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What About Kuching 2019

WAK Festival 2019

What About Kuching or #WAK2019 is a month-long festival that is purely dedicated to the lifestyle, arts and culture scene of Kuching in Sarawak. 

While Kuching is the capital of Sarawak, this laid-back city has been known to charm visitors due to the old-world splendour where modernization has not overtaken this part of Malaysia. 

However, the Kuching people or Kuchingites, have dedicated a unique festival spanning 30 days that are held throughout various locations in the city area. 

What About Kuching

What About Kuching
WAK 2019 is the festival to experience in October

Conceptualized back in 2017, the organizers have created possibly one of Kuching's most unique festivals that has the potential to be one of the top festivals to attend in Malaysia. 

Even the Sarawak Tourism Minister mentioned in a recent interview with the media that What About Kuching has the potential to grow into a top regional event similar to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

What is Happening at What About Kuching 2019?

WAK 2019 has lined up a total of 56 collaborating groups with 99 different events and more than 315 daily events taking place over 30 days from Sept 28 to Oct 27.

Depending on the day and time you are in Kuching, there will be something going on at selected venues in the city area. 

There are workshops, shows, exhibitions and many other interesting events taking place. The main events are also best experienced on weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Therefore if you are visiting on a particular weekend, do check out the event list for WAK2019. 

You can also see the full list of events and activities at the What About Kuching 2019 Calander

Tuak Making Workshop
One of the interesting workshops at WAK2019 is the Tuak Brewing Workshop

Who Should Visit What About Kuching?

Generally anyone and everyone. This includes locals and also visitors to Malaysia, especially anyone who is visiting Kuching from September 20 to October 27, 2019. 

When you are here, look for the brochures on WAK2019 which are available around Kuching city. Kuching International Airport is also one of the places where you can pick them up when you arrive.

Alternternatively, you can also search Google for 'What About Kuching' and get the calendar of events from the main website. 

When and Where is What About Kuching (WAK)? 

Date: Sept 28 to Oct 27 (30 Days)
Where: All over Kuching city
Website: What About Kuching

Art by Ramsay Ong
Ramsay Ong is one of the renown artists from Kuching, Sarawak

How to Travel to Kuching? 

There are various flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Kota Kinabalu and other cities around Malaysia and Southeast Asia that fly directly into Kuching, Sarawak. 

Once here, visitors can easily walk around the city area or if you are ambitious enough, rent a car to move around. Ride-hailing or e-hailing services are available in Kuching as well. 

About Kuching Festival
At one of the DJ sessions in Kuching


Personally, I feel that Kuching is still one of the best cities to visit in Malaysia, and over the last 10 years, I have been visiting here for many events and activities. 

In the last decade alone, I have seen how moderately Kuching has grown, and they are in no rush to keep up with other fast-growing cities in Malaysia.

This is something that I find very fascinating, that a city taking its time to mature without affecting the people, the culture and the overall charm of the place. 

Therefore, if you have been planning or have plans to visit Kuching in October, do make it a point to catch some of the events or activities taking place for What About Kuching 2019.

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