Samsung Galaxy Fold Review Malaysia

Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

Since launching Samsung's most creative smartphone in October 2019, I have only had dreams to own such an exquisite piece of technology.

Things changed, and suddenly I had the opportunity to test out the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Malaysia for ten whole days, and here is my honest review.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Fold Malaysia

First of all, this is the most expensive smartphone ever created by Samsung, and in Malaysia, it cost RM8,388 for the Galaxy Fold.

And of course, you don't need to break your bank to buy it; you simply take a telco package for this beautiful smartphone.

Malaysia Review Galaxy Fold
What the Galaxy Fold looks like when it is folded.
Now, the Galaxy Fold is a technological marvel where the smartphone screen folds in half, becoming a singular, much slimmer unit that is also usable.

Due to this incredible feat, much debate and opinions have surfaced from early till mid-2019 about this phone, and finally, the dream came true when it was released.

Now, I will not bore you with all the geek-talk, specification explanations, technology talk because that is what most tech-bloggers can write about.

However, you and I are the common laymen where we only understand the basics, so I will do my best to explain as simple as possible.

The Size of the Galaxy Fold Smartphone

Malaysian Review Galaxy Fold Phone
When unfolded, the smartphone looks like this.
This is quite subjective as most say it is perfect for the average human size. There are two specifications - Unfolded and Folded.

  • Folded - 6.33" x 2.48" inch (160.9 x 62.9 mm)
  • Unfolded - 6.33" x 4.64" inch (160.9 x 117.9 mm)

Basically, when it is folded, it seems much smaller than a standard smartphone, making consumers question the unfolded size.

However, when you unfold it, it fits perfectly in your palm, just like a mini-tablet; hence this is the reason why it looks smaller when folded.

Benefits of using Galaxy Fold
Another plus point is reading the news on the Galaxy Fold, which is nice and large.
How to Use the Galaxy Fold? 

Though this may be a silly question, trust me, I have been asked about how to use the folding smartphone, and the answer is - same as your normal phone.

Normally when you do not use the phone, it will be folded, and when it is folded, you can still use the phone by the front touch screen panel. Just that everything is smaller than your regular smartphone.

What are the Benefits of Using a Galaxy Fold?

Galaxy Fold Phone Folded
Using the Galaxy Fold for Instagram when it is folded.
When I heard about this folding phone, I had no idea what to expect until I personally tested it out. And trust me, there are huge benefits to using the Galaxy Fold, which are;

1. Work & Business

This is probably an amazing solution for those who are constantly on the phone for their work and social life by having a larger screen. This means you can also run multiple tabs on the unfolded screen, which is awesome.

2. Social Media Influencers or Addicts

If you live in the social media world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, the Galaxy Fold will be your best friend in terms of multiple windows and also a larger perspective in terms of image viewing and editing.

3. Those with Farsightedness

You know how troublesome it can be to lift your glasses every time you want to check your messages or read something for those who have reached this level in eyesight. Well, with the Galaxy Fold, you need not because the screen is larger, and everything is much clearer. Trust me, I am in that farsightedness category, and it was a joy to read my messages and so on.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Opened Up
The same photo is viewed when the smartphone is unfolded.
4. Travel

If you are the type that depends on Google Maps or Waze when you travel, the Galaxy Fold will be a convenient companion.

5. Photography

This is probably one of the areas that I use a lot, and the Galaxy Fold comes with the same camera specifications as the S10 Plus or Note 10 Plus. The photos turn out beautiful and 

6. Gaming

I'm not a hard-core gamer, but I occasionally play some simple games on my smartphone when time permits. One of my most played games since 2019 is no other than Pokemon Go; hence I did install it on the Galaxy Fold, and let me just say it was pretty surreal. The unfolded mode gave me an extensive perspective of the game, allowing me to see more on the screen.

What to be Cautious About the Galaxy Fold? 

Using Whatsapp on Galaxy Fold
Using Whatsapp when the phone is unfolded is simply awesome.
Well, since the price is a whopping RM8,388, anyone using this folding phone will be extremely cautious. Below, I will highlight a few pointers about the Galaxy Fold care.

Dropping It - This is like any other smartphone, and when you drop it, you will get a heart attack. So, my advice is to not drop the folding phone and get the protective phone case.

Contact with Water - Another huge no-no for the folding phone. Some other smartphones may be tolerant of a little water, but not for the Galaxy Fold. So, avoid contact with water like spilling drinks, rain or even by the pool or seaside.

Theft - This is obviously one of the hottest items for theft, meaning snatch thieves or even misplacing your phone. With such a price tag on the phone, there will be those keeping an eye out, so please be extra cautious when you use the phone. 

Misconceptions of the Galaxy Fold

When the news broke in early 2019, there have been many misconceptions from various outlets about the folding phone.

At the end of the day, Samsung recalled back the first initial test model and worked on fixing all the little hiccups to produce the second edition of the folding phone released in September 2019.

The folding screen has also been questioned, but to be very honest, any phone with a folding screen will look similar; hence after using it, I realized that it takes time to get used to.

Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Malaysia?

Instagram with Galaxy Fold
Personally, I enjoyed using the Galaxy Fold for Instagram.
Since the inaugural launch of the folding phone, there have been various reports that the phone has sold up to 500,000 units to date. However, the official announcement has not been issued yet by Samsung. 

For now, those looking for where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Malaysia can do so from the official Samsung website. 

Anyone who buys the Galaxy Fold smartphone will please know that it comes with a general warranty and a special screen warranty.

You also get a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds and a special phone casing along with your purchase.

So, who am I reviewing the Galaxy Fold? 

While I may not be known as a big-time or famous tech reviewer in Malaysia, I have been doing several travel reviews of smartphones and laptops in my early days from 2009 to 2014. 

I started as a digital online writer in 1998, back in the days when not many Malaysias knew much about this medium.

Eventually, I moved to the travel blogging and micro-influencer industry in 2008 and have been doing so since.  

I am also one of the first people in Malaysia and out of the USA to get in the 1st ever iPhone 1 the following day after it was launched in the USA. This was on June 30, 2007, when I started to use smartphones.

I moved to the iPhone 3Gs after that, then to Samsung Galaxy Note 1 when it was launched, then Galaxy Note 2, then to Oppo and finally back to Samsung in 2019.

You can read my review for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, where I focused it around the phone's camera, which is what many people look forward to when buying a new phone. 

I also did another special food review of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus using the food mode setting of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone Malaysia
Slim and just nice for an average adult's hand.

After using the Galaxy Fold for 10 whole days in December 2019, I admit that it took a bit of getting used to before getting comfortable with it.

To me, a smartphone and tablet in one is probably the future, but then again, it draws the line between the casual users and the power users. 

While this is still the first official commercial folding phone globally, there is already news of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 that may be launched somewhere in 2020.

There is also the Galaxy S20 series being launched in Malaysia at the end of February 2020, while the much talked about Galaxy Flip smartphone is also to be launched in the same year. 

Well, I trust you found this review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Malaysia interesting and totally different from the general technical reviews out there. 

If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear them in the comment form below.

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