Galaxy Z Flip Review Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review

I never imagined that I would actually be doing a review for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, especially when we have been going through the Covid-19 pandemic here.

Anyway, since I cannot travel anywhere, and I assume everyone else cannot travel since the 18th March 2020, I have resorted to a general review based on my daily use.

Review of Galaxy Z Flip in Malaysia

Before I start, I wanted to say that my first impression of this was going back to the good old days of the flip mobile phones in the mid-90s. If you come from my era, you would remember those days.

With the review and for your info, this is the second series of folding phones created by Samsung, and the first was the Samsung Galaxy Fold which was announced in October 2019.

In January 2020, I received one unit, and I did a complete review of the Galaxy Fold smartphone minus the technical jargon. You know how some techies love to throw in all those big and unexplainable words.

Anyhow, it is now May 2020, and I was handed the all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip along with the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G to test out.

Photos from Galaxy Z Flip
The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur were photographed with the Galaxy Z Flip.

It is not easy to test out two phones at once; hence I only put my focus on the Z Flip for now, and possibly by the end of May, I will test out the S20 Ultra 5G.

Well, it has been two weeks since I have been using the Galaxy Z Flip, and so far, everything has been great apart from the minor pros and cons I have experienced as a general user.

Honestly, I would love to take the flip phone on one of my working trips into the rainforest, where I can fully test the capabilities of this little beauty.

But we all know that travel and tourism are a total shutdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic; hence, I just use them daily.

Malaysia Galaxy Z Flip
The all-new Galaxy Z Flip folding smartphone.

What I Liked About the Galaxy Z Flip?

Honestly, I could write all good things here, just like others who say only nice things to continue to get products and so on. Well, that is not me, so I choose to be honest and neutral.

1. The whole concept of the phone being able to flip into a compact case with a 7.5 cm size totally blew my mind away. This is coming from a guy, so imagine it coming from a woman's point of view.

2. It's nifty, sleek, and yet functional as a conventional smartphone with split-screen functions. The two 4-inch split screens can do wonders depending on the apps you are running.

3. The 90 degrees unfold is super cool, especially when multi-tasking with the split screens. Even when taking photos, I find the angle very steady with the base at your palm. 

4. Hands-free video chat is something I never expected to be so cool. I can just leave the phone on a table and chat with friends while doing something else. 

5. Privacy! Yes, this is one of the perks when using the flip. When you are with strangers, you need not worry about prying eyes when you activate your phone to see messages or those random Whatsapp images being sent. You can casually unflip it to a certain degree to see private photos or messages.

6. The mini cover screen is so cute; you can just see the basic notifications show up while the phone is folded. It's cool, but I wish it would be a tad larger.

Accessories for Galaxy Z Flip Phone
The accessories that come along with the flip phone.

What I Disliked About the Galaxy Z Flip? 

Of course, there will be things that I disliked when using the flip phone, and hopefully, the people in Samsung will read this and take note.

1. The biggest letdown for me was that the battery was quick to go down, and this was based on my regular usage minus streaming or social media.

I had to plug it in for a quick charge by the evening, so it will last through the night. So I did another test where I avoided using the flip as regularly as possible, and the battery lasted the entire day. This means that if you are a heavy user, you may want to carry along a power bank just in case.

2. The top part of the flip tends to heat up quite a bit. Yes, when I constantly used the flip for some minor gaming, emails, and WhatsApp altogether, the back of the top portion gets a little hot. I can understand why the larger portion of the battery is placed there, and it is because when you use the phone, the bottom portion will be in your palm, so it does not heat up in your palm.

3. The screen is still a little small for me. Yes, after being used to the S10 Plus, the Galaxy Z Flip's screen shrunk slightly. Perhaps they could consider a larger sized flip for bigger palm users like me?

4. The crease between the fold still gets to me. I know they have improved it a lot compared to the first folding phone, but somehow when my fingers slide through the crease, it kind of bugs me.

