International Bornean Frog Race 2021

Lumba Katak Borneo 2021

With Covid19 disrupting events around Malaysia since early 2020, a number of them have gone virtual, and one of them includes the 9th International Bornean Frog Race 2021.

This unique nature event will also take place for 90 days, which runs from 1 September to 29 November 2021 and will be held throughout the island of Borneo.

International Bornean Frog Race 2021

After eight years of the frog race, there are still many who may not understand the term "Frog Race", and let me just share what I know about this unique event.

A frog race is where participants gather in groups or individuals to head out and see who can spot the most number of frogs during a stipulated time.

There are approximately 190 species known from Borneo; 140 of them are endemic to the island.

Frog Race Sarawak Borneo
A close-up photo of a River Toad in Borneo.

And with the Bornean Frog Race 2021 going virtual, participants are given three months to photograph frogs all over Borneo, including Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan, Indonesia.

This digital version of the race will include monthly webinars and a photographic competition that will run for 90 days in total.

The Frog Race pitches the general public and researchers in a race to find and photograph the rarest and the most frog species at any locality on Borneo during the announced period and to take outstanding images.

Objectives of the Bornean Frog Race

  • To draw public attention to Borneo's forests.
  • To draw public attention to the region's threatened amphibians
  • To educate citizens about the natural world
  • To promote the outdoors and tourism


The 9th International Bornean Frog Race 2021 is organised by the Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). 

The organising team comprises a standing committee consisting of experts in amphibian biology, natural history and photography from the host institutions and the world of science, photography, and conservation.

Borneo Frog Race 2021
The official banner for the Frog Race.

Bornean Frog Race 2021 Information, Rules and Regulations

  • Race Duration: Virtually 90 days from 1 September to 29 November 2021
  • Race Location: Anywhere on Borneo

Registration & Photo Submission

  • Interested participants can register online at International Bornean Frog Race.
  • The registration fee is RM 60.00 per participant.
  • Participants are required to set up an account with iNaturalist and upload images.

Photo Submission

Participants must submit high-quality photos with the amphibians identifiable and are also encouraged to geotag their photos.

Photo Rules

  • Participants can use any photographic device to capture pictures
  • Participants must reduce disturbance to amphibians
  • Submitted photos must be taken within the race period
  • All photographers retain copyrights of their photos

Ethics and Code of Conduct

  • Participants must follow the rules and regulations of protected areas
  • Participants must adhere to the basic code of conduct of wildlife photographers
  • Participants must not touch or handle amphibians
Sarawak Frog Race Borneo
A River Toad.
Bornean Frog Race 2021 Prizes

This year, the prizes have increased slightly, and additional prizes are added due to the duration of the event.

Ten Monthly Prizes 

Best Photos - 5 prizes based on;

  • Technical quality (focus sharpness, exposure, etc.)
  • Subject (portrait, behaviour, etc.)
  • Composition
  • Creativity
  • Overall impact

Most Number of Species - 5 Prizes

  • Cash awards of RM 200 each

Grand Prizes

Best Photo Overall - Three Best Photo Overall Grand Prize winners from 15 Best Photo Monthly winners.

  • 1st - RM 2,500.00
  • 2nd - RM 1,500.00
  • 3rd - RM 1,000.00

Most Species Overall - Most Number of Species Overall Grand Prize, total species count based on entire Race Period.

  • 1st -RM 2,500.00
  • 2nd - RM 1,500.00
  • 3rd - RM 1,000.00

General Do's and Don'ts of the International Bornean Frog Race


  • Leave footprints
  • Not litter
  • Bring a flashlight or a headlamp
  • Bring a raincoat
  • Bring enough drinking water


  • Harm frogs or any other wildlife
  • Disturb vegetation and different habitats
  • Stray from trails
  • Make unnecessary noise
Lumba Katak Sarawak Borneo
Odorrana or Poisonous Rock Frog spotted at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah Borneo.
More Information

Please visit the International Bornean Frog Race website for those who want to sign up or get more detailed information.

I have been writing about the Bornean Frog Race for several years now, and to be very honest, I am yet to attend the actual event. Maybe I will plan for the 10th year event in Borneo.

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