Genting Theme Park closed for renovations

Genting Theme Park closed for renovations

Genting Theme Park will be closed for renovations from 1st September for two years. This is in line with the Genting Groups's RM400 million refurbishment plan to build the world's first 20th Century Fox Theme Park here in Malaysia. The biggest theme park industry news to come out this month in July, many are wondering what are the new attractions that will be available in future. 

The 20th Century Fox Theme Park would most likely be completed by mid to end 2015 as reported saying by one of the Genting analyst. According to Genting Malaysia Berhad chairman Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, he said the partnership with 20th Century Fox would make Resorts World Genting one of the world’s top holiday destinations. He also said the investment on the theme park was part of a RM3bil Resort World Genting refurbishment programme, which includes the construction of an additional 1,300 hotel rooms adjoining the First World Hotel.

Ice Age Adventure Genting Malaysia
 Ice Age Adventure - Image from
In 2012, Resorts World Genting received about 20.5 million visitors from all over, and the number is expected to rise again in 2016 2017 when the new 20th Century Fox Malaysia Theme Park which comes with rides and attractions based on movies like Alien, Predator, Ice Age, Life of Pi and Night At The Museum. A memorandum of agreement was signed between Jeffery Godsick of 20th Century Fox and Datuk Lee Chong Yan, chief operating officer of Resorts World Genting Malaysia.

20th Century Fox World Genting Malaysia
Datuk Lee Chong Yan and Jeffery Godsick at the MoU

There has been news is that the 20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park has been slightly delayed to 2017 for the opening. For those planning to visit this amazing mountain theme park in Malaysia, the casino and resort will remain open as normal but just please note that the Genting Theme Park is closed for renovations from September 1st 2013. Any inquiries, please contact Resorts World Genting.

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Ciki said...

Yay! Hopefully more exciting things are in store:D I did love that place growing up!

foongpc said...

It's about time! The current theme park looks so old and outdated!

HenRy LeE said...

so no more fun at genting besides gambling for 2 years? Hoping that the new refurbished theme park will be more awesome than this!!!

David Jr said...

Ciki - Yes, so did I and lets see how the new one does.

Foong - You're absolutely right!

Henry - I am sure it will be but there's a dozen other theme parks opening in that time too :)

Muhannad Dsouki said...

when are they going to open again ...its been two years since you posted !!!now can i go there??
thanks a lot

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