Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia is also known as the Jungle Temple which is located in the Angkor Thom complex and is one of the most beautiful temples I have visited in my life. Why so? Well, besides this temple being used for the first Tomb Raider Movie starring the beautiful Angelina Jolie, the way the trees grow here are absolutely astounding. Words cannot describe it until you set foot there and see it for yourself.

Ta Prohm Temple - An amazing place to go

Ta Prohm was originally called Rajavihara and was built around the late 12th century (1186 AD) in Angkor by King Jayavarman VII. It was built to be a Mahayana Buddhist monastery. Apparently, the place was left as is over the hundreds of years and the outcome is amazing from what you see now in the place which is also called Angkor Archaeological Park.

Huge silk cotton tree overgrowing the wall

Walking around Ta Prohm would take you about 15 to 30 minutes. Most of the structures have fallen or taken over by huge trees growing over them. There are also many photo moments here and getting them in the sun is the best so I recommend going there early in the morning.

Silk cotton trees growing over the stones

One of the popular sites here at Ta Prohm is the "Tomb Raider tree" in the central sanctuary, where Angelina Jolie picked a jasmine flower and was sucked beneath the earth. How cool is that to be where she once stood. Even you could re-make that same pose Angelina did here.

Part of the fallen temple

To avoid the crowds, I would recommend you buy the 3 day pass to Angkor Wat and take your time to visit the temples. Mornings should be the best time to do this as it can get really crowded in the afternoons and especially on weekends. By the way, most Asians love the 3 Night / 4 Days holiday and this will only make your trip a rush.

Stone carvings on blocks or rocks

I would recommend a minimum of 4 nights/5 days trip to Siem Reap if you plan to visit Angkor Wat. No point spending all that money and rush your holiday. The best option to see Siem Reap and Angkor Wat would be 5 nights/6 days. Trust me, it pays off and you will not be tired when you take your time.

Ta Prohm Temple entrance

At the end of my Ta Prohm Temple visit, I found this temple to be one of the best natural temples I have been to. As mentioned in my other Cambodian Temple blogs, if you have a chance to visit these temples and have little time, choose Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm Temple. You can easily visit these 3 temples in one day. Sunrise at Angkor, late morning at Bayon and Ta Prohm for the afternoon finishing with Angkor again for the sunset.

Getting here is on the same route as Angkor Wat. Once you reach inside the Angkor Thom complex, all these temples are one by one along the roads. You need a Angkor Wat pass to visit the complex and they are available at the main entrance to the grounds.

General Tip: If you get local children following you around asking you to let them guide you, just politely tell them you are not interested. If you do need someone to take a picture for you, just ask some of the tourist to help you. Asking the locals there would cost you as they would expect some money.

Archaeological Park Fees: US$20 for one day, US$40 for three days, US$60 for one week.

You can also read about my visit to Angkor Wat  and Bayon Temple when I was there. Among the many temples found here, I personally think that if you want to visit all of the temples, you would need at least a week to achieve this. Finally, among all the temples I visited in Angkor Thom, I would easily say that only one captivated me fully and it was Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia.