Pantai Suri Floating Market in Kelantan

Pasar Terapung Pantai Suri Kelantan

Many of you know that there is a Pantai Suri Floating Market in Kelantan? I just found out when someone recently highlighted this attraction to me.

To top things off, this is the first-ever Malaysian floating market to follow the Klonghae floating market in Hat Yai, which was conceptualised and opened in 2016.

Update 2024: This market is no longer operating as a temporary closure is marked on Google Maps.

Pantai Suri Floating Market in Kelantan

Well, I have yet to visit this fascinating hidden gem in Kelantan, but judging from what I have seen in photos and videos, this place looks like an exact replica of the Khlonghae floating market Hatyai.

Why? Because the entire concept is similar. Over in Hatyai, the Thai Muslims run the show, while over here, it is the Kelantanese who run it.

Kota Bharu Pantai Suri Floating Market
The specially built signboard is in the floating market area.

The wooden boats are similar in that they dock side-by-side by the river bank to sell their food and drinks.

The only setback I have seen is that the sellers are much more mature here in Pantai Suri Floating Market than a much younger group in Klonghae.

In Malay, this place is also known as Pulau Suri Floating Market, Kelantan Floating Market, or Pasar Terapung Pantai Suri.

Kelantan Floating Market
Food vendors at the floating market.

What Can You Buy from the Pantai Suri Floating Market?

Well, it is very localised; therefore, you can expect a lot of Kelantanese delicacies ranging from desserts to snacks to even full meals like rice and noodles.

Expect what you generally see at a local Kelantanese night market or pasar malam, just that the items are all sold from a vendor in a boat.

The gimmick is that these vendors sell their food from boats, and when you pay, they extend a stick with a container to collect the money.

Pantai Suri Floating Market Location Map
The location of the floating market in Kelantan.

Where is the Kelantan Floating Market?

This market's location is towards the mouth of the Kelantan River, where it goes out to the South China Sea.

From Kota Bharu City, the floating market is about 11.2km and a 20-minute drive to the jetty, where you need to take a local boat to the floating market.

The boat ride also takes about 15 minutes, but depending on the frequency of the boats, and usually on weekends, there are more boats available.

A Google Map showing where the Kelantan Floating Market is

How to go to Pantai Suri Floating Market in Kelantan?

Okay, this may be tricky, but it is more challenging than one thinks. First of all, no roads lead here, only rivers.

There are many rivers and small estuaries located around this part of Kelantan, so if you are not from here, you may need to ask locals for directions.

The easiest way to get here is to take the local boat services the jetties offer around the kampungs. 

From Jeti Kuala Besar Masseroja Village - It will take about 15 minutes to get to the floating market, which is the easiest way from Kota Bharu. The boat ticket price is RM2.00 per person.

From Jeti Kok Majid, it will take around 40 minutes to reach the floating market, which is on the other side of the Kelantan River opposite Kota Bharu. The boat ticket is RM5.00 per person.

Pasar Terapung Kelantan
A customer buys drinks from a boat vendor.

Renting a Private Boat

This is something that large families or those wanting some privacy will do, as many offer a full boat rental.

The price varies among the locals, but you should just be careful that the boat you rent is operated by a properly licensed boat operator and not some teenager who wants to make a quick buck.

And you should also ask if the boat comes with safety equipment like life jackets and so on.

Another New Floating Market in Kelantan

Another floating market opened up recently, called the Pasar Tani Terapung Pengakalan Datu, by Sungai Peng Datu.

This one is closer to Kota Bharu than the Pantai Suri floating market. There is also another one called Tumpat Floating Market, which I plan to visit one of these days.

Pantai Suri Floating Market (Pasar Terapung Pantai Suri)
Time: 8.30 AM to 4.00 PM
Day Open: Saturday Only
Entrance Fee: RM1.00 Adults, Free for Kids

Notes: Because of COVID-19, the market may not be in operation. Best to double check before going.

Read about the other floating markets I have written about in Malaysia and Thailand.

Kota Bharu Floating Market
Suri Floating Market, photo by


Since Covid-19 has kind of crippled the world tourism travels, each country has been stepping up on their own local domestic campaigns.

This is also a great time to start exploring your own country, and over here in Malaysia, there is so much to discover that all you need to do is explore.

I have been saying this for years since I started promoting Malaysia, my home, to foreigners and locals, and you can easily see from my articles how many beautiful places there are.

If you are considering going somewhere different, take a self-drive trip towards the east coast and northeast of Malaysia.

You will come across some of the little hidden gems, like this Pantai Suri floating market in Kelantan, among many others.

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