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Melaka Photo Walk with Galaxy Z Flip3


Photowalk in Melaka

In October of 2021, I managed to do a quick Melaka Photo Walk with my Galaxy Z Flip3 and only around the main Jonker area.

Usually, I would try my best to avoid this part of Melaka due to the large crowds; since it was in mid-October and the government had just opened up interstate travel, there was literally not many people around.

Melaka Photo Walk with Galaxy Z Flip3

Photowalk Melaka
One of the beautiful shophouses around Jonker Walk in Melaka.

So, armed with my Galaxy Z Flip3, I took an afternoon walk around the central part of Jonker Street to photograph some of the colourful buildings and scenes around here.

This is part of my Malaysia Photo Walk Project, where I will be doing various smartphone photowalks around Malaysia to introduce causal street photography using today's smartphones.

Below are random photos taken with my Galaxy Z Flip3 around Jonker Walk;

Photo Walk Jonker Street
Orangutan House at Jonker Street.

Photography at Jonker Street
Quirky toys are being sold along Jonker Walk in Melaka.

Smartphone Photo Walk Melaka
Colourful murals are painted on the side of shophouses.

Melaka Peranaka Place Cafe
Peranakan Place Cafe in Melaka.

Jonker Street Photo Walk Melaka
One of the old shops selling traditional clogs.

Photowalk Melaka Malaysia
An exciting temple facade.

Melaka Photo Walk Details

This special smartphone photo walk in Melaka will be introduced in 2022 and conducted by me - David Hogan Jr. It will be a morning session that will start around 8.00 AM and finish around 12.00 Noon.

There is no fee at the moment, but you will need to travel the day before and spend a night in Melaka. Or you can leave K.L at 5.30AM to reach Melaka city by 7.30AM and be back in K.L after lunch.

For anyone interested to join the Melaka Photo Walk and getting more info, you can contact me here or through my Malaysia Asia Facebook profile.

I will probably organise this photo walk for those genuinely interested in exploring their smartphone photography, but you can still bring your mirrorless and DSLR cameras if you like.


Melaka is also a UNESCO City and home to some unique building structures like the Christ Church, built in 1753 and painted in a copperish red colour.

For art lovers, there are numerous works of street art and murals, galleries and even graffiti, while Melaka is also known to be one of the places to see Street Art in Malaysia.

The photos above are taken with my Galaxy Z Flip3 and minimally edited for cropping, contrast, and saturation. I do not depend on software like Lightroom to enhance or change the colours and overall feel.

I find the artificial intelligence (A.I.) of Samsung is pretty advanced as it can detect the scene to compensate for the overall look and field of the image.

Anyway, the objective of my Melaka photo walk with Galaxy Z Flip3 was to test out the capabilities of the flip phone camera, and to my surprise, it turned out exceptionally well.

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