Bandung General Information

General Information for Bandung
Bandung General Information - Bandung is a factory outlet paradise for the ladies, men and kids. Located about 3 hours by road from Jakarta and accessible by flights from Malaysia and Singapore, Bandung is truly a shopaholics nightmare come true. Factory outlets are just all over the city you cannot go to Bandung and say you did not go shopping at any of the factory outlets there as it would be a sin.

Currently the in-trend for Malaysians, Singaporeans and even people from around the region, more tourists are heading to Bandung to visit the Factory Outlets for a shopping spree. Forget Hong Kong, here at Bandung, it is so much cheaper!

Here's the bonus for families planning a Bandung Holiday - There are golf courses around Bandung so the men play golf while the women and children go factory outlet shopping and site seeing.

Bandung General Information

Money Exchange Tips for Bandung:

1. Change your Rupiah in Malaysia or Singapore if you can.
2. If you are bringing US Dollars, make sure they are brand new, crisp clean and non-folded! Mint if possible. The Indonesians have this thing about quality of the dollar bills. Even a very mild fold will give you 20% less of the market rate. No kidding, I personally went through that. I had six US$100 bills which were flat and clean but the money changer ran his fingers through the notes several times and only 2 of them made the full rate!
3. US$100 = Rp.1,105,000 (based on market rates and high quality notes)
4. Credit Cards accepted there so hallelujah! There are ATM's throughout town.
5. Money changers there do not open on Weekends. Except the one at the airport.
6. Hotels give you horrible rates! Serious, US$100 = Rp.900,000 from Hotel.

Arriving at Bandung Airport

Strangely, the airport in Langkawi is bigger than the Bandung Airport. Their arrival hall takes the cake. The plus point is that is located in the heart of the city. How about that! Takes only about 5 to 10 minutes to town by cab. Well, please be prepared for a wait when you depart from the plane as it may take a while to clear immigration.

They only have about 2 counters for the immigration. After you pass, you need to u-turn and get your bags scanned. From there, the same scanner used for your hand luggage is used for your check in luggage. Only one miserable conveyor belt which ends in a small little cramped place. So if you dilly dally around all excited about Bandung and stand far back, you will have to make your way through people standing around and dig through piles of bags.

Airport Tip: After passport/scan hand luggage, go wait at the end of the conveyor for your bag to come. Also a good trick is to check in your luggage in LCCT and ask them to label your bags 'Fragile' so it comes out first.

Airport taxi in Bandung
Bandung airport taxi

Bandung Taxi and Van Hire Tips;

So, right after you get your luggage, you will be greeted by the taxi table guy which would probably be Pak Rudy. He will sell you taxi tickets to your hotel and usually priced about Rp35,000 (RM11.20). He will also ask you if you want to hire a van for daily use and will probably give you his number. His price is Rp.350,000 for a sedan (4 pax) 9am - 9pm and Rp.450,000 for a mini MPV (4-6 pax) per day. The bloody hotel offered a Rp.700,000 price for a van per day! The van drivers are also called supir in Bandung.

Bandung supirMini van for hire throughout Bandung

So, we settled for the mini MPV. Our supir/driver was Pak Harun and he was totally amazing. He drives a cab full time when he is not driving for tourist. So, he knows the places pretty well. He is also super polite and soft spoken.

Also always 30 minutes early for pick up from your hotel. They will send you to your destination and wait for you while you shop. When you are done, they will take you to your next destination. I really admire their waiting spirit.

Van Rental/Pak Supir in Bandung:
Taxi Tips in Bandung:

If you choose to move around by Taxi, I would recommend you take only 2 taxi companies. Bluebird or GR as these taxis use meters. Other taxis do not use meters so prices may vary from the initial price offered and you may end up paying a little more than the actual rate.

A local Angkut Kota van or mini bus

The locals use a transport called Angkut, A small mini van or bus. Priced anywhere from Rp1,000 to Rp.3,000 depending on the distance. There must be thousands of them running around town.

Angkut Kota IndonesiaMost of the Angkuts are jam-packed with locals and occasionally you will see a local 'busker' at the door of the angkut singing away while strumming on his guitar for some spare change. They are just about everywhere in the traffic jams. Buskers, Beggars, Sellers of many kinds of things.

Bandung streetsIndonesian lady begging to a car in the streets of Pasar Baru

Begging for change is a common sight in Bandung town too. Surprising enough, when a few of them approached me, I politely said no and they walked away. They do not harass you like they do here in Malaysia or other countries.

Bandung PhotosTwo locals having a snooze on their trishaws while waiting for customers

Bandung is also one hour behind Malaysia. So, it is actually good if you do not change the time on your watch. You will be waking up at 8am and rushing for breakfast and next thing you know, you woke up too early which is awesome. For me that is. Shopping closes at 9pm throughout Bandung. This includes Factory Outlets around Bandung. Some may close at 10pm.

