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Monsopiad Cultural Village Videos

Monsopiad Cultural Village Sabah

Monsopiad Cultural Village in Videos - This is a video blog about the unique Sabah Kadazan Dusun cultural village here. Previously, I had also done an article about the MCV and you can read my Monsopiad Cultural Village story.

At the Monsopiad Cultural Village, you will see the traditional dances performed by the local Kadazandusun people of Sabah. The cultural show is held at the village theater and they have two shows a day.

The traditional Sabah cultural show starts with the emcee introducing the cultures of the Kadazan Dusun people of Sabah and then the dances start to come and perform the various styles of dancing.

Monsopiad Cultural Village (MCV) Opening Times are:
9.00AM till 5.00PM

Getting to Monsopiad Cultural Village:
  • By public bus - You can simply take Bus Number 13 to Donggongon town in Penampang from the bus stations in front of City Hall or Wawasan Plaza in KK City. Fare is RM1.50. At Donggongon, board a minibus bound for Terawi and indicate your stop to the driver. Fare is RM1.00.
  • By taxi - You can also use any taxi to get there for RM35.00.
  • Self Drive - Renting a car and self driving is also relatively easy.
  • Alternative - You can also contact the Village for shuttle services.
Entrance Fees to Monsopiad Cultural Village;

MYKad Holders;
Adults - RM45.00
Children (12 yrs below) - RM12.00

Adults - RM65 (US$19.00)
Children (12 yrs below) - RM25 (US$7.20)

For more information, you can also visit the Monsopiad Cultural Village offical website.

*Entrance fees include welcome drink and interactive guided tours of the Monsopiad Cultural Village.


Stanley said...

Wow.....I did the bamboo dance for a cultural performance night during my time at National Service. But the one in the video is a totally different level! Make us seem like noobs.

Btw, nice too stumble across a fellow travel blogger! Sup!

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Stanley, thank you for the visit and comment. Glad you found this bamboo dance entirely different. I tried it there, but at level 1 speed and even that, the bamboo got my legs hehe.


CathJ said...

Believe it or not... I am a Sabahan...and I never visit Monsopiad..Not even once!!! (Shame on me)... :-)

Malaysia Asia said...

Cath, how is that? hehe it is just 20 mins from KK town. Maybe when you go back home for the holidays next time, you should make a half day trip, bring the kids as they will love it!


~Julie Kiing@馨媛~ said...

Monsopiad!!...Went ther b4..did u go to the skull house...the 6th generation of the head hunter family are looking after them..^^

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Julie, as a matter of fact, I did. It is in my other Monsopiad posting with pics! Thanks for the visit.


Unknown said...

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