Floria 2013

Floria 2013 was officially launched by his majesty the king of Malaysia this morning at 10.00am here in Precinct 2 in Putrajaya where the event is held. This flower and garden show will go on for the next 9 days as it ends on the 30th of June. The theme for this year is Orchids therefore thousands of local and hybrid orchids were used throughout the event grounds. If you are a flower and garden lover, make your way here to see a variety of flowers used in landscaping, design, decoration and even in art form. 

As for me, a former flower and garden lover, I made my way here at about 3pm on Saturday after the official opening of Floria 2013 and to my surprise, there were already thousands of people around here. The event is totally free for everyone. There are a few areas for flower displays, an indoor air-conditioned flower art section, an area for traders selling all kinds of flowers, orchids and many other interesting plants plus a huge food tent. 

Colorful flower settings seen at the flower and garden festival

To sweeten this event, Tourism Malaysia has also included another event for the evening which is the Magic of the Night 2013 event where 14 boats will parade along the lake fully decorated in flora. This special event is in the third year running and is not to be missed. A show of lights and a fireworks finale is the highlight of the MOTN 2013. Below are various photographs taken during my trip here to Floria Putrajaya Flower and Garden Show 2013.

Beautiful Orchids on sale

Some unique flower art on display and a Slipper Orchid on sale

At the art design section

Cute items for sale 

Lily's in various colours on display

Some of the creative flower art for the competition

A girl takes photos while even men are taking photos at Floria2013

Huge flower pillars are seen as you enter the main area

Some pretty unique flowers are seen here 

Joyce Tan's Wishing Well, a Gold Medal Winner at Floria 2013

Body Flowers, a show of flower art on mannequins 

 Flower settings like these are found all over the place

Once again, below are the details of the event if you wish to go.

Date: 22 June 2013 - 30 June 2013
Time: 9.30pm - 11.30pm
Venue: SisiranTasik, Presint 2
Entrance: Free 

My recommendation would be to come here in the late afternoon and stay on until the Magic of the Night event where you can catch both of them. If you are looking to purchase orchids or other plants, then you should come here as early as possible to beat the crowds. As usual, on weekends, it will get really crowded and expect heavy traffic there. Parking maybe be a little difficult as well so plan your trip here for Floria 2013.
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