KLPF 2024

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2024

The Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2024, or KLPF 2024, will be held from 9-11 August at KL Gateway Mall in Bangsar South for three days.

This is also the 28th year Malaysia's largest photography festival has taken place and catered to tens of thousands of photographers and visitors.

KLPF 2024

This year, the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival or KLPF will have a theme called 'Reinventing Photography', and the organisers will invite local and international professionals and amateurs to display and showcase their work at the festival.

2024 Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival
KL Gateway Mall is an open concourse area where KLPF 2024 is located. 

It is one of the ways to showcase their unique vision, establish valuable contacts, network with industry peers, and explore potential business opportunities via the exhibition.

There are actually many photographers in Malaysia; a majority of the photographers are independent and work on their own. In addition, there are also many photography clubs in Malaysia.

At KLPF, you will see the most active photography clubs come out and shine with their members' work. This makes the festival exciting by wondering what the clubs and others showcase.

It has been my second year exhibiting my photography, and each year, I will put in a different theme for my photographs. So, if you are visiting KLPF 2024, it will be a surprise for my theme.

KLPF at KL Gateway Mall in Bangsaw South.

What Goes on at KLPF? 

Like any other event, there is the official launching on the first day, with invited VIP guests officiating the festival. Performances follow on stage during the launch; a photo op is the last.

Surrounding the event is a photography festival bazaar with several booths showcasing photography-related products.

For example, Taiwan Tourism and Thailand Tourism are always there to promote their country's scenic destinations for photography. Selangor Tourism is also one of the main sponsors and supporters of the event, with a huge booth showcasing the state.

Other vendors include camera brands, smartphone brands, camera gear shops, software processing hardware, NGOs, etc.

KL Gateway Mall KLPF 2024
The main concourse area of KL Gateway Mall where KLPF 2024 will take place.

Ground Floor Main Concourse Open Area

Throughout the three days, the main stage area on the ground floor will showcase talks on photography. Hopefully, this year, there will be more budget to put in a large screen backdrop for the talks. If not, it will be the same large TV on a stand, which doesn't do justice to the talks.

On the exhibition's top floor, there will also be a special food and drink bazaar where various booths sell local and Western food, drinks and desserts.

On the same upper level of the mall, where the main photography exhibition is held, you can find amateurs and professionals showcasing their work in allocated booths. This is where you will find my booth.

Because the event is spread over three days, most visitors take their time and allocate one day to come and check out the photos on display, the activities, and the photography talks.

The talks are usually related to travel photography, technical photography, portraiture, landscape photography, and even camera reviews.

I have been giving talks at KLPF for several years, mostly on smartphone photography (when it was still relatively unknown), travel photography, and bird photography.

Photography Exhibition KLPF
Some of my photography friends visited my photo exhibition at KLPF last year.

Malaysia Bird Photography Exhibition
Visitors checking out my bird photography exhibition at KLPF.

Kuala Lumpur KLPF 2024
KL Gateway Mall is the main venue for KLPF 2024.

Camera Booth at KLPF
Some of the vendor booths at KLPF.

KL Gateway Mall KLPF 2024
Visitors during the KLPF event at the upper level of the KL Gateway Mall.

KLPF Photography Talk
Kim Boon giving a photography talk at KLPF.

Malaysia Photography Exhibition
A section of the photographer's exhibition at KLPF.

KLPF 2024 Information

  • Date: 9-11 August
  • Day: Fri, Sat & Sun
  • Venue: KL Gateway Mall
  • Time: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Official Website: KLPF

How to go to KLPF 2024?

Because of the new venue, transportation here is much easier as you can take the LRT Kelana Line, exit at the LRT University Station KJ19, and walk across to KL Gateway Mall.

You can also read about my previous article on the Kuala Lumpur Photography Exhibition 2022 and the previous KLPF 2023, which found a new home at KL Gateway Mall near Bangsar.

I only recently participated in 2022, many years after doing photography as a hobby, and my first exhibition was on the UNESCO Caves of Sarawak, where I photographed the insides of the caves using only a smartphone.

Photography Exhibition KLPF David Jr
My first solo photography exhibition at KLPF 2022.


For those interested in photography, the KLPF 2024 is one of the photo events you should attend, as it is catered to all walks of life. You may be a beginner, intermediate or professional, but there will be something there for you.

Photography is very subjective, as what one sees may differ from another, making it even more interesting to the human eye.

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