Huawei P50 Review for Macro Photography

Review Huawei P50 Camera

I have always wanted to explore smartphone photography with the much-talked-about Huawei smartphone, and I finally had the opportunity. Here is my inaugural Huawei P50 review for macro photography.

Over the last 12 years, since I started using the iPhone 1 in June 2010, I have been an avid smartphone photographer, taking various phones all over Malaysia and worldwide on my trips. In most cases, I use my smartphone to capture moments, and it has not stopped.

Huawei P50 Review for Macro Photography

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, there was no leisure travel for many people, including me, and we were confined to our homes and our state. Only when the government opened state borders did people begin to slowly explore out of their comfort zones.

By May of 2022, all borders were opened, and more people started to travel out of state and country. However, I am still sceptical about international travel; therefore, I chose to explore locally. But I did take the opportunity to visit several parks in Selangor for my smartphone photography.

This was when I took the Huawei P50 to do some macro photography at nearby TTDI Park in Taman Tun, Kuala Lumpur.

Leica Lens on Huawei P50
The P50 is the entry-level version with three rear cameras.

As you know, I am not one of those reviewers who just ramble on about technical specifications, aperture, speed, f-stops, etc. I am sure you've come across those kinds of reviews.

There are already many people out there who think they are a 'Camera or Smartphone Guru'. Still, I am an average photographer and blogger who shares experiences with ordinary people.

So, below are various random macro photography taken with the Huawei P50 and not edited for this review. I just resized the photos and added my watermark; that is all.

Macro Camera Review Huawei P50
Dragonfly macro photo from around 3-4 cm away.

Macro Photos Huawei P50
Macro of a dragonfly, handheld at about 3 cm away.

Macro Pictures Huawei P50
Macro photos of some ants eating something on a leaf.

Malaysia Huawei P50 Review
Slightly wider macro hot of a hibiscus flower.

Huawei P50 Macro Camera Review
Macro of some small fruiting flower bud.

Huawei P50 Camera Review Malaysia
Macro of a tiny grasshopper on a leaf. Notice the leaf details.

Malaysia Huawei P50 Camera Review
A macro photo of some flower stamens.

How Easy Is It to Take Macro Photography with Huawei P50? 

The Huawei P50 is the entry-level flagship model with three rear cameras: a 50MP primary camera, a 12MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom, and a 13MP ultra-wide camera.

The P50 has made it so simple for macro photography; anyone can do this. It's basically four simple steps;

  1. Point at the subject
  2. Get closer to the subject
  3. Keep hands steady
  4. Photograph
There is a little skill involved, where you need to find a suitable composition, and this can be done quickly by moving around the subject to get the best composure.

Remember to press on the focus area and then only snap the photo. I recommend you take several pictures of the subject for a sharp shot. Below is a failed attempt for a macro shot.

Macro Photography Blur Pictures
Randomly taking macro photos can result in blur images like the above.

Then, holding the smartphone steady to photograph also requires some steady hands. Otherwise, you can use a small tripod or monopod to rest the camera for your macro shot.

Below is a compilation of three photos taken as focal points using the zoom mode on the Huawei P50. Notice the stock photo on the left, half zoom in the middle and full zoom on the right.

Macro Zoom Huawei P50
The zoom on the Huawei P50 is in three different modes.

How much is the Huawei P50 in Malaysia?

While many may think the price is similar to other brands, you will be surprised that the Huawei P50 price in Malaysia is much lower than expected.

While you can get it directly from the Huawei Malaysia website, you can also visit the local Telco outlets, as they are selling this flagship model.

Malaysia Huawei P50
The Huawei P50 smartphone that I use.


If you want to know more about this new smartphone, you can read my Huawei P50 unboxing article I did in May 2022.

I am also visiting Sarawak for the Rainforest World Music Festival 2022 from 17-19 June, and I will be using the Huawei P50 for photography.

Camera Review Huawei P50 Malaysia
I took this ultra-wide Petronas Twin Tower shot from the KLCC Park with my Huawei P50.

The following week from 24-26 June, I will visit Miri in Sarawak for the Borneo Jazz Festival 2022 and continue using the Huawei P50 for indoor and outdoor photography.

I hope you enjoyed my simple Huawei P50 review for macro photography and that you also look forward to my upcoming review for the music festivals I will attend.

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