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Traditional English Tea and Scones Restaurants in Malaysia

Malaysia Best Tea and Scones

One of the more British influences that have remained till this very day is the English tea and scones found at numerous restaurants around Malaysia.

However, these places are mostly found at highland locations where the climate is much cooler and relaxing, namely for visiting vacationers. This article will highlight some of the best places to have traditional English tea and scones around Malaysia.

Traditional English Tea and Scones Restaurants in Malaysia

    Sandakan English Tea House scones
    English Tea House Restaurant in Sandakan, Sabah.

    There are several places in Malaysia where you can enjoy tea and scones where some are located in the peninsular, and just two places over in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo.

    Tea and scones are not the normal palates for Asians, but with strong English influences over the last century, there has been a small demand for colonial cuisine. Much of this was fusioned with Chinese Hainanese cooks, resulting in a unique cuisine only found in this part of the world.

    However, the traditional English scones could not be fusioned; therefore, they are still being served as they once were from back in the day, complete with cream, jam and good old English tea.

    Visiting English tourists to Malaysia found this rather fascinating as when they explored several hill attractions, there was a chance they would encounter a restaurant that served good old English food with tea and scones.

    Tea and Scones at Cameron Highlands
    The beautiful tea plantations at Cameron Highlands.

    Cameron Highlands Tea and Scones Restaurants

    Over at Cameron Highlands, you can try the family-run Bala's Chalet and Hotel Cameron Highlands as they too have served English tea and scones for many years now. Bala's was rebranded to Planters Country Hotel in 2013.

    Another place called the Smokehouse Hotel in Cameron Highlands is a replica of a traditional Mock-Tudor home complete with lush-manicured gardens with swings and cobbled pathways.

    The Bharat Tea Shop serves English tea and scones on your way up the highlands for a quick fix. This place offers incredible views of the tea plantation, and customers can dine at the open-aired balcony.

    Tea and Scones Ye Olde Smokehouse Fraser's Hill
    View inside the restaurant of Ye Olde Smokehouse at Fraser's Hill.

    Fraser's Hill Tea and Scones Restaurants

    Over at Frasers Hill, there is also a nice and cosy place called the Smokehouse Frasers Hill, similar to Cameron's but under different management. You can find traditional English food while the property also offers accommodations. 

    The impressive menu offers Hors D'oeuvres for starters to incredible roasts, pies and puddings. This place does get crowded on weekends and holiday seasons; therefore, it is best to book ahead.

    Apparently, many people also claim that the tea and scones at Fraser's Hill Smoke House are much better than the ones found in Camerons.

    Tea and Scones at Sabah Tea Garden
    The entrance to Sabah Tea Garden in Ranau.

    Sabah Tea and Scones Restaurants

    If you are visiting the state of Sabah on the island of Borneo, you can also try the English Tea House in Sandakan, which is over on the east coast of Sabah. This is probably one of the oldest traditional English restaurants in all of Borneo.

    Another place is called the Sabah Tea Garden, about two hours from Kota Kinabalu up north towards Kudat. This beautiful tea garden, cottage and restaurant also serve tea and scones.

    Tea and Scones in Penang
    View of Penang from David Brown's Restaurant & Tea Terrace.

    Penang Tea and Scones Restaurant

    Over in Penang Island, when you go up Penang Hill, there is a restaurant at the top called David Brown's Restaurant & Tea Terrace, which serves traditional tea and scones.

    This place has an excellent hill view of Penang island, the Penang bridge, and the mainland on a clear day. Many day-trip visitors will come here for the beautiful restaurant ambience while having lunch up here.

    Malaysia Tea and Scones
    Tea and scones are also found at various cafes, restaurants and hotels.

    Tea and Scones at Cafes and Hotels around Malaysia

    Nowadays, in the larger cities around Malaysia, namely Kuala Lumpur, you can find tea and scones at numerous cafes, restaurants and hotels. Still, the feeling is not the same as having it in the cool highlands versus the city.

    If you Google 'Tea and Scones in Malaysia', results will come out as afternoon tea places with scones, and multiple articles will highlight places serving this in the city areas. Again, these are not the same as the places mentioned in this article.

    Malaysia traditional tea and scones
    You can find tea and scones all over Malaysia.


    For an authentic experience in having traditional English tea and scones, I recommend trying some of the places mentioned here. Then only you can make your judgement on why there is a vast difference between the city types and the hill resorts.

    Well, each and everyone has their own tastebuds and opinions, especially when it comes to food. But if you are genuinely a real foodie, you would know the difference between traditional and modern-day cooking.

    For me, good old traditional English tea and scones are still found at the places mentioned above, it is just a matter of trying them over the years of travelling.

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