A Parade not to miss in Hong Kong Disneyland

Parade at Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland offers some of the most interesting parades and shows if you are planning on going there anytime soon. As this is my second visit to the theme park, I made it a point to catch all the shows and the much talked about Flights of Fantasy Parade that takes place on Main Street, U.S.A here in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

While those of you who have not been here, this is one of the highly recommended shows to see and it takes place once a day and you can get the schedule from the Hong Kong Disneyland Calender for the timings. Featuring all the famous Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Baloo, King Louie, Tantor, Simba, Tinkerbell, Stitch, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear, they will be seen parading along the main street accompanied by cheerful and colourful dancers. 

Disney Floats during the Flights Of Fantasy Parade

Hong Kong Disneyland Parade

A total of seven unique floats will also be in the parade which are Mickey's Magical Airship, Caught Up in Daydreams, Romance Takes Wing, Jumpin' Jungle Jam, The Magic of Pixie Dust, Hangin' Ten and Ridin' High, and To Infinity and Beyond. The entire parade will take place for about 20 minutes where guests line up on both sides of the main street to see this. They also make two stops to perform to the waiting audience along the way.

Below are various pictures taken during the show which I caught in early June when I visited the park to check out the Hong Kong Disneyland new rides. Please click on the picture to see the full size images and enjoy.

 The crowd waits for the Flights of Fantasy Parade along Main Street, U.S.A

 L - Flights of Fantasy opening float, R - Tigger
Goofy waves to the crowd

 L - Donald Duck, R - Buzz Lightyear

Mickey's Magical Airship float

Dancers thrill the crowd

L - Timon, R - A colourful character

The Princes Unit performers

 L - A colorful dancer amazes the crowd, R - The Toy Story Float

 A Disney fairy from the 'Princess Unit' float

L - Pooh Bear's float, R - A dancer in her 'Hunny' pot 

Characters from the Jungle Unit during the parade

L - Pooh's Hunny Pot, R - A beautiful Swan Float

 Dancers from the Lilo and Stitch unit twirl during the parade

L - Lilo and Stitch Float, R - Toy Story Characters

Jessie and Woody from Toy Story during the parade

Dancers in beautiful costumes

Toy Soldiers on the To Infinity and Beyond which is the Toy Story Float

Toy Story characters at the parade

Tail end of the parade, a Hong Kong Disneyland staff waves to the crowd

Flights of Fantasy originally premiered at Hong Kong Disneyland on January 18, 2011 as part of the Celebration in the Air, a year-long event celebrating the park's fifth anniversary. This parade also replaced the former Disney on Parade, which had been running since the park opened in 2005 here in Hong Kong. You can catch the Flights of Fantasy parade at 12:30pm or 3:30pm from the Storybook Theatre to the Main Street as this is a parade not to miss in Hong Kong Disneyland.
A Parade not to miss in Hong Kong Disneyland A Parade not to miss in Hong Kong Disneyland Reviewed by David Jr on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Rating: 5


sarah jacob said...

Great fun.....Its always been a awesome experience in parade .

Matthew Murphy said...

I have seen Disney land parade in many times, it is so beautiful. Children can enjoy a lot over there.

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