Chongqing Cable Car

If you are ever visiting this part of China, taking the Chongqing Cable Car is a must-do thing for anyone here. Why you may ask, but the truth be told that this is your once chance to take a cable car ride over the mighty Yangtze River. See, now you know that an it cost only 10RMB both ways and after riding this, you can cross this off your China bucket list. 

Alright, let's get to the details - Chongqing is actually one of the largest cities in China and perhaps in the world when you stand at one end and look across the Yangtze River, it kind of looks like New York with all the skyscrapers popping up from everywhere. 

Because the city is split into three parts by two rivers, the cable car system was built back in 1987 with a length of 1166 meters. Many locals prefer to use this mode of transport to avoid the traffic jams and the cable way journey lasts about 10 minutes one way therefore, if you can, get in first so you can have a great view and have your camera ready. Below are photos of the Chongqing Cable Car.

Notice the skyscrapers at the Chongqing CBD across the Yangtze River
The Chongqing Cable Car - I wonder if they will upgrade this.
Two way entry and exit system for the cableway
Cruising over the Yangtze River
The cable car passing some tourist boats that sail the Yangtze river
View from the other end where yo see the commercial side of Chongqing
To get here, the main entrance is at Changjiang Suodao where if you take a 10-15 minute walk from the Liberation Monument, you will also find it beside the Metro Station Xiaoshizi. You will most likely be staying on the non-commercial side of Chongqing too.

I would classify Chongqing as one of the up and coming tourism destinations of China with a lot spent on the tourism infrastructure here. There are many natural wonders and interesting attractions to be visited like the amazing Cloud Bridge Glass Skywalk and the Glass Cliff Walk at Yunyang

Those planning to visit this interesting city, AirAsia X flies to Chongqing from Kuala Lumpur with four direct flights a week and it is best to book in advance to get a good deal and when you arrive here, make sure you spend about an hour to explore and ride the Chongqing Cable Car. 

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