Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Camera Review Malaysia

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Camera Review

I have been testing out Samsung phones for a while now, and in the last couple of years, I have been quite impressed by how the technology has improved.

In this special article, I will be featuring the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G camera review with photos taken around the historical city of Melaka, Malaysia. 

While this may not be your average technical Samsung review, I assure you this is a straightforward article with a layman explanation.

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Camera Review

The first thing everyone was excited about the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G was, in fact, the 100 times space zoom on the camera. Well, let me just say that this camera zoom technology is still in the infancy stage.

Okay, before you continue, let me say that this test was done in June 2020, which was also the RMCO, the recovery period of the Movement Control Order that has affected the entire world, including here in Malaysia.

So, with the travel ban on almost every country, including Malaysia, there is just not going to be any cross-border travel until this pandemic is fully recovered. It could be in 2021 or even in 2022.

Why I went to Melaka to test the phone? I had to make a special trip to Melaka just for this as I wanted to get the colours of the buildings against the blue skies.

You should already know that in Kuala Lumpur, the weather tends to be a little cranky with cloudy days and rain. Hence the best places for nice blue skies are out of the main city areas.

Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera System
The camera section of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Camera System - Well, I have to admit that the technology has improved so much that we are now experiencing pro-grade cameras on the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Galaxy S20 Ultra Storage - The problem with today's lifestyle is that people seem to need more and more storage on their devices. And for the S20 Ultra comes with a whopping built-in 128 GB storage.

And if that is not enough for you, fear not, as you can easily upgrade the phone's storage to 1 TB with a micro-sim card!

Cameras on the S20 Ultra - Back in the day, one camera was good enough for all of us, but with technology advancing so fast, the S20 Ultra comes with not one, not two, not three, not four but a whopping five cameras!

Yes, that is a load of cameras packed into a smartphone and let me just say that each of these cameras provides different functions when in use.

Low Light Shooting - This has been one of the main issues in smartphone photography, and in the last couple of years, Samsung has increased the sensor size to better the low-light or night photography.

One of the must-try functions for night photography is the "Bright Night" mode, which can transform your low light into bright photos.

The camera system includes a 12 megapixel (MP) ultra-wide camera, a 48 MP telephoto camera, a depth vision camera and a 108 MP wide-angle camera. The front camera is also 40 MP for your selfies.

This is perfect for general to specific photography as it covers almost everything you need in one smartphone.

8K Video Shooting - Unfortunately, I had little time to test this function, but I did shoot some videos, and the quality was incredibly superior. 

Melaka photos taken with the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Below are random photos taken in the day and also at night around the historical city of Melaka. I did not use any additional gear like tripods or stabilizers too.

The photos were also resized, and my watermark was added to them. Below are the random photos taken with the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Melaka Heritage Buildings
One of the beautifully preserved heritage buildings along Jonker Walk.

Christ Church Melaka
Christ Church at Red Square is one of the oldest churches in Malaysia.

Melaka Clock Tower Red Square
The Red Clock Tower at Stadhuys in Melaka.

Melaka River Street Art
Beautiful building murals are spotted along the Melaka River.

Melaka Ship Museum
A replica of the Flor de la Mar ship, which is the Maritime Museum.

Melaka Street Art
Localised street art depicting life along Jonker Street.

Orang Utan House Melaka
The famous Orang Utan House at Lorong Hang Jebat and Jalan Tukang Besi.

Red Square Melaka
Stadhuys photographed in ultra-wide angle.

Stadhuys Melaka
The Stadhuys main building is in red.

Stadhuys Red Square Melaka
A couple of trishaws parked outside Christ Church Melaka.

Jonker Walk Melaka
Jonker Walk arch and entrance from the north side.

Setbacks from the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Camera

With any phone, there are bound to be setbacks or things that do not please the consumers. And for the S20 Ultra, there we indeed a couple of them which I did not like.

The camera lens system heats up - When you start taking multiple photos for a longer period, the lens of the S20 Ultra starts to heat up, and it can get a little worrying.

The camera lens vibrates a little when you take photos - For some reason, I don't know if it was intentional for this to happen, but it reminded me of a micro two-thirds camera. Perhaps it needs a little getting used to.

My Other Galaxy Smartphone Reviews

I have also done some other reviews based on the Samsung Galaxy series, including the amazing Galaxy S10 Plus review, which is the smartphone I am currently using.

Apart from that, I managed to do a camera review for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus when I was travelling in Sarawak Borneo.

With the launch of the folding phones, I also did a review for the Galaxy Fold and one for the amazing Samsung Galaxy Flip in Malaysia.

In the last couple of years, the smartphone brands have been racing amongst each other to develop innovative and unique models; hence there has been a surge of phones in the market.

Even in Malaysia, grand launches have been conducted while influencers have taken to social media in promoting these smartphones.

Galaxy Z Flip Malaysia
The Galaxy Z Flip phone was reviewed by me.


I personally find the Galaxy S20 Ultra is quite impressive, namely the camera system. The colours are much more vivid compared to my Galaxy S10 Plus.

I have travelled to Melaka for many decades and have also been photographing this historical city since the 90s. Among the best places to explore is no other than Jonker Street and its surroundings.

For the price you will pay, it is a smartphone that you will keep at least a few years before you upgrade it. I hope you found my review of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G camera interesting and if you have questions, please feel free to ask.

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