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Best Place in Malaysia To Visit After CMCO


Post CMCO Best Place to Visit Malaysia

We Malaysians have been cooped up for so long that now everyone is just thinking of the best place in Malaysia to visit after the CMCO or Conditional Movement Control Order.

While many places sound inviting, there are still some reservations about red zones and possible active Covid19 cases lurking around.

However, there are still many remote places worth visiting, but being Malaysian, many still prefer a more commercial destination with good infrastructure and facilities.

Best Place in Malaysia To Visit After CMCO

Malaysia offers so many beautiful and unique places, it would be such a waste to highlight places where there have been many cases of Covid19.

Since the pandemic went into the second phase in Malaysia in October of 2020, many popular tourist destinations like Sabah and Selangor were hit really hard.

CMCO Tour Package Langkawi
Pristine beaches and stunning islands at Langkawi

But there have been several places that have been spared from the second phase of the Covid19 spread, and these are the recommended places that locals can visit.

Overall, there is one place spared quite well, and Langkawi Island is noted as the best place in Malaysia to visit after the CMCO.

You may be asking why Langkawi Island? And the answer is quite simple - A local destination that appeals to all walks of life, offering the best of the beach, rainforest, resort living and a localised culture in one place.

Why Langkawi Island? 

Langkawi is still one of Malaysia's most beautiful islands, which is easily accessible by sea and air with many airports having direct flights into the island.

2021 Visit Malaysia
Langkawi Island during the peak season

The concept of a culturally rich island with doubles as a duty-free post makes it even more desirable for those who want the best of both worlds.

While Langkawi offers beautiful beaches, stuffing landscapes, a rich marine ecosystem and a never-ending mangrove system catering to ecotourism.

What do Do in Langkawi Island? 

So much to see and do, the list is never-ending. But again, it also depends on the type of Malaysian style traveller. Most of the time, it is the safe traveller who just seeks a simple getaway.

Many beautiful and secluded resorts can cater to your style for those who want just an escape from the city. This includes doing everything in and around the resort area.

Pulau Langkawi Pakej Cuti
Chenang Beach is seen from the flight landing.

Most holidaymakers love to self explore, and the best way is to rent a car and drive around the island visiting all the many places.

Panorama Langkawi or the Langkawi Cable Car is one of the popular destinations where you get to go up Mount Matcincang in a gondola and then spend time up there seeing the stunning views.

Beach holidays are also high on most locals, and this is best done at Pantai Chenang where it is hands down the most popular beach in Langkawi.

The combination of a long wide beach with water sport activities, restaurants, bars, cafes and street shopping makes this place the ultimate spot in all of Langkawi.

Geoforest Langkawi Tour Packages
The beautiful Geoforest Park in Langkawi

Rainforest escapes are not-so-popular but still appealing to nature lovers, and this is usually done at the Kilim Geoforest Park area.

Over at Kilim, you get to do mangrove excursions, cave visits and wildlife spotting in one trip which works out perfect for anyone who wants to connect back to nature.

Do note that this is a full nature experience that is highly recommended for anyone and all walks of life, old or young.

One of the things that Malaysians love to do is shopping, and over here you have some of the best duty-free shopping in Langkawi Island. You can find these places from Kuah town to Pantai Chenang.

You can always take some of the many boat trips that offer island-hopping around the island for those who love the sea.

Langkawi Naam Paradise 101 Island
Paradise 101 Island by Naam in Langkawi

There is also a special island called Paradise 101 which caters to a full island and water sports experience. This is by Telaga Harbour and is operated by Naam Tours.

I also did an article on the many things to do in Langkawi a few years ago which you can also refer as it caters to a very general guide.

Where To Stay in Langkawi Island? 

There are many choices for accommodation around Langkawi and depending on what kind of place you prefer, you can choose from the city area to beachside living.

For those on a budget, you are also in luck as many of the hotels and resorts are offering desirable room promotions, including couples or even families.

Hotel Promotion 2021 Langkawi
The facade of the Tanjung Rhu Resort in Langkawi

One of the recommended places worth checking out is no other than the Tanjung Rhu Resort, a luxurious suite-only resort with its own private beach. 

The current Tanjung Rhu Resort promotion until December 2020 is desirable at RM200 per suite for two persons inclusive of breakfast and additional discounts of food and beverage.

Other popular hotels and resorts include those along the ain Pantai Chenang beach road, but that comes with a catch, which is usually the crowds.

Hotel and Resort Promotion in Langkawi 2021
One of the many promotions for CMCO offered by Tanjung Rhu Resort

What to Eat in Langkawi? 

Personally, I always love to explore the local food scene whenever I visit Langkawi and every time, I will make it a point to try a new place.

On my recent visit in June of 2020, I tried the local famous Nasi Daging Bakar Langkawi, a nice old food centre at Padang Matsirat, near the airport.

Langkawi Local Malay Food
The glorious spread of Malay food at Kak Yan Restaurant

Other well-known local Langkawi cuisine includes the super famous Kak Yan Nasi Campur in Langkawi, Malay mix rice and is something everyone should try.

Of course, many other proper restaurants, cafes, fast-food joints and even fine dining establishments are available all over Langkawi.

Malaysia CMCO Holiday Promotion
Visitors enjoying the beach in Langkawi


Overall, Langkawi Island is hands down one of the best places to visit for a short, medium or long vacation as there is plenty to do here depending on how long you choose.

Most important is that the activities offered caters to all walks of life, and as for food and beverage, there is so much to choose from.

There are many other destinations to visit, but this article highlights the best place in Malaysia to visit after the CMCO, and I hope you have a great time with our domestic tourism.

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