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Cheng Ho Mosque in Palembang


Masjid Cheng Ho

The Cheng Ho Mosque in Palembang is probably one of the most beautiful and unique Chinese-Muslim designed buildings I have come across in my travels.

I visited Palembang several years back. This is probably one of the structures that impacted my memory simply due to the mix-culture architecture and the fact that it could be achieved in harmony.

Cheng Ho Mosque in Palembang

When I first arrived here, I assumed that I was actually visiting a Chinese Temple. Still, looking carefully at the architecture, I saw the Islamic influence in the building's dome and minarets.

The Cheng Ho Mosque is also located in the Jakabaring Sport City area of Palembang. This stunning Chinese-Muslim Mosque is surely an eye-opener for anyone who loves interesting architecture. 

So, how did the mosque get a Chinese name? Since Palembang is home to several Chinese-Indonesians, it was also named after the famous Chinese explorer Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He) from the 15th Century. 

This beautiful and unique mosque also has an official name called the Al Islam Muhammad Cheng Hoo Sriwijaya Palembang Mosque. Still, everyone just calls it the Cheng Ho Mosque in short.

What makes the mosque stand out is the bright, striking red colours while keeping the gold and green colours minimal.

Even the minarets don a typical Chinese Pagoda style topped with common Muslim round roof and Indonesian architecture elements.

The Cheng Ho Mosque was also completed after three years of construction and opened in 2006 at 150 Million Rupiah.

Photos of Cheng Ho Mosque

Cheng Ho Palembang Mosque
The unique and beautiful Pagoda-Minaret of the mosque
Masjid Cheng Ho Mosque
The outdoor section of the mosque
Cheng Ho Masjid
The main mosque building structure with a learning centre inside
Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque
Another one of the names for the Chinese-Muslim mosque
Cheng Ho Mosque Jakabaring
The very interesting Pagoda Minaret of the mosque
Map Location to Cheng Ho Mosque
Location of the Cheng Ho Mosque in Jakabaring, Palembang

Where is the Cheng Ho Mosque in Palembang? 

You need to head to the Jakabaring Sport City area, and the Cheng Ho Mosque is found nearby the main sports complex.

It is roughly less than 500 meters from the sports complex and located in a residential area on the main Jalan Cheng Ho road.

From Palembang's main city area, it will take about 20 minutes to drive here one way and depending on the traffic.


The next time you visit Palembang in South Sumatra, take some time to visit this unique and beautiful mosque as it truly is one-of-a-kind here.

And if you are a Muslim traveller, this would be rather unique to come here and perform your prayers at the Cheng Ho Mo0sque in Palembang.

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