Matta Fair 2012 March

Matta Fair 2012 March 16-18 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur is back again with some amazing travel packages and deals for everyone! This will be the first major travel fair to welcome the Year of the Dragon and over 100,000 people are expecting to visit the fair over the three day event here at the Putra World Trade Center in KL. 

As usual, the Matta Fair 2012 will be held from 10am to 9pm while this years theme is "Get the Best...In Travel" as many Malaysians and foreigners are always looking forward to the fair to get the best travel packages for Malaysia and the world. The total number of booths are also increased to 984 which will be one of the largest in years. You can also expect to see more Muslim Tour Packages.

Matta Fair Sabah Tourism Booth

Visitors who own Matta Credit Cards will be in for some surprises as they will be getting two entrance tickets, two meal vouchers and special access to the Matta Business Lounge. The fair will also be selling items related to the travel and tourism industry. Among the many products found there will include souvenirs, gifts, cameras and camcorders. Other featured vendors will include credit card companies, theme park representatives, resorts, luxury hotels, travel magazines and tourism bodies from other Malaysian states and other countries.

Matta Fair Video
Crowd entering the main Matta Fair hall at PWTC, KL

Matta Fair March 2012 will also occupy a total space area of 20,500 square meters at Halls Number 1, 1M, 2, 3 and the Linkway at PWTC. This means, there will be much walking to do here so come prepared as always. If you have never been to a travel fair like this, you should know that it is almost impossible to cover the entire fair in one day if you are shopping for some travel deals or packages. 

For travel companies and exhibitors who wish to register, you can do so by downloading the form at the official MattaFair website. Registration will open on the 9th of January 2012. There will be a discount of RM200 for early birds who register while the exhibitors who participated for three years and above at this event are entitled to a discount of RM500.

Here is a list of Matta Fairs around Malaysia for 2012

1. Selangor Matta Fair 2012
10-12 February
Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC)

2. Johor Matta Fair 2012
25-27 February
Expo Hall @ Danga City Mall, JB

3. Kelantan Matta Fair 2012
To be confirmed

4. Kuala Lumpur Matta Fair 2012
16-18 March
Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)

5. Perak Matta Fair 2012
16-18 March
Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh, Perak

6. Sarawak Matta Fair 2012
March or April
To be confirmed

7. World Islamic Tourism Mart
May 31 - June 2
To be confirmed

8. Penang Matta Fair 2012
6-8 July
Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)

9. Sabah Matta Fair 2012
6-8 July
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu

10. Johor Matta Fair 2012
13-15 July
Expo Hall @ Danga City Mall, JB

11. Negri Sembilan Matta Fair 2012
27-29 July
To be confirmed

12. Melaka Matta Fair 2012
24-26 August
Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC)

13. Kuala Lumpur Matta Fair 2012
7-9 September
Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)

14. Perak Matta Fair 2012
7-9 September
To be confirmed
Tour agents busy at work

How to go to Matta Fair 2012 at PWTC

By Car:
  • You can drive there and park around the PWTC area, Hentian Putra or the open car parks.
  • Here's a tip if you don't want to spend time looking for parking - Drive up to the Seri Pacific Hotel (old Pan Pacific Hotel) entrance and give your car to the valet parking which cost about RM15 the entire day. No hassles as you simply walk straight into the Matta Fair from the hotel entrance.
  • Other option would be to come very early and park in the PWTC.
  • Another place would be to park across at The Mall Shopping Center and walk over.
  • Avoid parking along the road illegally as you are bound to get summoned by the police.
  • Again I stress, to avoid the traffic jam, you need to head there very early before 11am.
By Taxi: 
  • Get into any taxi and tell them Matta Fair at Putra World Trade Center or PWTC.
By Bus:
  • An Intrakota Bus stops just outside the Jukebox Shoe Shop opposite the Puduraya Bus Station and this bus goes to Hentian Putra which is opposite PWTC. It will cost approximately RM1.20 (US$0.35) one way.
By Train:
  • STAR LRT stops at the PWTC Station and is a very short walk to the Matta Fair.
  • PUTRA LINE LRT stops at Masjid Jamek Station and you change with STAR LRT.
Matta Fair March
Date: 16-18 March (Fri - Sun)
Time: 10AM - 9PM
Venue: Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur, KL
Telephone: +603 92876881

Matta Fair cheap flights

You can also read about my last experience at the Matta Fair August 2011 at the PWTC. There was even a special Bridal Exhibition and Honeymoon Package Fair during the main event.

For the regulars who visit this fair, you will know that there are many opportunities to get cheap flight tickets and travel packages to many destinations when you slowly shop around during the three days. As usual, I always make it a point to check out what is on promotions and what new destinations are being offered at the Matta Fair 2012 March.
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Rajasthan travel said...

I am really exciting to get participate in this fair.

David Jr said...

Thanks and hope to see lots of Travel Deals at Matta Fair 2012 in PWTC.

xiao li said...

I can't wait until the doors open on Friday!
I would stress what you said above about being prepared - lots of travel companies (including the one I work for, Sedunia Travel), are publishing some of their offers in the local papers from today, and are also on facebook and twitter, so find them and get as much info as possible before you arrive - it will be much easier that way!

David Jr said...

That's good info Xiao Li, thanks and hope to see you there. Sedunia huh? I may pop by to see what is on sale.

Hannah Pearson said...

Great! We'll keep an eye out for you then :) We're putting up our promotions on a special Matta fair page so you can have a sneaky peek before you even get to the fair...

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