5. Not a lot of apps support multi-active windows or split-screen functions. Perhaps soon, we will see more of this.

6. The top flip of the phone does tend to heat up a little if I continuously take photos of videos which is a little uncomfortable.

Testing The Camera and the Zoom

One of the things I did was test out the camera of the Galaxy Z Flip, and it is actually quite straightforward to use. There is no rocket science as it is just a standard basic camera setup. 

However, the photos tend to break up a little; hence, it is best not to fully zoom for photos. Just three-quarters of the zoom would be sufficient.

Take a look at three photos I took with different focal zooms below, and they were not edited at all, just resized for this article. 

Camera Review Galaxy Z Flip
Hanuman statue at Batu Caves on normal focal length.

Zoom Mode on Galaxy Z Flip
Hanuman statue on half zoom.

Full Zoom Galaxy Z Flip
Hanuman's face is on the full zoom of the camera. Notice the image breaking.

Galaxy Z Flip Specifications

The phone opens up to a 6.7-inch infinity flex display and operates a simple triple camera system. This is not the high-end camera that is available on other supreme models. 

The memory comes with an 8GB Ram, which is pretty cool and an internal 256GB storage. The battery is 3,33mAh dual style, and the overall operating system or OS is Android 10.

The flip phone uses two types of sim cards which are an eSim and a nano sim. Other than that, most of the specifications are generally up-to-date ones found in most newer models.

If you really are a tech geek or a self-proclaimed smartphone guru and want to know every little detail of the flip phone, you can check it out at the Samsung Malaysia website.

Sim card slot for Galaxy Z Flip Phone
The Sim card slot on the flip phone.

How Many Times Can The Galaxy Z Flip Fold?

Many ask a common question as there is some concern or worry in the number of times a person will flip or fold the phone.

Well, the unofficial number stated was 200,000 times, and this was answered by one of the people in Samsung during the official launch in the USA.

This means that if you flip your phone open and close 30 times a day, it will last you a good 6,666 days or 18 years in total. How about that?

How Many Colors Are Available for the Galaxy Z Flip?

There are three main colours available for the Malaysian market: Mirror Black, Mirror Purple, and Mirror Gold.

The unit that I am testing is the Mirror Black colour, and it looks straightforward. It feels more for those non-colourful people or those in the corporate world.

The Mirror Purple and Gold are very vibrant and seem to cater to the younger or more outstanding people.

Mirror Gold Galaxy Z Flip Phone
The flip phone is in a Mirror Gold colour.

When was the Galaxy Z Flip Launched? 

Officially, it was launched in San Francisco on the 11th of February 2020. It was launched on the main Samsung website in Malaysia, but it is yet to be officially launched.

However, pre-bookings can be done through the main Samsung website for anyone interested.

How Much is the Galaxy Z Flip in Malaysia?

Right now, the recommended retail price for the Galaxy Z Flip is RM5,888, and if you buy this direct from Samsung, you will get some additional perks.

Where to Buy the Galaxy Z Flip in Malaysia?

For now, the Galaxy Z Flip is available for pre-order from Samsung Malaysia, and you can get more information from the Samsung website.

Is it Worth Getting the Galaxy Z Flip in Malaysia? 

I leave this entirely up to you. If you are a practical person, I suggest you go with the Galaxy S10 Plus, Note 10 Plus, or even the Galaxy S20 series. 

If you are a gadget freak and love to be in the limelight, then the Galaxy Z Flip is right up your alley. Especially if you love compact gadgets as this flip phone sits perfectly in bags and pockets.


As smartphones get more interesting and creative, I find Samsung leading the way in today's technological world. Yes, other brands may be equally advanced, but it is Samsung that impresses.

Right now, the Galaxy Z Flip has gained a lot of attention in the world, with the ability to flip a smartphone into a pocket-sized gadget that fits just about anywhere.

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