New Theme Parks in Malaysia

Malaysia New Theme Parks
There are quite a number of new theme parks in Malaysia that are being developed or even opening, and this seems to be the biggest tourism trend in the country.

Recently in the last few years, a number of theme parks have already opened around the country and a very fast pace, which is now making Malaysia the theme park capital of Southeast Asia.

We came out with a list of Theme Parks in Malaysia which comes with relevant information and is suitable for those traveling with kids or family travel in and around Malaysia. 

New Theme Parks in Malaysia

Update November 2015 - The all new 20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park is set to open in late 2016 or early 2017 end of 2018 or early 2019. Plus there are a number of other new theme parks being developed which are not in this list as I will be updating it once I get more information. 

Splash Park in Port Dickson
Splash Park in Port Dickson opening in 2015

Below is a list of New and Upcoming Theme Parks in Malaysia;

*Update: Please note this article was done in mid 2013. A number of the opening dates were proposed by the developers and have been delayed to much later dates. 

1. Legoland Malaysia (Opened 2012)
2. Hello Kitty Town & Little Big Club Iskandar Johor (Opened 2013)
3. Tiram Water Park, Johor (Sea World Themed and Indoor)
4. Melaka Bird Park (Asia Largest)
5. Jurassic Park Melaka (First in Asia and Opening in 2015/2018/2019)
6. Sea World Melaka (Opening in 2015/2018 or 2019)
7. Hang Tuah Village Melaka (Supposed to be completed in mid 2013)
8. Angry Bird Theme Park, Johor (Opened in 2014)
9. Eco Marine Theme Park, Klebang Melaka (Unconfirmed on completion dates)
10. Ocean Quest marine park and Ocean Splash Water Park, Desaru Johor (Opening 2015/2018/2019)
11. Legoland WaterPark Malaysia (Opened in September 21, 2013)
12. Dinosaur Water Park at KSL Hotel and Resort Johor (Opened early 2013)
13. Bukit Gambang Safari Park, Kuantan (Opened June 2013)
14. Escape Theme Park Penang (Opened 2013)
15. Splash Park Port Dickson (Opening 2015/2016)
16. Langkawi Eco Theme Park (Opening 2015/16/2018/2019)
17. Upin and Ipin Theme Park ( A Disneyland style park, it is still rumored to be in either Sepang or Ipoh, no confirmation but speculated to open in 2016/2018 or 2019)
18. Wet World Wild Adventure Park Penang (Opened September 2013) Update: Closed now.

Eco Theme Park in Langkawi
Artist impression of the Langkawi Eco Theme Park
There are a lot of speculation and concerns about the actual opening dates at the moment but some of the parks are currently being constructed. However, you should expect delays in some of the parks opening dates as they can be delayed. 

We at Malaysia Asia will do our best to keep you updated on any progress and changes if there are any. You are also free to leave a comment if you hear any news about this. 

With these new massive projects, you can be sure that at any state in Malaysia, you will be able to visit at least one themed park.

Tourism has been the main attraction for the country and therefore with the current good economy ongoing, we should also see many more unique hotels and resorts being built alongside these new theme parks in Malaysia.
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HenRy LeE said...

can't wait for the Jurassic Park Melaka to be opened! :)

David Jr said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, with our super humid weather, water parks seem to be the popular ones.

But overall, it's great to know that so many parks are opening in the next few years.

mehdi ardakani said...

Helpful info. Thanks

Mark R said...

I'm really looking forward to exploring Jurassic Park Melaka when it opens. Our family has already been to Phuket FantaSea Thai cultural theme park, our first visit to Asia based theme park. The children loved the elephants, the show was amazing with lots of special effects. The place is suitable for families with many facilities to suit the family needs. And children below 100cm go free. Don't miss it if you happen to be in Phuket!

David Jr said...

Thanks Mark, there are also a number of others opening in 2015/2017. I too look forward to these parks and wonder how they are going to compete with each other.

Also, I removed postings here with links-backs, just so you know.

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