Bali Sunrise Photo

Bali Sunrise Photo is my picture for the week. I was in Bali for a diving trip in October 2012 and captured this beautiful shot at about 5.45am just before one of my morning scuba dives. The location for this was at Tulamben in the North East part of Bali Island and we put up at the Puri Madha Resort which is located right where the famous Liberty Wreck is.

Bali is one of the must-visit places if you are a scuba diver and as this was my maiden trip for diving, I spent quite a lot of time on the north east part of this mystical island. My Bali dive operator was Bali Scuba Masters  and Scubaholics Anonymous who took our group to see the Manta Rays in Nusa Penida and also to Tulamben for the incredible wreck dives. 

Sunrise in Bali

Above is another sunrise photo taken about 20 minutes later when the sun started to get a little higher. Usually when I capture these kind of pictures, I would spend quite some time getting different lighting effects using a foreground or background. In this test, I used one of the well known Balinese garden decorations for my Bali Sunrise Photo.
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mercy said...

Hi Friends,
Bali is the one of the beautiful tourist place in the world.. And your sunrise picture is really great. This was the first time i could see these kind of real pictures. And i could visit Bali on next year. At that time i could visit Puri Madha Resort and see the nature....

David Jr said...

Thanks Mercy, I hope everyone just like me wants to re-visit Bali again. I know I cannot wait to visit Bali one more time.

Deborah Thompson said...

We'll be visiting Bali in April and I would so love to see manta rays and whale sharks. I cannot scuba dive due to ear problems - do you think it would be possible to see these magnificent animals snorkelling? I'm an expert snorkeler. Would love your opinion on this one!

David Jr said...

Deborah, I cannot really promise you will see Mantas while snorkeling as they play a little deeper. As for Whale Sharks, that is a 50-50 but when you snorkel, and if they are around, you are sure to see them. Best to visit Oslob in the Philippines to see them while Snorkeling.

Daniel said...

It's because we see less pictures of sunrise than sunset that I love them even more.

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