AirAsia X Flights to the US

AirAsia X Flying to the US
In the latest Malaysian aviation news, AirAsia X flights to the US has been cleared by the FAA on the 24th January 2017. When the long haul budget airline will start flying, it has not been officially announced. However, related media reports had indicated that AirAsia X flights to the UK and Frankfurt will commence in the summer of 2017. 

AirAsia X is also the first Asian low cost carrier to operate flights to the USA and the the approval from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) allows the airline to fly to any destination in the US. Destinations include Hawaii is one of them and it could be a connecting flight via Japan. This is also huge news for the aviation industry in Asia as it is now getting very competitive in terms of destinations. 
AirAsia X, Malaysia's leading long-haul budget carrier
In May 2016, we had announced on Malaysia Asia about AirAsia X Flights to Hawaii, where it would connect via Japan. The news did not indicate exactly when, but the AirAsia X flights to US should most likely start in mid to end of 2017. The best is to subscribe to the airlines newsletter to get the latest information on their new destinations and promotions. 

AirAsia X has been aggressively promoting many new flight destinations in the last couple of years where one of the much talked about new routes was the AirAsia X flights to Mauritius, creating a budget gateway to the paradise islands in the Indian Ocean. There have been many other new destinations for the Malaysian long-haul budget carrier and dreams of visiting far away places are now becoming a reality. Especially for budget travelers, now you can start making plans to visit America as when the AirAsia X flights to the US is launched, there will surely be some promotions tickets. 
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