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Malaysia Travel Advertising

Travel Advertising in Malaysia Asia will give you direct exposure to the vast travel network online. This means that your travel advertisement will reach to the correct target market out on the Internet. Malaysia Asia is a 100% pure award-winning travel blog site where we only write travel or tourism related news or articles. Most other travel blogs in Malaysia are a mix or lifestyle, food and travel therefore the reach is divided where else we are dedicated only to one genre which is travel.

We have been doing travel advertising since 2008 and are no strangers to the online world. Malaysia Asia uses Social Media Marketing, SEO, photography and genuine article writing in our work. We have catered to many travel companies, tourism boards, airlines, hotels and resorts in helping them reach out to the right consumers online. Digital Branding Awareness is one of the main criteria that most of our clients require too as we are a reliable third party source.

Malaysia Asia Statistics and Social Media Profiles*

*Updated as of April 2016

Malaysia Asia is also listed in some of the top Travel Blog Sites around the world as mentioned below.

Malaysia Asia has also appeared on national television in Malaysia, local newspapers, travel magazines (local and abroad) and is a contributor to Lonely Planet Guide Books (2013 Malaysia Edition). We were once daily contributors to under the Blogsherpa Program which was ongoing from 2008 till 2012 and was also featured in Lonely Planet's special eBook edition of  Around the World with 40 Bloggers in 2011. You can also read about my Media Publications on Malaysia Asia.

Malaysia Online Advertising

Advertising on Malaysia Asia

Should you be interested in advertising with Malaysia Asia or if you would like to be featured via a sponsored article, please do contact us anytime. For sponsored articles, your brand or establishment will be sent out on twitter and published on our Facebook fan page and main page apart from the many other social media channels we own. We also offer a range of advertising types such as;

  • Featured Banner on top landing page
  • Box Banner Ads 250 x 250 on right panel (site wide)
  • Text Link Advertising (Limited clients only)
  • Special Travel Reviews for establishments, gear and products related to travel 
  • Full advertising campaign on site and off site with social media awareness
  • For Travel Contest Campaigns, please see our Social Media Services for Malaysia Asia
Malaysia Social Media Company

Who do we target? Our Reach

We reach out to those interested in getting travel information about the various places around Malaysia and Southeast Asia. A very high number of our readers come from Organic Searches from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Meaning, Malaysia Asia is ranked high on these search engines as we know how to get our articles on to the first page of the mentioned search engines due to our SEO specialties which are done organically using genuine white hat techniques.

Our main reach is 70% Southeast Asia and 30% from the world. Age group is 25-60 or generally anyone using search for related keywords.

For more information or rate card on travel advertising, please contact;
  • Email: juniorhogan [at] 
  • Contact Me Form
  • Mobile: +6 016 969 9997 - David Hogan Jr (Business days working hours only)
Disclaimer: All reviews are honest and in no way endorsed or steered by our clients. We may indicate to our readers if we have received complementary or discounted travel and gear/equipment when we have a featured or sponsored post when clients Travel Advertising in Malaysia Asia.
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