Matta Fair Deals 2017

For the many visitors who will attend Malaysia's largest travel fair, most would be looking for the best Matta Fair deals for 2017 where travel agents will offer all kinds of travel packages and promotions. They  are usually offered for domestic, international and even special interest packages that range from Muslim, groups and even cruise packages. 

These Matta Fair Deals for 2017 are usually found from all the agents where each tour company will be offering various promotions therefore it is recommended that you have a destination in mind and then head there to check out what is being offered. At many times, consumer who visit Malaysia's largest travel fair will simple have a change of mind when they are there. All because other packages are more worth it compared to the one that you are looking for. 

For example, if you are planning to look for a Bandung Package at Matta Fair, you may encounter many tour companies selling Bali packages which is much more worth it, compared to the Bandung one and in the end, some consumers will even buy both packages for the sake of the promotion. And if you are looking for Taman Negara Tour Packages, you need to filter through many agents selling these. 

Usually, the Matta Fair Deals are offered for popular destinations locally and internationally, where the popular places would be Bali, Bangkok, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan for international. And for local destinations, popular places like Legoland, Penang, Langkawi, Sabah and Sarawak are the favorable choices. For the Matta Fair 2017, the Malaysian Ringgit is fared very low compared to the US Dollar therefore, many will be choosing travel destinations around the region versus far places.

Various airline tickets on promotion at Matta Fair
Matta Fair Airline Deals 2017

Airlines always take advantage of the Matta Fair by offering special promotions and deals which are valid when bought during the travel fair. Players like Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Malindo and Firefly will have their special flight ticket promotions running throughout the fair. Most of the times, it is done from their booths at the fair and sometimes they run it on their website. 

Even international airlines like Etihad, Emirates, Qatar and British Airways will be active by offering cheap flight tickets to international destinations but this will be done through the travel agents who sell flight tickets and also travel packages. So, during each fair, you should take note of which airline is offering the best deal for all airline tickets.

Visitors at the Domestic Section in Matta fair
Matta Fair Domestic Deals 2017

Domestic destinations will be one of the most popular sellers during the Matta Fair 2017, simply because a majority of the consumers will be traveling locally, especially during the long school holidays or long weekends here in Malaysia. This can be found at Hall 3 where all the local and domestic travel packages are being sold. 

Most of the time, the Matta Fair domestic deals will not include transportation and will be ground only, this means you buy the package and find your own way there. However, flights can be included in your package for convenient, but then the price of the package goes up. So, destinations like Langkawi, Sarawak and Sabah would sometimes include flights, but many locals prefer to book their own flight tickets based on the special promotions offered by the airlines. 

At the International Hall of the Matta Fair
Matta Fair Cruise Deals 2017

With Star Cruise being the leader for cruise packages, there will be a lot of offers on this as many are now looking for cruise packages that take them to multiple countries on one trip. However, there are also other cruise companies at the Matta Fair which are also offering promotions, and they include international cruise packages that range from seven to thirty days. Companies like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise and Costa Cruise are the international players who offer these luxury packages and are found in the international hall. 

Muslim Travel Packages to Japan
Matta Fair Muslim Deals 2017

The Muslim travel deals are one of the hottest packages being sold at the Matta Fair where many Malaysians are traveling to new destinations based on these specialized Muslim packages. Among the most popular are the Muslim travel packages to Japan as the country has been working very hard to comply with the Halal certifications for selected restaurants and also opening prayer rooms in various places.

Other places include China, Europe, Australia, Indochina, Americas and even Africa. However, there are reputable travel agents that offer these special packages and it is recommended that you speak to them directly to find out more about the facilities, food and so on. At the Matta Fair 2017, you will surely see many travel agents selling Muslim Travel Deals.

Matta Fair Honeymoon Deals 2017

A more selective travel deal to look for, there are travel agents that specialize in providing honeymoon packages at Matta Fair. However, you need to sit down with them and discuss what is included in these packages. Usually, Bali and Maldives are one of the top destinations for honeymooners but lately, AirAsia X has opened up a new route to Mauritius and this is one of the new honeymoon destinations to look out for.

Another popular honeymoon or anniversary package is  buying one of the romantic cruise packages. Unless you are the type that wants something very special, like buying a honeymoon package to Bahamas, you need to discuss this with the outbound travel agents as they can do a tailor made tour package for you.

Domestic travel deals are one of the popular deal consumers look for
Matta Fair Family Deals 2017

No doubt, this is something many families look for as family travel has increased in the last 10 years and now even more with many airlines offering good discounts. Most families will book packages to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China and even Bali but those wanting to spend a bit more will choose destinations like Australia, New Zealand and even Indochina.

Indonesia has been very aggressive on promotions in 2015 and 2016 therefore there will be much interest for the consumers who want to visit new places in Indonesia. Some of them include the Komodo Islands, Makassar, Gili Islands,

Visitors asking about package deals at the Matta Fair
Matta Fair Theme Park Deals 2017

Another very popular package sold are the theme park deals at Matta Fair where places like Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia are well received. However, since China opened their latest Shanghai Disneyland, many will be targeting to plan a visit there. Other further theme park destinations include Korea and Japan or even Australia.

A huge disappointment is the 20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park, where it was supposed to have opened in mid to late 2016 but this massive theme park project got postponed to somewhere late 2017 therefore Resorts World Genting will not be promoting this but their other theme parks like Universal Studios Singapore. Malaysian theme parks to also look out for include the new MAPS Perak or Movie Animation Park Studios in Ipoh, Perak which is scheduled to open in early 2017.

Visitors getting information
Matta Fair Shopping Deals 2017

A more targeted kind of travel is the shopping travel packages, where consumers book shopping trips to other countries, namely Bangkok, China or Indonesia. These are the common destinations for those wanting to buy for themselves or buy for their business. A number of online businesses or small retail vendors are looking to destinations like China for shopping travel packages.

Indonesia is also high on the list as many Malaysians are heading to Bandung or even places for shopping in Jogjakarta as there are many interesting and new products being offered at these places. But the main market is no other than China, namely Gongzhou and Yiwu where there are special shopping travel packages being offered by smaller agents which include translators and so on.

Visitors at the Matta Fair
Among all the deals that will be offered at the Matta Fair 2017, you need to carefully decide on which package suites you or your family. Do not buy based on because it is cheap, because sometimes, cheap does not mean good. So, always check before buying. Over the years, I have done many articles on the Matta Fair and also on the Matta Fair Promotion Packages as it provides consumer information for those who are unsure about this. 

For the best Matta Fair Deals 2017, you need to attend the travel fair to check the offers out and if all works out well, you will be getting a fantastic bargain for your next vacation or trip. Who knows, you may even walk away with two or three packages. 

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Janarthini Regunathan said...

Can we get matta fair deals online? As in were unable to attend the fair?

David Jr said...

Hello Jana, thanks for the question on the Matta Fair Package Deals. Well, usually the promotions are offered at the fair itself, but in some cases, there are a few travel agents that also offer the promotion packages on their websites. And the packages need to be bought during the same time as the Matta Fair too. You need to check the different travel agents for this. Hope this provides you with the information needed.

Janarthini Regunathan said...

Appreciate your comment. Thank you.😃

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