Sarawak Sunset Photo

This Sarawak sunset photo was taken from the 17th floor of the Meritz Hotel in Miri town. Overlooking the entire Miri city, the hotel offers one of the best views from the Sky Bar here when I visited the hotel for a press conference with the Sarawak Tourism Board during the Borneo Jazz Festival 2013. Overall, Miri was well known as an oil-city but was re-branded as a resort city by the sea recently. Much development has taken place since my last visit here in 2009 too as there are more hotels and shopping malls.

There are a number of places where you can get some really great Sarawak sunset photos from here, namely the hotel sky bar, Brighton Beach and the upcoming Miri Esplanade. For those who do not know, Miri is one of the main gateways to the Mulu National Park and Niah National Park in Sarawak. You can also view my other Sunset Photos and do leave a comment if you like this Sarawak Sunset Photo.
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