Matta Fair September 2016

The Matta Fair September 2016 will take place from the 2-4 September and at the Putra World Trade Center or PWTC in Kuala Lumpur. For those who do not know, this is Malaysia's largest travel fair that takes place twice a year here in KL city where over 100,000 visitors attend the fair over a span of three days. 

The next Matta Fair September 2016 will also target the year end holidays for Malaysians and also anyone wanting some good deals on holiday packages and flight tickets around Malaysia and also the world. The year end is the most popular time that many people will go for long holidays or vacations due to the festive seasons and also the extra long school holidays. 

As always, there are three to four main halls during the Matta Fair where each hall is dedicated to a specific area of travel. Meaning, Hall 1 and Hall 2 is dedicated to international travel where Hall 3 and Hall 4 will focus on Southeast Asia and Malaysia. At times, there are special halls opened for promotions for Umrah Packages or other special events during the fair.

Visitors at the Matta Fair
At any one time, there would be at least almost a thousand booths taken up by traders, but this does not mean 1000 different vendors, it just means that booth space where the larger companies may take up ten or 12 booth spaces while smaller companies may take one or two booth spaces.

Travel Agents at Matta Fair September 2016

Usually, you will find all the main travel agents participating at the fair and this includes the larger companies like Harper's Travel, Apple Vacations, PYO Travel, CIT Travel, Parlo Tours, GTT and Malaysia Harmony just to name a few. There are of course the medium scale Malaysian travel agents and also the smaller scale ones which usually are seen doing the local or domestic travel packages.

Most of the larger tour companies are found in Hall one and two while the medium to small are seen at Halls three and four. So if you are planning to go to Africa for a luxury safari holiday, you will have to see those travel agents in Hall 1 versus asking a small company in hall three about this.

A number of the agents tend to brand themselves as specialist in certain areas hence it is your discretion to check with others before committing any purchases. Just like I can say that I am a specialist writer for travel fairs, but again, there is no certification for this so you will only read this from what I write here.

View of the entrance to the Matta Fair 2016
Tourism Boards at Matta Fair September 2016

The tourism boards will always be at the Matta Fair no matter what, just that each fair, a country is selected to be the favourite destination for two regions, Asean and International. Therefore, the selected country will be promoted and the respective tourism board will participate in providing special shows, features and even artist appearance during the fairs.

Just so you know, the tourism boards participating are just for information purposes. They do not sell packages, as many would think. Their job is to provide information to visitors who enquire with them during the fair. Example, if you want to visit Komodo Island in Indonesia, you would have to go to Indonesia Tourism's booth to get information about how to get to Komodo Island, and then they may send you to one of their representatives who operates a resort or service to Komodo. From there, you can only get more information via a DVD or brochures or even flyer. Next, you either book via their website or find a travel agent that sells this package.

Tourism boards here usually promote destinations in their respective countries, therefore when you visit the Japan National Tourism Organization or JNTO booths, they will have many booths promoting various parts of Japan, each with their own respective tourism department or private organization. You will also find booths promoting even the railway system.

Visitors checking out the many travel packages
Cheap Airline Tickets at Matta Fair September 2016

One of the sought after promotions, many will look forward to what the various airlines will be offering as promotions. But in reality, let me just say that usually the international airlines will work with the travel agents in offering promotions. So this means, when you see for example - Qatar Airways promotions all over the Matta Fair, this does not mean that Qatar Airways has a ticketing booth there.

The airlines actually work with the participating local travel agents by offering them the promotion airline tickets to be sold, either individually or packaged with tours. Therefore, someone like 12Fly will be offering discounted flights to London, Paris or Rome via Qatar Airways and the promotions will also be based on a fixed duration period and sometimes not valid on certain days. So, the consumer needs to check with the agent on the departure and arrival dates for the promotions.

Performers take stage during the travel fair
These promotional airline tickets are also packaged with tours which can bring down the overall pricing and most of the time, those wanting to fly long haul will come to the Matta Fair to seek these airline tickets. Long haul is in flights that are from six to twelve hours long and ultra long haul which is over 12 hours long. In some cases, business class tickets are also sold as promotions and this is probably one of the best places to check as frequent flyers would know that flying more than six hours in a economy seat is not very comfortable.

In a recent article, I wrote about flying business class with Qatar Airways which clearly showed how different it is versus the general economy seating. On a side note, some airlines offer passengers Premium Economy seats which is a little bit more comfortable than the standard with almost 5-7 inches of extra leg room.

International Hall 1 at the Matta Fair, one of the busiest places here
Budget Airline Tickets at Matta Fair September 2016

However for budget airlines like AirAsia, they will sometimes participate and run instant promotions which are only available at the Matta Fair where when you buy your flight tickets there and you will be entitled to extra discounts for your flights. This too is based on peak periods and travel dates. Among some of the budget airlines to look out for are currently FireFly as Malindo Air has since been turned into a full serviced airline.

Crowd during the Malaysia Matta Fair
Cruise Packages at Matta Fair September 2016

As cruise tourism is the new trend among some, there has been an increase in this genre of travel where many are now looking to exotic and far destinations to do cruise tourism. The first name that comes to mind when you say cruise is usually Star Cruises but to date, there has been a new player in the industry called Costa Cruise, an Italian cruise company currently having a couple of cruise ships that operate the Southeast Asia route around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

International Cruise Packages at Matta fair also include bid names like Royal Caribbean Cruise, Disney Cruise, Norwegian Cruise and Princess Cruises which all operate luxury cruise packages to many interesting destinations. Usually these cruise packages are priced from RM8,000 and above, which includes flights to the departing and berthing ports with an all-in package. For those wanting to sail the seas an spend a good one to two weeks away, this is one of the luxury escapes you can do.

Visitors at the link way connecting Hall 1 & 2 with 3 & 4
Muslim Packages at Matta Fair September 2016

One of the most sought after and popular packages are the Muslim Packages at the Matta Fair where quite a number of travel agents have specialized packages that cater to Muslim travelers. These packages include all-halal cuisines, prayer stops and sometimes even Muslim tour guides that speak English. Even new countries like Japan has indicated that they have been improving their Muslim facilities over the last couple of years to target the Muslim travelers, especially from Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya have surau's, mosques and halal restaurants catering to this genre.

Some of the Muslim Packages at Matta Fair also include China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Middle East and many other interesting destinations. I have even seen Muslim Packages to Europe at the fair so nowadays, anything is almost possible. Agents that specialize in this are Apple Muslim Holidays, Felda Travel and some other tour agents. you should also speak to the representatives of these agents to get all the information before booking your tour packages.

Large crowd on day 1 of the Matta Fair
Matta Fair September 2016
Date: 2-4 September
Venue: PWTC, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 10am to 9pm

Though travel has always been one of the must-do things for just about anyone, there is always a new destination or place that one would love to visit and with the emergence of new budget airlines, types of accommodations and infrastructure in developing countries, it is now easier to travel and most of this is thanks to the internet, which has been the leading source of information for most travelers.

Matta Fair 2016 Video

The Matta Fair 2016 is also one of the main platforms that consumers can use to visit for information or even purchase travel packages to just about anywhere in the world. For first timers here, this is probably going to be an overwhelming experience to see so many travel packages being offered and you should know that you need to do your research before buying anything blindly. 

Alternatively, there are some other travel fairs that take place in Malaysia which is the MITM Travel Mart 2016 or Malaysia International Travel Mart which only sells outbound travel packages and is held at Mid Valley Convention Center usually around August but again, this is an alternative for those wanting to explore more options and I would easily say that many will go for MITM 2016 and also the Matta Fair September 2016. 

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