Traffic in BandungTraffic downtown at the Pasar Baru area

Bandung is also relatively a safe area and the people are very nice and polite. Traffic is utter madness there on the weekends and if you are faint hearted, just keep your eyes off the traffic while being driven around. They literally inch their way next to your van. I personally think the traffic there is so much worst compared to us here so be thankful for our traffic and system. Oh, they just love tooting their horns every now and then.


A hotel banner offering added services in Bandung town

Hotels in Bandung are abundant there and some even offer extra services too. We just booked the AirAsia Go Holiday Package and stayed at the Arion Swiss-BelHotel in town. Overall, it is a very nice 3-Star Hotel with decently large rooms and excellent service and the hotel is located quite in the center of Bandung town and the factory outlets were about 10 to 15 minutes away.

Arion Swiss-BelHotel Bandung Bandung Arion Swiss-BelHotel entrance

Bandung Arion Swiss-BelHotelBandung Arion Swiss-BelHotel lobby area

Staff Bandung Arion Swiss-BelHotelBandung Arion Swiss-BelHotel friendly staff

Bandung hotels seem to have a very friendly team of staff. They speak basic English too and are always smiling. Tipping is entirely up to you. I just gave the bell boy for carrying the bags up to the room. Rp.1,000 or Rp.2,000. Anyway, Rp.1,000 = RM0.32 cents. So, no biggie.

Room at Bandung Arion Swiss-BelHotelBandung Arion Swiss-BelHotel rooms, spacious and clean

The room we checked into was excellent without any complaints. King size bed, 52 channels on TV, Room Service and the works! Spa is available too with excellent service (no, not that type!) They offer room visit for massages as well. But you need to pre-book in advance. We tried the 3 hour full package at the spa. Priced at Rp.800,000 for two. Indonesian Massage, Scrub and Sauna. Absolutely fantastic!

Old buildings in BandungSome old colonial buildings in Bandung town

Bandung Weather;

The weather in Bandung is pretty cooling compared to Malaysia but don't go bringing your winter jackets as the weather in the city is just nice. Averaging around 28 Celsius to 31 Celsius it is such a nice feeling compared to back home in Malaysia. A good pair of walking shoes as you WILL be walking a lot. Don't try too hard to be trendy and fashionable in your MNG and high heels. No one is going to look at you as everyone is too busy shopping.

The locals there can understand our basic Malay but pay attention to the Indonesian Malay.

Ibu = Maam and Pak = Mr/Sir

Finally, I would advise to travel just before the weekend. Reason being, it gets so major jammed up on weekends everywhere especially at the factory outlets. Money changers are not open as well and they are hard to find. Also, tons of local tourist from Jakarta will make their way there for the factory outlet shopping and layer cakes.

A good time would be from Wed to Sat. Yes, you need about 3 -4 nights minimum there if you plan a factory outlet shopping in Bandung. This excludes the sightseeing out of Bandung. You know, the Volcano and Tea Plantation and other places of interest. I didn't bother to go for those as it would take up half the day. Maybe my next next trip. Who knows.

David calling Pak Harun the driver

Sunset at LCCT, Sepang

Finally after a crazy Factory Outlet Shopping in Bandung, we headed back to LCCT in Sepang with our bags filled. The flight back was decent and on arrival, the evening sunset was lovely so I just had to take this shot. For anyone visiting Bandung, this information may be a little outdated but overall, it is still relevant if you need Bandung General Information. Have a great time if you visit here. 
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miriam said...

Hi David,

A very good insight of Bandung. Surely this is a good info for my travel to Bandung in July.



David Jr said...

Hello Miriam, thank you for the posting and hope you have a wonderful shopping time in Bandung! As they say, shop till you drop :)


Anonymous said...


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David Jr said...

Hello Jared, thank you for the link up and it is a pleasure to be included in your site. Much appreciated.


Farah said...

Mr David,
An amazingly good insight of Bandung.. two thumbs up!

David Jr said...

Hello Farah, thanks you for the kind words :)


bluejen said...

Mr David,

I am going to Bandung for a week during Ramadan. how will it affect me? will the shopping malls, shops and restaurants be open? will things be normal? plse share your thot


Anonymous said...

sammy - no Indonesian gives hotel porter Rp. 1,000 as 1,000 is for street musician and beggar.
Rp. 10,000 is common

blurblur said...

Hi, david

my question same as bluejen, how is Bandung during Ramadan.will the shopping malls, shops and restaurants be open? will things be normal?

Please to hear......

Anonymous said...

everythings run normaly during ramadan. even better with special ramadan food for break a fast at evening.

Ad Adnan said...

Will it be operational as usual during Christmas? Perhaps the period between 23rd till 27th dec or 27th dec till 31st dec?

David Jr said...

Ramadan and Christmas, everything is as normal. Except there may be better discounts and offers during the period.


Iwan Setiawan said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Very helpful info that you gave as I will be going to Bandung soon , first trip to Indonesia.


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