One Earth Music Festival 2011 Langkawi

One Earth Music Festival 2011 Langkawi is set to take place on November 11-12 which is a Saturday and Sunday. If you are up for something different in the music scene, this is the perfect chance to catch some interesting performers play for a cause where the main objective is to promote Langkawi internationally as an Eco-friendly holiday destination and to encourage the local community to keep Langkawi Island clean and green.

According to organiser Patrick Chen, "The idea for this music festival was born over drinks late one evening at the boat bar on the beach of the resort. A group of us, made up of like minds, some of whom already call Langkawi home, and others who plan to, we lamented, while listening to the hotel band, that Langkawi did not have a music festival, and wouldn't it be great to have one?" and thus came this festival which will be the first of its kind here.

 Beach view at Frangipani Resort

 Frangipani Resort Langkawi

Apart from the music festival here, there will be other activities to showcase efforts in protecting the environment. Various groups located on the island promoting organic farming, natural soap-making and local artists using natural materials are expected to participate while at the main festival grounds, there will be many other activities throughout the day at the main resort grounds as well. You can find out more information from the main One Earth Music Festival Program.

Artistes performing at the One Earth Music Festival Langkawi are:
  • Michael Veerapen - Jazz pianist (Malaysia)
  • Valtinho Anastoacio - Percussionist & vocalist (Brazil)
  • Isaac Entry - Singer/songwriter (Australia)
  • Dasha Logan - Jazz Singer (Malaysia)
  • Tengku Ryo - Violinist (Indonesia)
  • Junji Delfino - Vocalist (Philippines)
  • The Solianos - Vocal harmony group (Malaysia)
  • Az Samad - Jazz Musician (Malaysia)
Musicians and organisers during a press briefing

One Earth Music Festival Information:
Date: 11 & 12 November 2011
Location: Frangipani Langkawi Resort and Spa
Official Website: Langkawi Live

Ticket Prices: 
Dinner & concert: Friday 11 November - RM110.00 nett
Dinner & concert: Saturday 12 November - RM110.00 nett
Dinner & concert (both nights) - RM200.00 nett
Supper & concert per night - RM65.00 nett
Full Packages including room stays: Please visit the official website for details on this

If you are a music or Eco lover and looking for something to do this November, head up north for a quick weekend holiday as you can catch the inaugural One Earth Music Festival 2011 in Langkawi.

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Emme Rogers said...

Nothing I love more than an outdoor music festival. Even better when there is jazz involved.

Lane House said...

This will be a fabulous event, no doubt! I want to go so much but I am not sure if I could arrange my days off!

Silver Jewelry Jaipur said...

nice and great post really like it a lot

Anonymous said...

music soothes the soul. however, no music can help explain why someone who has done nothing wrong but like someone has to be the casualty between two people who love each other very much. this festival seems great!

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