Sabah-Sulawesi Ferry Service

Lahad Datu Sulawesi Ferry Service

Opening a sea transport route from Tanjung Silopo in West Sulawesi, Indonesia, to Lahad Datu is poised to benefit both countries for the discussed Sabah-Sulawesi ferry service. 

This development is particularly significant considering the presence of families in Indonesia with members working in Sabah. At the same time, Sabahans might be intrigued by the prospect of holidaying in Sulawesi.

Sabah-Sulawesi Ferry Service

With plans for twice-monthly trips and an evaluation scheduled after six months to determine the trial period's extension, the route promises to facilitate more excellent connectivity between the two regions. 

The journey between Sulawesi's Tanjung Silopo and Lahad Datu will take three days, and passengers should be prepared.

District Officer Firuz Idzualdeen Mohd Dzul affirmed that the government has greenlit KM Cattleya Express cruise's application to operate on this route.

Depending on the response and impact observed on both sides, the authorities would contemplate extending the cruise service further.

Sabah to Sulawesi Ferry
The promotion for Lahad Datu to Tanjung Silopo Ferry.

Currently, the frequency of voyages is set at twice a month by schedules coordinated by Malaysian and Indonesian authorities. This arrangement accommodates tourists interested in visiting Sabah or Malaysians keen on exploring Indonesia via the ferry service.

Precautionary measures have been implemented by the district office to address potential increases in COVID-19 cases. These measures encompass comprehensive monitoring of each cruise arrival by the Ministry of Health (KKM) to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers.

Terminal Feri Lahad Datu
The Lahad Datu Ferry Terminal.

Cattleya Express
KM Cattleya Express ferry from Lahad Datu to Sulawesi.

Andi Ibrahim Masdar, the Bupati (District Head) of Polewali Mandar at Sulawesi Tengah, expressed satisfaction with the voyage, which culminated in six years of collaborative efforts.

He emphasized the cruise's significance in facilitating family reunions between Indonesia and Sabah, thereby fostering stronger people-to-people relationships between the two nations.

Buy Lahad Datu to Sulawesi Ferry Tickets

To buy the ferry tickets, you should contact Dakota Marine Agencies via their Facebook page, as there are WhatsApp and phone numbers.

There is no official ferry ticket booking website, and the Facebook page is legitimate, as I checked it from my desktop.


Overall, the inauguration of this sea transport route holds promise for enhancing tourism, strengthening bilateral ties, and fostering greater socio-economic cooperation between Indonesia and Malaysia with this Sabah-Sulawesi ferry service.

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