RWMF Shuttle Bus Information

Shuttle Bus Information RWMF

Every year, the Rainforest World Music Festival takes place in Santubong, Sarawak, and many people want to know the RWMF Shuttle Bus Information as it is the easiest way to go to the festival.

Previously, several companies were handling this, but in recent years, Red Bus from Kuching has been awarded the contract to ferry people to and from the event.

RWMF Shuttle Bus Information

This year, the RWMF 2023 shuttle bus information is similar to the last event. The service starts at 9.00 AM, ends at 1.00 AM, and is operated by BusAsia, a local bus company in Kuching.

Those staying in Kuching can catch the shuttle bus, which is on an hourly schedule to Santubong. There are two pick-up locations in the city area, which are accessible from several hotels here.

Shuttle Bus for RWMF
The RWMF shuttle bus stop at Santubong.

Again, this shuttle service is free for Rainforest World Music Festival ticket holders and for those without tickets, 

There are two main pick-up locations in Kuching which are;

  1. The Hills Shopping Mall
  2. Plaza Merdeka
While the departure point from the RWMF event area is outside the entrance of the Sarawak Cultural Village at Damai Central Parking Area. This is also the main drop-off and pick-up at Damai Central. 

There are no other stops once you go inside, so please refer to the photo below, as it indicates the pick-up and departure times.

Shuttle Bus Information for RWMF
RWMF Shuttle Service is free for ticket holders.

Shuttle Van Service from Santubong Junction to Sarawak Cultural Village

For those planning to drive, take a grab or a taxi, you must stop and park at the Santubong junction and take the shuttle van service.

If you have a special permit or pass, only then the police and security will allow you in. Otherwise, they will direct you to the side road to park and take the shuttle.

There is a fee for the shuttle service, and you can buy tickets from a makeshift canopy tent at the junction of Santubong.

Shuttle Bus from Kuching to RWMF
The shuttle van service from the junction to the festival entrance.

Why take the Shuttle Bus to the RWMF event? 

Because it is the easiest way to travel from Kuching to Santubong without hassle. The shuttle buses directly access the festival area and stop in front of the RWMF.

You can also read further on how to go to the Rainforest World Music Festival, which details the many ways of going to Santubong.

Rainforest Music Festival Shuttle Bus from Kuching
A close-up view of the shuttle bus counter outside the festival venue at Damai Central.


If you still need to get your tickets, please get the RWMF early bird tickets on sale currently. For first-timers coming to the Rainforest World Music Festival and staying in Kuching city, this is the best way to travel to the festival.

The RWMF shuttle bus information provided here will make your travels to and from the event much more accessible. Also, have a great festival for everyone attending.

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