Bandung Factory Outlet Shopping in Jalan Riau

Bandung Factory Outlet Shopping in Jalan Riau

Jalan Riau in Bandung is one of the well known places for their Factory Outlet Shopping and some of the top outlets are found in this area such as Heritage, Secret and many others names.

For anyone who has little time in Bandung, I recommend you make your way here to do your shopping as it is one of the best places to get Children's or Kids clothes and also some pretty awesome stuff for the women.

The list below is not in order but based on the popular factory outlets in Jalan Riau. Again, this article is based on my trip here in 2009, I am sure many new outlets have mushroomed while some of the popular ones are still here.

Jalan Riau Factory Outlets in Bandung

The Secret Factory Outlet at Jalan Riau is the first outlet you see when you get there. Nice design and very modern. Inside, the decor is one of the best around from what I have seen. The area is divided into three areas. The main adult shopping, a courtyard with toilets, free wi-fi and some stalls selling food and drinks. Then they have a kids section on the opposite side of the building.

The Secret Factory Outlet BandungThe Secret Factory Outlet - Personally, very stylish and modern

Shopping for kids is a haven at these factory outlets as there are just so many choices for you. Top brands and for all ages with really nice designs. Not like the ones you get in Tesco or Giant here. Oh yeah, for the women, this place has some great shopping too. So remember the name 'The Secret Factory Outlet' in Jalan Riau.

Branded Club Boutique Outlet BandungBranded Club Boutique Outlet

Factory Outlet Shoping in Jalan Riau area takes some serious walking as the factory outlets are not next to each other. Towards the end where Heritage Outlet is located, it is a traffic junction with all four corners dominated with factory outlets. It is a good 1000 meter walk from one end to the other. So, get those comfy shoes on!

The Oasis Outlet BandungThe Oasis Outlet

Along the walk from factory outlet to factory outlet, you will pass a small nice cafe to take a break and have some local food and drinks there. Walking around shopping at the factory outlets can make you really tired. Trust me, as a guy, even I was tired.

Bandung Heritage OutletHeritage Outlet, one of the popular places in Jalan Riau

Heritage Outlet PhotoHeritage main entrance

Apparently, the Heritage building is one of the old Dutch influenced architecture and refurbished to maintain its look. It is connected to another huge factory outlet called Cascade. The items here are pretty good as well.

I got some nice tees for my nephew in here. Easily one can spend a good 6 to 10 hours in the Jalan Riau area so be warned and warn your husbands or boyfriends.

Stamp Factory Outlet BandungStamp, Opposite Heritage

Terminal TAS BandungTerminal TAS

Terminal TAS factory outlet is well known for their bags, purses and shoes. in Jalan Riau. Some gentlemen items available. Nothing to shout about in terms of brands, so no high expectations please.

I took a walk inside Terminal TAS but found nothing interesting. Then again for the working ladies, there seems to be a number of interesting items.

For Men Outlet BandungFor Men Outlet

Finally a factory outlet only for the men in Jalan Riau. Stratagically called ForMen Outlet, I couldn't help but walk in and to my surprise, everything for the man is in here. From casual to well dressed. At least they thought about the men.

So, for the women, please send your spouses to ForMen Outlet while you go crazy shopping at the other factory outlets in the area.

At one of the Factory Outlets, I saw these monster sized carps. Look at them, huge and fat!

My conclusion on the Jalan Riau Factory Outlets

This place is much better to spend your hard earned money than side street shopping in town area. The varieties available make life so much more interesting. If your hubby is a MU fan, then good for him. He can blow half his salary there to be the envy of his other MU buddies or YOU can simply do it for him.

As mentioned above about the brands, just be cautious about the super luxury labels as they are 99% most likely fakes. So, if it floats your boat, then why not? Go for it!

For the parents with kids, you will find these factory outlets a wonderland! There are just so many choices available for children with prices ranging from Rp.10,000 to Rp.50,000. Gap, Guess and you name it for the kids. A true deal if you ask me.

Jalan Riau Factory Outlet Information

  • Child Friendly: Yes, but with intensive walking and shopping, your kid is going to hit the sack after lunch.
  • Pram Friendly: There are walkways connecting most of the outlets.
  • Elderly Friendly: Because the Outlets are located along the main roads, there is some walking to do.
  • Wheelchair Friendly: Not really but you can get around.
  • Food Friendly: Plenty of hawkers around if you must eat. Otherwise, some of the outlet areas may have a restaurant or cafe.
  • Toilet Friendly: If I am not mistaken, all outlets have toilets inside which are decent and clean. None of that Malaysian style toilets.
  • Safety: Very safe in the Factory Outlet areas.
  • Road Crossing: Outlets are opposite each other on the main road so you will need to cross the roads. There is no Zebra Crossing. Anywhere will do.
  • Smoking: No smoking in the Outlets. But puff away outside if you must as ashtrays are provided.
The Summit Outlet Bandung
The Summit Factory Outlet
For the serious shopper, you can also check out my Dago Factory Outlets as I have listed down most of the popular and worthwhile ones to visit. Usually when people visit Bandung, they would visit the three main areas where you can find these places. 

But the mother of all factory outlets in Bandung is no other than the Rumah Mode Factory Outlet. This is hands down the most popular factory outlet and everyone goes here so expect a huge crowd on weekends and holidays. 

For more hotel and van rental details, which includes prices and locations with contact numbers and email, please see my Bandung Hotel blog.

For anyone visiting Bandung and heading here, please do let me know if there are any updates on the Bandung Factory Outlet Shopping in Jalan Riau. 
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which FOS in Jalan Riau is the best shop to go ? reasonable price and material....

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