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Wildlife Night Photography with the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Galaxy Z Flip3 Night Photography

While everyone is busy focusing on general lifestyle and Instagram shots using their smartphones, I decided to take a different route in reviewing some of the latest phones from Samsung.

Having been an Android and Samsung Galaxy user from day 1, I have been using these amazing phones for most of my travel photography around Malaysia and the world.

Shockingly in 2020, the Covid19 pandemic hit worldwide, including Malaysia, and travel was crippled due to country lockdowns, which pretty much affected many people, including me.

During this time, I took the opportunity to explore my local areas for some smartphone photography, and the results were astonishing.

Wildlife Night Photography with the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Shah Alam Community Forest Night Walk
Steven, my night walk guide at the Shah Alam Community Forest.

Apart from my regular day-to-day use of these smartphones, I often take many photos, ranging from landscapes to insects and food pics.

This was when I discovered my love for macro photography with insects and flowers; hence I tested out my Galaxy Z Flip3 5g to indulge in dragonfly photography in October 2021.

It was only a matter of time when I decided to take things to the next level and participated in a special night walk at the Saha Alam community forest.

This is where I put the Z Flip3 to the ultimate test, and as you will see below, all the photos displayed were taken during my night walk.

My incredible experience was done with Steven Wong, a passionate naturalist based in the Klang Valley, and it was indeed an eye-opener for me.

Shah Alam Community Forest Night Trail
The night trail here is pretty much similar to many other places, just that there's not much climbing.

Hiking Shah Alam Community Forest
Along the trail, you will see signs like this, so just follow the direction.

Night Photos with the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Below are random night photos of the frogs, snakes, lizards and invertebrates during my night walk here.

Also, note that I have only edited the photos to resize them, a little contrast and sharpness while adding my watermarks.

As a phone photographer, I always try to show the original photos as much as possible and with minimal edits. I don't like to use things like 'lightroom' to entirely change the images.

Malaysia Amphibian Photography

Malaysia Frog Photography

Malaysia Frog Race

Night Photo Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Malaysia Snake Photography

Malaysia Lizard Photography

Malaysia Reptile Photography

Malaysia Moth Photography

Malaysia Scorpion Photography

Photography Galaxy Z Flip3 Malaysia

Spider Photography in Malaysia

Galaxy Z Flip3 Night Mode Spider Photography

Arachnid Photography Malaysia

Below is a list of what I saw during my night walk at the Saha Alam Community Forest, and once again, thank you to Steven Wong for guiding me.


  1. Black-eyed Litter Frog (Leptobrachium nigrops) 
  2. Dark-sided Narrowmouthed Frog (Microhyla heymonsi)
  3. Common Grass Frog (Feyervarja limnocharis)
  4. Common Malayan Toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) 
  5. White-lipped Frog (Chalcorana labialis) 
  6. Four-lined Tree Frog (Polypedates leucomystax) 


  1. Wagler's Pit Viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri)
  2. Painted Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis pictus)


  1. Changeable Lizard (Calotes versicolor)
  2. Striped Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus)

Invertebrates (Spiders & Others)

  1. Tropical Swallowtail Moth (Lyssa zampa)
  2. White-barred Huntsman (Heteropoda venatoria)
  3. Lichen Huntsman (Pandercetes sp.)
  4. Abandoned Web Orb Weaving Spider (Parawixia dehaani)

Bukit Cherakah Shah Alam Forest
The main sign before entering the Shah Alam Community Forest.

I have to say that the A.I. or artificial intelligence chip that the Z Flip3 uses is quite spot-on and accurate in terms of colours and detecting the condition of the area and subject.

However, all the photos taken were assisted with an external light source to spot insects and reptiles. If I did not use the lights, it would be pitch dark, and I would not photograph anything.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my wildlife night photography using the Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone and my honest review. I will continue to try different photography types using this smartphone in the coming weeks.

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