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Rockbund Fishing Chalet in Lumut, Perak

Rockbund Fishing Chalet

Did you know that there is a beautiful and modern fishing resort located in Malaysia? The place is called Rockbund Fishing Chalet in Lumut, Perak and was formerly known as Coral Fishing Resort.

This fishing resort has been around since 2007 and the location is at the southwest of Marina Island Lumut, which is a 1,301-hectare manmade island that is connected by a 400-meter bridge to the mainland.

Rockbund Fishing Chalet in Lumut, Perak

Rockbund Fishing chalet
The unique individual fishing jetties at Rockbund

Honestly, this is the kind of place where anglers or those who want to experience some sea fishing should visit. I would call this the new concept of fishing chalets, where it has a very lifestyle and modern look and feel.

Judging from the photos here, you can easily see how the new management has improved this place to cater to all walks of life.

As a former fisherman myself, I have to say that by looking at these photos, it makes me want to pick up my fishing rod and head here for old times sake.

Well, if you are an avid angler, you may have heard about this place, and if not, it is time you start making plans to visit this place for a weekend getaway.

I feel that this is also a great vacation concept for families to bond, and also teaching the kids about fishing.

After all, the fish you will catch here is not your regular pond fish like Talapia or carp. You will be going for the quality sea fish like groupers, barramundi and even mackerel.

Rockbund Resort
Sunset dinner at Rockbund.

Who is Rockbund Fishing Chalet?

This fishing chalet has been around since 2015 and recently was taken over by new management who renamed this place to Rockbund Fishing Chalet.

The company has been around since 2008 and founded by Mr Timothy Ding. Originally, this resort opened as Coral Fishing Resort in 2007 and was highly popular among the anglers.

In a turn of events, the resort was taken over and given a beautiful facelift with a splash of pastel colour on the chalets. Improvements were made to the interior of the rooms and the landscaping.

Coral Fishing  Resort
The former Coral Fishing Resort and what it looked like.

Coral Fishing Resort Lumut
The original fishing platforms at Coral Fishing Resort. Photo: Eny Abdullah.

What is there to do at Rockbund Fishing Chalet?

Well, it is no brainer that fishing is the number one activity at this resort but from a travellers perspective, I think coming here to relax could be a reason too.

For example, the resort also caters to weddings and they have a beautiful setup available for this. However, it could be an anglers dream wedding location?

The resort offers bicycle rental services where you can rent bicycles and cycle around Marina Island. For food, there is a cafe available which serves breakfast and ala-carte local food.

If you explore around Marina Island, there are of course other things that you can do around here so let your wanderlust lead the way around the island for you.

Optional tours to Pangkor Island or even island hopping activities can be arranged with the resort and if you are up for a sunset cruise, that too can be arranged.

For company trips, the resort is open to team building packages which include land and sea activities. This can be a full packaged event for small to medium companies as the resort has a multi-purpose hall.

What types of chalets are available here?

Fishing Chalet Rockbund
This is how close the chalets are located to the sea.

There are three types of chalets available and depending on your style of travel, and also your budget. In total, there are 21 chalets at Rockbund Fishing Resort. The chalet types are;

  1. Standard Chalet 
  2. Superior Chalet
  3. Suite Superior Chalet

The resort also practices the no television concept so do not expect one in your chalet. You are able to rent a TV if you like but the objective of coming here is to fish and take a vacation to relax.

Each of the general chalets comes with two rooms and one common bathroom and is standard without any minibar or other general hotel facilities. There is air condition so you need not worry.

As simple as it can be, the layout is planned for rest and not a luxurious holiday. There is no fridge, water kettle, telephone, cutleries, glasses, hand towels and the Wi-Fi is pretty weak.

You only get towels and the standard soap dispenser in the bathroom, so if you are used to your own style of resort living, it is recommended you bring your own amenities.

Rockbund Fishing Chalet Room
The standard queen bedroom at the chalets.

How much do the chalets cost here? 

Well, it all depends on the season and also where you book from. You can book directly fro the resort operator or even go to OTAs like Agoda and Booking.

An average price for the standard chalet is around RM290 per unit. At times you may even get a good deal for a 2D/1N package at around RM330, which also includes a local and simple breakfast.

Is there any Fishing Equipment Rental available here? 

Sadly there is none, therefore you need to bring your own fishing equipment and bait when you visit this chalet. 

For bait, you can stop at the local market in Lumut or any other town on your journey here. Since it is sea fishing, squid, prawns or fish is good enough as bait. This means you must bring a small icebox to store them.

There is a fishing tackle shop called A2A Fishing Sports shop (+6 016 536 9500) in Setiawan if you are using this way to get here. They also sell live prawn bait and you can use Waze to locate them on your way here.

In Lumut, there is a fishing tackle shop called Kedai Pancing Cheng Hao Enterprise located along Jalan Lumut Indah, so this is your last choice.

I would recommend bringing spares for everything like weights, hooks and leader line. This is because you never know when you may hit a snag and snap your line.

Rockbund Fishing Resort is located at Marina Island off Lumut, Perak.

Where is Rockbund Fishing Chalet?

The fishing chalet is located at Marina Island and in the south-west corner. The island is connected to the mainland via a bridge to Lumut town in Perak, Malaysia.

This means that you can drive all the way to the fishing chalet without having to take a ferry or anything else.

Driving to Rockbund Fishing Chalet
Map showing the driving distance from Kuala Lumpur to Rockbund Fishing Chalets.

How to go to Rockbund Fishing Chalet?

The easiest way is to self-drive here as it only takes about three and a half hours to drive one way. Most anglers or families will drive themselves here for a weekend getaway from the city.

Alternatively, you can also take an express bus all the way to Lumut town, and then take a local taxi or rideshare service to get here.

The easiest way is to use Waze and key in Rockbund Fishing chalet and let the app guide you to this place.

Rockbund Fishing Chalet Map
The map of Marina Island in Lumut showing where the resort is located.

Rockbund Fishing Chalet at Marina Island
KM1, Jalan Utama Marina Island,
Teluk Muroh, 32200, Lumut, Perak
Latitude: 4.210492 Longitude: 100.603715
Tel: +6016 558 0388

Photo Credits: All photos from Rockbund Fishing Chalet Facebook and map photos from Google.

Fishing Resort Malaysia
Rockbund is a perfect getaway for anglers and their families.


If you have been thinking about that fishing holiday and need to include your family, then this is the place to visit. Alternatively, you could gather your group of anglers and head here too.

This place is a standard resort-style concept where they have beautiful fishing platforms which are safe for everyone, including kids.

My verdict is that this place is very suitable for those who enjoy fishing, and not someone who wants to come here for a normal resort getaway.

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