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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Launch in Malaysia

Malaysia Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Launch

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra launch in Malaysia was done on the 28th of February and at the St. Regis Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

While it was officially launched worldwide on the 11th of February in San Francisco, USA, it took another 17 days for it to arrive in Malaysia, and this is, of course, is normal.

Anyway, the event took place in the ballroom at the St.Regis Hotel which started at 5.30 PM, where it ended at around 8.00 PM. 

Launching of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in Malaysia

Galaxy S20 Launch in Malaysia
Incited guests and media await the launch outside the St. Regis KL ballroom.
Overall, I have to conclude that the entire launch was fully-centered around the camera and video capabilities that the new Galaxy S20 offers. 

Utilizing the year 2020, Samsung's mission is all about a year that signifies a whole new generation or era of revolution.

With that, Samsung has taken the opportunity to release one of the most innovative smartphones to date, the entire range of Galaxy S20s which comes in three models.

YS Kim Launches Galaxy S20 in Malaysia
Samsung Malaysia President Mr. YS Kim holds the S20 Phones during the launch here in KL.
At the launching, I honestly expected the Samsung Malaysia president Mr. Yoonsoo Kim or YS Kim to indulge more of the capabilities of the smartphone. 

However, his appearance on stage was rather quick, only to reveal the Galaxy S20 units on hand, and to take some photo opportunities with telco and business partners. 

A special Malaysian 'Team Samsung' was also on stage for the photo opportunity with Mr. YS Kim, each holding a unit of the Galaxy S20.

Mr. YS Kim concluded his stage time with a highlight on how the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the phones larger image sensor work hand-in-hand to bring out the best from photography and videography.

Launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in Malaysia
The nice ambiance of the ballroom during the exclusive launch of the Galaxy S20 Smartphone in KL, Malaysia.
The event immediately led to the local dual host taking over to highlight some of the key features of the S20, which was assumably targeted towards lifestyle and social media users. 

Live demonstrations and key functions were conducted onstage to a rather mixed crowd of business professionals, Samsung Members, invited guests and the Malaysian media from all areas.

Below are the key elements that were shared during the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in Malaysia. 

Malaysia Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Launch
As always, Samsung's launches are always impressive. 
Space Zoom on Galaxy S20 Ultra

This mode is what most people are intrigued about where a telescopic 100X zoom is introduced on the S20 Ultra.

The mechanism uses a combination of Hybrid Optic Zoom and a Super Resolution Zoom, which is, of course, an AI-powered digital zoom.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra would be the highlighted model due to the folding lens technology that comes with AI-powered multi imaging processing to reduce quality loss at extreme zooms.

Well, I am yet to fully test this model and function, so when I do get a chance, I will share it in another article.

Please note that only the S20 Ultra comes with the 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom and 100x Super-Resolution Zoom.

S20 Smartphone Launch Malaysia
Media testing out the Galaxy S20 just after the launching event. 
Single Take on Galaxy S20

Probably one of the most innovative camera modes to date, the 'Single Take' is actually a comprehensive AI camera system that takes multiple mode photos in one shot. Impressed? 

Well, let me explain what it means, generally, the AI system will take not only photos but even quick video clips, cropped shots, ultra-wide shots and even Live Focus. All of this in one touch of a button. 

This seems to be targeted towards social media and lifestyle users who are always wanting to get the best out of their photo taking. 

So, by using the 'Single Take' mode, you can capture a whole set of photos and videos, and then choose the best ones to upload onto your social media. 

8K Video Filming on Galaxy S20

Say hello to 8K on smartphones and now everyone can shoot in 8K on the Galaxy S20. This upgrade in video quality will allow true-to-life color and supreme quality never before seen from a smartphone. 

Along with this comes an upgrade to the built-in stabilizer where the new 'Super Steady' technology gets some serious AI motion analysis and anti-rolling stabilization.

Honestly, this is what was shared during the launch, and I would really love to test this out on my own, to see how much the technology has improved.

What are the Galaxy S20 Specifications?

This one is rather technical, and if you are truly interested to find out more, you can always visit the official Samsung Galaxy S20 website for the full details.

While you are there, you can also pre-order the phone directly from Samsung and get really detailed information about the other functions like 5G and so on.

Malaysia Galaxy S20 Ultra Colours
The available colors of the Galaxy S20 in Malaysia.
What Are The Galaxy S20 Models Available In Malaysia? 

With the Galaxy S20 Malaysia launch concluded, there will only be three models for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series available for Malaysians.

They are listed below with available colors and retail prices.
  • Galaxy S20 - Comes in Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, and Cloud Pink. Retails at RM3,599
  • Galaxy S20+ - Comes in Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, and Cloud Pink. Retails at RM3,999
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra - Comes in Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black. Retails at RM4,999

Malaysia Galaxy S20 Roadshow Promotion
The exclusive gifts that are available during the Galaxy S20 Roadshow in Malaysia.
Malaysia Galaxy S20 Trade In Offer Promo
Any phone can be traded-in to get an RM400 rebate. 
Galaxy S20 Trade-in Promotion
A change to walk home with a new 50" Samsung TV during the roadshow promotion.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Roadshow in Malaysia

As always, after the official launching of a new Samsung smartphone comes a roadshow and this time around, the Samsung S20 Roadshow happens simultaneously around major cities in Malaysia.

While you may think it is just another roadshow, Samsung Malaysia has upped its game by offering some incredible deals and gifts for anyone who buys an S20 from the roadshow.

Did this get your attention? If it did, let me share the deals offered below;
  1. Exclusive Roadshow Gift - Wireless Charger Pad and 128GB microSD card worth RM378.
  2. Earlybird Reward - Buyers are entitled to be in the running to win an exclusive Samsung 50" 4K Smart UHD TV worth RM2,599.
  3. Camera Trade-in - or trade-in any old camera and get an RM400 rebate for purchases on any Galaxy S20 model.
    *Please note that for option #2 and #3, customers can only choose one option, and it is only for the first 500 redemptions nationwide.

Malaysia Galaxy S20 Roadshow
Locations of the Galaxy S20 Roadshow in Malaysia.
Where is the Galaxy S20 Roadshow Being Held in Malaysia? 

Now that you may be interested to visit any of the roadshows to see the phone or perhaps even purchase one, check out the locations where the roadshow will be held around Malaysia.

Date: 6th to 8th March 2020 at;
  • Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur
  • Queensbay Mall, Penang
  • Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru, Johor
  • East Coast Mall, Kuantan Pahang
  • Imago Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Malaysia Galaxy S20 Ultra
The live S20 units that were available for the media to test.
Before I conclude, I would like to highlight that all the photos here were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

You can also read my review on the Galaxy S10 Plus camera, which is my current smartphone and also a Galaxy Note review which I had the opportunity to test a couple of months ago. 

Again, just to clarify my review here, I have been a Samsung Galaxy and Note user since they were launched here in Malaysia over 10 years ago, after moving from the iPhone 1 since June 2007.

I started with the Galaxy GT-I7500 back in 2009 before moving to the Samsung Note 1 in October 2011. After Note 5, I eventually moved to another brand before coming back to the Galaxy S10 Plus. 

With that, I trust that you find this article on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Launch in Malaysia interesting and that you may even visit the roadshow or a Samsung outlet to check the phones out.

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