Photos from RWMF 2023

RWMF 2023 Photos

After an explosive world music festival, I have published this article to share photos from RWMF 2023 here. 

This is also published for those who missed RWMF2023 and those who came, saw and were captivated by one of the most unique music festivals in the world.

Photos from RWMF 2023

RWMF Iban Miring Ritual
The Iban elders perform a Miring Ceremony to start off the festival.

The Rainforest World Music Festival 2023 was held from 23-25 June at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong, about an hour's drive from Kuching.

This is also the 26th year that the RWMF is taking place in the heart of Borneo, and truly one of the different types of music festivals anyone has ever experienced.

Apart from your regular concerts or festivals, the RWMF focuses on world music, sometimes infused with modern instruments and keeping age-old traditions alive.

For those who would like to know what happened during the recent festival, you can read my Rainforest World Music Festival 2023 overview, which I did in July.

Anyway, below are the random photos where 95% of the pictures were taken using my Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone. Only the close-ups of the musicians were taken with my Canon R7 paired with a 100-500mm lens.

Each of the photos will have its own short description about it.

Rainforest World Music Festival Santubong
The main entrance to the RWMF at Sarawak Cultural Village.

Photos of RWMF 2003
Visitors to the festival take that mandatory photo outside the venue.

Entrance to RWMF
Another angle shows the main entrance to the cultural village.

Confiscated Items RWMF
The confiscated items at the main entrance of the festival. No food and drinks are allowed inside.

Visitors at RWMF 2023
A group of girls doing a jump photo in front of the main stage before the show starts.

Cultural Village in Sarawak
The atmosphere is filled with colours and positive vibes.

Cultural Performance RWMF
A cultural performance welcomes visitors when they walk in through the main entrance area.

Ethnic Craft Bazaar
A Bidayuh craft vendor at the bazaar area of the festival.

Iban Craft Bazaar RWMF
Some of the beautiful hand-weaved fabrics at the RWMF craft bazaar.

Rumah Baruk
The traditional Baruk War House of the Bidayuh people.

RWMF Merchandise Shop
The souvenir and merchandise shop at the entrance of the festival.

Workshop RWMF 2023
One of the workshops was conducted in an open area of the cultural village.

Party at RWMF
A DJ was spinning dance music at one of the booth areas before the festival started.

Drum Circle at RWMF
The drum circle is undoubtedly one of the most popular workshops at RWMF.

Fan of RWMF
A lone visitor sets her spot on the grass by the main performance tents.

World Music Festival 2023
The crowd swells up just before sunset at the festival grounds.

Food Tent RWMF
The massive food tent is one of the popular places for visitors as there are many choices available.

People at RWMF
The early crowd, when the music festival begins, people are still relaxed.

Vendors at Rainforest Music Festival
One of the creative vendors sells glowing sticks for the festival.

Rainforest Music Festival Crowds
Mandatory 'take your phones and light them up' moment, used by several of the bands.

RWMF 2023 Crowd
At peak, the crowd swells up on both sides of the performance stages.

Photo Rainforest Music Festival
View of the Rainforest Stage from another angle.

Kelantan Geng Wak Long
A mesmerising performance by Geng Wak Long from Kelantan.

On a Saturday night, the crowd is almosall over the place.

Zee Avi Rainforest world Music Festival
Zee Avi was one of the local homegrown performers for RWMF2023.

Random Photo from around the Sarawak Cultural Village

Below are a few more random photos taken around the Sarawak Cultural Village in no particular order.

Sarawak Traditional Malay House
A traditional Sarawakian Malay house is seen in the cultural village.

Malaysia Big Mountain
Big Mountain during a press conference at the RWMF.

Sarawak Minister CEO at RWMF
Sarawak's Tourism Minister Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah in black hat at RWMF2023.

2023 Rainforest World Music Festival
The lush greenery in nature combined with colours to excite the area.

Next RWMF2024

  • Rainforest World Music Festival 2024
  • Date: 28-30 June
  • Venue: Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong

The next Rainforest Music Festival 2024 should be even more exciting as every year, the organising committee will ensure the success of this homegrown music festival.

For more information about the next RWMF2024, you can also visit the official website, as it will have a list of performers and the ticket sales section.

If it is your first time in Sarawak, I recommend you visit the official Sarawak Tourism website to get more insight into what Kuching and Sarawak offer.

Finally, you can also check out my Sarawak articles that I have been doing for the last 10 years of visiting this fantastic destination in Malaysia.

Malaysia Asia Big Mountain
That's me sneaking in to take a photo with Big Mountain. Hey, I grew up listening to them!


Thank you for viewing this article, and I hope you enjoyed my Photos from RWMF 2023. mostly taken with my Galaxy S22 smartphone and my mirrorless camera.

For RWMF2024, I look forward to another explosive year of incredible artists from all over the world and hope that you, reading this, will have the opportunity to also attend.

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