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RWMF 2022 The 25th Edition Anniversary

RWMF 2022 The 25th Edition Anniversary

Fans should be ecstatic that the RWMF 2022 will be the 25th Edition Anniversary since starting in 1998 in Kuching, Sarawak, and one of the best music festivals for 2022 in Malaysia.

It has been an incredible twenty-five years since the humble beginnings of a music festival held in a rainforest at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong.

RWMF 2022 The 25th Edition Anniversary

2022 Rainforest World Music Festival
The live crowd at the last actual event in 2019.

The 25th anniversary of the RWMF will be one music festival that should not be missed because, between 2020 and 2021, the event was cancelled and then held online as an experience.

Local and international fans have been waiting patiently for the Covid19 pandemic to move into the endemic phase to slowly get back to normal.

With borders opening up on 11th October 2021, many are now eager and awaiting more news about the coming RWMF2022 as visitors would like to pre-book flight tickets, accommodation, etc.

Venue for RWMF 2022
The dual-stage with a natural background at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong.

I assume that there will be minor changes in the SOPs for the event, meaning that only fully vaccinated guests will be allowed to attend the festival in Santubong.

The last RWMF 2021 Virtual Experience was held over three days, and a whopping 140,000 viewers from 80 countries logged in from 18-20 June 2021.

This was also made possible when the Sarawak Tourism Board decided to bring RWMF online on multiple platforms like through the official website of RWMF.net, Facebook and TV Sarawak (TVS).

2022 RWMF
A group of musicians performed live on the main stage at RWMF.

When is the 25th Anniversary of RWMF? 

RWMF 2022 marks 25 years since the festival started, and it happens at the Sarawak Cultural Village from 17-19 June 2022.

While the venue will be at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong, which is also the home of the Rainforest World Music Festival, it is only an hour's drive from the city of Kuching.

How to Go to RWMF2022?

As the event takes place in Kuching, Sarawak, visitors from Kuching will have to fly in from selected cities across Malaysia or Southeast Asia.

You can connect your flight through Kuala Lumpur's KLIA and take a domestic flight to Kuching city for foreign visitors.

Visitors will have various choices to go to the event, and below are the different methods to get to the Cultural Village in Santubong;

Bus Service for RWMF
The special bus service for the Rainforest World Music Festival.

RWMF Bus Service - A special bus service departs from Kuching and heads directly to the venue. More information will be announced closer to the event.

Shuttle Van Service for RWMF - Selected hotels and resorts around Kuching may offer a shuttle service to the cultural village, and you are required to double check with the respective hotels on this.

Ride-Hailing or Taxi Service to RWMF - Ride-hailing services like Grab or AirAsia Ride are available from Kuching to the venue, apart from the general taxi service to Santubong.

Self Driving to RWMF - For those planning to self-drive to the venue, you should take note that you can only drive up to a certain point outside the venue to park your car and then take a special shuttle to the venue.

I have also done an article on how to go to the Rainforest World Music Festival previously, and you can also get additional information there.

Performer Rainforest World Music Festival
One of the international Rainforest World Music Festival performers.


The Malaysian government finally opened up the local and international borders, and in 2022, many started to travel again. News about the Rainforest World Music Festival 2022 coming back was also announced in March.

And since the announcement, many have started booking flights, accommodation and tickets for the 25th Anniversary of RWMF 2022.

If you have not attended this unique music festival, I strongly suggest you consider it as it is genuinely one of Malaysia's most successful music festivals known worldwide.

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