Unboxing the Galaxy S22+ First Impression

First Impression Galaxy S22+ Plus

A lot had changed since I started using the Galaxy series phones in late 2010 when I got the original Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 model.

11 years ago, many would have laughed at the specification and complications of a smartphone, but look where it has come after just ten years.

So much has changed that smartphones have become a part of our lives and a dependent, which is quite scary. Anyway, here is my first impression of unboxing the Galaxy S22+.

Unboxing the Galaxy S22+ First Impression

My last flagship smartphone was a 2019 model, the Galaxy S10+, and I was a loyal user of that model until I got the all-new S22+ in early March 2022.

Unboxing S22+ Malaysia
The Galaxy S22+ before unboxing.

This article discusses my love for smartphones, namely the Samsung Galaxy series, which has changed quite a lot in my photography, as I have been actively taking photos for the last 30 years.

Therefore, don't be alarmed if you do not see all that technical jargon talk about megapixel this and that, and f stops. Not everyone is a photography fanatic or geek; hence, I write for ordinary people.

So, when I received the Galaxy S22+ in a box one evening in early March, I was pretty excited to do an unboxing for this. And it has also been six months since my last unboxing the Galaxy Z Flip3.

As I opened up the box, I could already feel the positive energy of the phone asking me to quickly transfer from my S10+ to the S22+.

Without hesitation, I unboxed the phone to get an even bigger surprise - the new green colour! Which is a new addition to the phone colours.

Malaysia Galaxy S22 Review
The colour of the phone is indicated on the word S.

I assumed it was some fancy named green like emerald forest green or jade turquoise green, but after researching online, I realised they just called it green, which was simple and nice.

Anyway, the S22+ in green was perfect for me, as I go into the rainforest and do a lot of nature photography, so this was an excellent match.

Well, it's now 7th March 2022 as I write this, and I am yet to take the smartphone for its maiden journey into the rainforest. I was hoping to visit Sarawak this month, but it looks like my trip has been postponed to next month.

I guess I need to plan a local trip to explore the photography on the Galaxy S22+, and it should be somewhere around the Klang Valley.

Malaysia Galaxy S22 Review
After unboxing, I followed all the start-up steps to the final stage before doing the transfer.
Malaysia Galaxy S22 Unboxing
After unboxing and starting up, this is the standard landing screen of the smartphone.

Plus, one more thing I am super excited about is the nightography with the Galaxy S22 series, as that is apparently the most talked about feature in this year's models.

I just got back from Melaka last month and totally missed out on the opportunity to explore nightography at Jonker Walk. However, I did get some pretty nice photos with my S10+.

So, the two main things that excited me on the first impression of unboxing the Galaxy S22+ was the green colour of the smartphone and the nightography feature, which I cannot wait to try.

Stay tuned as I will be updating my experiences in future articles as I test our the smartphone in coming weeks and months.

Galaxy S22+ Unboxing Video

Below is a quick unboxing video I made; you can see the actual unboxing, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like my videos.


Just for the record, I am not one of those popular gadget review blogs or websites which always gets the first hand to review and test new smartphones, whom a lot will just copy and paste each other.

I have been a genuine user, blogger, and writer who actually takes the effort to test these new smartphones properly when I travel. Most of the time, I use smartphones for durability and photography.

You can also see some of my smartphone reviews in Malaysia that I have done over the years and even recently in the last few years.

I have been actively travelling to Sarawak, Sabah and Langkawi to test our various Samsung Galaxy models over the last few years. Still, due to the Covid19 pandemic, everything stopped for two years.

Therefore, once things get back to normal, you will see me hit the road again for my smartphone photography as I also plan to do a series of Malaysia Photowalks in 2022 and 2023.

Smartphone Photography Awards Malaysia
I received an award for photography in Sarawak by the Premier of Sarawak - Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Abang Openg.


As technology keeps improving, we will soon not require an additional camera as smartphones will eventually take over.

I look forward to that day, and I feel that the smartphone companies may even merge with big camera names to create the one ultimate gadget.

Already you see joint-ventures between brands like Leica and Hasselblad in the market, and it is only a matter of time before Samsung announces a partnership.

For more information, you can always visit the official Samsung Malaysia website and pre-book your Galaxy S22 smartphone series there.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed my Unboxing the Galaxy S22+ first impression article as I have been writing about my experiences for the last ten years, sharing them with my readers.

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