Manukan Island Resort at Pulau Manukan Sabah

Manukan Island Resort at Pulau Manukan Sabah

Manukan Island Resort is the only accommodation available on the island as there are no other resorts or hotels on this 1.5km long little island. Managed by the Sutera Sanctuary Lodge group, Pulau Manukan is the second largest of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park which is only a 10 minute boat ride from Kota Kinabalu town.

Manukan Island Resort - Sutera Sanctuary Lodge Lounge

Manukan Island Resort also has a showroom and office just as you make your entrance to Pulau Manukan when you pay for the Marine Park entrance fees. Getting here is fairly simple as you can hop on a boat from Sutera Harbour's Sea Quest Watersports Center at a price of RM50.00 (US$14) or from the KK Ferry Terminal (Next to the Malaysian Royal Customs Department) for RM23 (US$6.60) for a return trip.

Manukan Island Resort Walkway to the Hilltop Lodges

The semi-luxury resort offers four different types of accommodation which are 4 units of Hilltop Lodges, 6 units of Split-Level Hilltop Lodges, 4 units of one storey Beach Lodge bungalow and 6 units of Split-Level Beach Lodges. I had the pleasure of being shown around by the staff of Sutera Sanctuary Lodge on one of my many trips to Pulau Manukan.

Manukan Island Resort Split-Level Beach Lodge

The Beach Lodges or bungalows are carefully located just when you walk in and turn right towards the main area of the island and are sea view and away from the main activity of Pulau Manukan. However, when boat loads of tourist arrive, they will pass the beach lodges on route to the main area so the crowd can be a little noisy. The Hill Lodges are on the other side so it is located in a private area.

Manukan Island Resort Beach Lodges

The beach lodges are pretty much all made from high quality wood and glass and is surrounded by lush tropical plants which are well maintained by the resort. Fixtures inside are pretty much basic and nothing to shout about. Hot water, Air Conditioning, Television are available.

Manukan Island Resort Hilltop Lodge Living room

Inside the Hilltop Lodges, the decoration is kept to a minimal. Wooden doors around with glass planes give you glimpse of the South China Sea at a distance. Tropical trees grow high in front of the lodges so it is quite cooling. The balcony area can sit about four people as well.

Manukan Island Resort Bedroom

The bedroom at the lodges are very spacious and comfortable though they are not your 5-Star hotel style setting. As everything is made from wood, you get a very cabin-like feeling staying here.

Manukan Island Resort Bathroom

Bathrooms at the lodges single bungalow are simply amazing. It is like having your own little spa in there with an eclectic mix of modern, zen and Balinese. The semi-open concept where the top potion is uncovered gives you the airy feeling. A bath tub sits amongst pebbled walls and tropical plants fill the mood here.

I would stay here if I plan to visit Pulau Manukan for an overnight trip though this place suits those who want to experience a luxury beach resort in Borneo but lacks time. Therefore when you land in Kota Kinabalu, you can be at the resort in under an hour from the airport and check out the next day.

The Manukan Island Resort is also very family friendly as most of the lodges are large enough to cater to families. A beach is readily available and there are quite a number of things that can be done while staying there. Snorkeling at the TAR Marine Park is also one of the highlights here. The best thing about staying here is catching the amazing Sabah Sunsets that are seen from the sunset view point of Pulau Manukan.

Getting to Pulau Manukan, catch a boat from;
  • Sutera Harbour's Sea Quest Watersports Center - RM50.00 (US$14)
  • KK Ferry Terminal (Next to the Malaysian Royal Customs Department) -RM23 (US$6.60)
  • Fares are return trip
Activities available at Pulau Manukan are:
  • Bird Watching
  • Sunset View Nature Trails
  • Diving and Snorkeling
  • Various Sports
  • Marine Conservation and Research Center
Office Address and contact details for Manukan Island Resort;

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges
Lot G15, Ground Floor, Wisma Sabah,
88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Telephone: 60 88 243 629
Fax: 60 88 259 552

Or you can visit the website for Sutera Sanctuary Lodge

To find out more about Manukan, please see my other blog posting titled Pulau Manukan Island

For more information on Sabah, visit the official website for Sabah Tourism Board
Manukan Island Resort at Pulau Manukan Sabah Manukan Island Resort at Pulau Manukan Sabah Reviewed by David Jr on Sunday, November 15, 2009 Rating: 5


shloke said...

I LOVE the lush settings around Manukan Island Resort.

The Balinese like bathroom look relaxing and romantic to me :) Definitely a great place for honeymooners.


Shelyn said...

Ecolodge is always my first choice. Sutera Sanctuary Lodges is good enough for me. Nice review!

xplorer said...

hello david , i been here before but due to time constrain i don't have the time to fully xplore this place.This is my first time here and i love your write up on LAOS , i was there 8 years back and from your pic i could see some developement in LAOS especially around the TALAT SAO morning market.i love LAO and would like to visit there again

xplorer said...

will be adding you to my bloglist as i found that we share the same passion

David Jr said...

Hello Mylo, thanks. Unfortunately the Balinese styled bathroom comes at a cost. For a honeymoon on a rush maybe :)

Shelyn, thank you and I should check out Ecolodge next time around.

Xplorer, thank you for the visit and yes, Laos is really moving forward fast now. And yes, thank yo for the linking as I will do the same.

Malaysia Asia

Sumandak From the Land Below the Wind said...

I miss my home very much after read your blog...

Anyway, blogs are cool..

Keep it up..

David Jr said...

Hello Sumandak,

Thank you for the visit. Hope you get to go back soon.


Honeymoon bed breakfast said...

Good to see the resort consistently getting good reviews, it deserves it. I have been too many Four Seasons and for the price this is absolutely perfect. I am considering taking my entire family back because the accommodation and food are relatively cheap.


Cath J said...

So envy.. ^_^

eunice said...

What a lovely long post for Manukan resort. They should pay you for advertising cost! :D

David Jr said...

Honeymoon Bed Breakfast, thank you for the visit. Hope you have a great re-visit.

Cath, didn't you go here wen you visited Sabah?

Eunice, thanks and I wish they did :) Maybe other resorts might?


mat said...

how about the rates of the lodges per night?including packages or not?what kind of packages include?

David Jr said...

Mat, you best contact Sutera Sanctuary Lodges for the rates, usually they sell packages per person which includes meals. But better check with them.

mat said...

thanks for the info but im planning to visit island in sabah about 3D2N next month.ive already suvey the resort rates and the rates expensive for budget only MYR2000 fiancee want relax at that island and she refuse to go other placefrom that island.depend on my budget that stuck.what can i do.any opinion?

David Jr said...

Mat, I suggest you contact Sutera Sanctuary directly. If not, there is an option to stay at Sutera Harbor and make daily trips to Manukan/Sapi Island. Otherwise, there is Shangrila Tanjung Aru which is quite nice too.

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