out and come in.

Main restaurant dining area

This is the main dining area where all your food is served in serving trays. You walk up, get a plate, self service and eat as much as you like. It is buffet style. Usually the dishes are Chinese style cooking and occasionally you get some Malay dishes included. There is no pork served here.

For snacks, coffee and tea is provided with some bread, jam, butter and biscuits too. This you can have throughout the day. Again, if you are a big eater, please bring your own snacks.

Redang Kalong Snorkel center

So, what do you do at the Redang Kalong Resort? Besides chilling out and relaxing, there is snorkeling, diving, holding hands and walking along the beach and picking up shells as you beach walk. Honestly, there is nothing much to do here. If you are looking for other activities, you just need to get to the other side of the island. I did mention earlier, underwater diving is numero uno here.

Snorkeling Redang Island
Boat loads of tourist arrive for snorkeling

One thing you have to check out if you stay here is that every morning, boat loads of tourist would make their way to the front of resort. I wondered why when I saw about 5 boats approaching, in my mind, I thought it was the end, here come the loud holidaymakers to ruin the peace. Then, the boats stopped outside. People in snorkeling gear started to jump in one by one and eventually I saw at least a hundred of them in the waters.

Questioning the Redang Kalong staff, they simply reply, it is a normal thing every morning. The sea is a free place and the resort waters are one of the best places to snorkel. So every other resort around Redang Island would bring their guests here to snorkel for about an hour.

Redang Island SnorkelingCoral fish in the clear waters at Redang

Video of feeding coral fishes

When they say best places to snorkel, they mean it. Just take a look at the clarity of the waters and the colours of the coral fishes. I must have snorkeled about 10 times during my stay there.

Redang Baby turtles photoBaby turtles at Redang

When I was staying at the Redang Kalong Resort, there was something special that moved my heart. It was turtles. 9 baby turtles were being kept in a large plastic container as they were rescued from under the dive shop platform. I had never seen so many baby turtles at one go so this was a bonus for me. Cute little things, they were just swimming around and being fed bread.

Video of Baby Turtle swimming

Gambar Pulau Redang

Finally, I wish to advise that for families, this place would NOT be suitable. Due to the strict food timings, lack of children's activities and many other possible reasons. If you are expecting excellent resort service, please visit the Laguna Redang Resort or Berjaya Redang Resort which I have wrote about.

Bookings for this resort can be done via various travel agents in the city or in Kuala Terengganu town. You can also look up the Internet as many tour companies will cater to this place. They do not take walk in guest as all arrangements are handled by their office in Terengganu.

Redang Kalong Resort information:

Total rooms - 38 (11 are sea view), hot/cold shower, air conditioning. Twin or triple available.

Room Prices - Approximately RM300.00 (US$85.00) per person for the sea view rooms, full board based on 3D/2N.

Facilities - Dive Shop, Snorkeling, Boat trips, Mini Karaoke, Board Games, Kayaking, Vollyball.

Note - Snorkel equipment is charged per piece.

Attraction - Underwater world here. Don't forget to bring a underwater camera for the amazing sights when diving or even snorkeling.

Dive Center - Run by a Master Instructor who has 17 years experience in the Redang waters the center is equipped with an air-conditioned classroom with AV equipment, spacious equipment storage room and a deck for divers to relax after diving. There is also a library on marine life here.

Underwater Photography - This place caters to this as the Master Instructor has excellent experience on this and you can learn a thing or two from him.

Redang Kalong Petaling Jaya Address:
No. 4 Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7960 7163 / 8163
Fax: 603-7960 9163
Website: Divers Den / Redang Kalong Resort

This place would suit the divers, groups of friends or couples on a budget. Again, please do not expect 3 star service. If you do get any, they you would be lucky. Even though they do not offer a resort feeling or service, they do have facilities like a mini karaoke, board games and some basic beach activities like volleyball and kayaking here at the Redang Kalong Resort.

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