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Travel Bloggers List in Malaysia

Malaysia Travel Bloggers List

I hate to say it but there is still a massive lack of travel bloggers in Malaysia and just 10 years ago, I did a similar article but only to find that the change has been at a very slow rate.

So, for 2020, I have sort of come up with a list of Malaysian Travel Bloggers to look out for. There are no mechanics to this list, only the fact that they travel and blog.

Malaysia Travel Bloggers Complete List

Firstly, let me inform everyone that the word 'Travel Blogger' in Malaysia is wrongly conceptualized by many, namely the industry people.

The reason for this is - almost everyone started with a food and general blog and eventually branched into travel.

You will have people stating that travel and food go together as a pair and yes, I totally agree, but it all depends on how the person manages it.

The travel bloggers list below features Malaysians and non-Malaysians who write about Malaysia or are based in Malaysia.

Some of the blogs may be inactive or no longer writing, but on the last checking, they still updated their blogs in 2018.

Many of the travel bloggers are also casual bloggers, meaning they have a day job and do their blog as a hobby.

Travel ruined by Infleuncers
Some people seem to think Influencers are ruining travel. Source Travel Off Path 

In the current day, the term 'Travel Influencer' would be what most people are referring to, and that is considered as social media travellers.

These are not included here as most of the travel influencers will only have an Instagram account, which does not count under the category travel blog.

PR Agencies, Advertising Agencies, and Internet Marketeers - If you are here to get information or contacts, let me just tell you that I made this list simply based on the bloggers with no complete statistics.

I personally think that PR agencies should also do your own homework on the many bloggers listed here.

Pulling names randomly from this list will only result in a failed or bad campaign as you would not know who is capable to reach your audience or even meet your KPI. Again I stress, not everyone in this list has the desired reach and numbers.

You will notice that a number of the Malaysian bloggers cleverly brand themselves as Travel and Food, Food and Travel or Travel, Lifestyle and Food blog, hoping to cover as many genres as possible.

Simply said, a travel blogger's description is simply to blog about their travel experiences when they travel, know what I mean? Anyway, below is the list in alphabetical order.

Travel Bloggers Malaysia List
Travel bloggers in action

Travel Bloggers List in Malaysia


As I Travel - http://mykembara.blogspot.com
A Moment Like This - http://yvonnesam.com
Adameben - http://adameben.blogspot.com
After Crazying - http://mush4crazy.blogspot.com
Alice Tan - http://www.alice-tan.com
Alwaysmissmandy - www.alwaysmissmandy.blogspot.com
Always Travelicious! - http://alwaystravelicious.com
Amazing Journey Asia - http://pummkin.net/amazingjourney
Asean Turtle - http://aseanturtle.blogspot.com
As Suanie Sees It - www.suanie.net/
Azuan Zahdi - www.azuanzahdi.com/


Backpacker Busuk - http://backpackerbusuk.blogspot.com
Backpacking In Style - http://erikatoh.blogspot.com
Beauty in Darkness - http://biqque.blogspot.com
Bicycle Adventures - http://bicycle-adventures.com
Brought Up 2 Share - http://broughtup2share.com
Bubble Goes Travel - http://bubblesgoestravel.com
Budak Letrik - http://budakletrik.blogspot.com/


Carinn Tan - http://extraordinarinn.blogspot.com
CC Food Travel - http://ccfoodtravel.com/
Chawanna - http://blueewoke09.blogspot.fr
Chea Yee - The Kaleidoscope Adventurer - http://cheayee.blogspot.com
Cheryl Chan - http://cherylchanphotography.com
Cindy's Planet - www.cindysplanet.com/
Constance Ann - http://constance-ant.com
Cutebun - http://cutebun.blogspot.com


Dan on the road - http://danontheroad.wordpress.com/
Danywhere & The Wanderlust Theories - http://danywhere.com
Devi da Lil Devil - http://devidalildevil.blogspot.com
Discovering Ivanium - www.discoveringivanium.blogspot.com


Eatlicious食在好玩 - http://jazzlah.blogspot.com
Emila Yusuf - http://emilayusof.com
Eat Till Tummy Full - http://tummyfull.blogspot.com
E.L.F Explore Leisure Food - http://syahirbasharuddin.blogspot.com/


Farikica's World - http://farikicasworld.blogspot.com
Farisya Anastasyia - www.duniafarisya.com
Feeqsays - www.feeqsays.com
Faizal Fredley - http://faizalfredley.com
Five-foot Traveler - http://www.fivefeetflat.net/
Food Addictions of Cookie Monster - http://www.thanislim.com


Glamourous Traveller - http://glamouroustraveller.com
Globetrotter - http://lilyrianitravelholic.blogspot.com


Hakim Ishraf - http://itshakimishraf.blogspot.com
Hannah Pearson - www.hannahinmalaysia.co.uk
Happy Days Ahead - http://happydaysinc.blogspot.com
Happy Happy: Food, Cycling & Travel - http://tailim.blogspot.com/
HMR Hip Mom Report - http://hipmomreport.com/


It's all about my life - mystoriesmories.blogspot.com/


Janggeltrekker's Life - http://janggeltrekking2.blogspot.com/
Jardness.com - http://ignorantbrat.blogspot.com
Jarimanis Travel - http://jarimanistravel.blogspot.com/
Jeff's Travels - http://jefftravel88.blogspot.com
Jessying - www.jessying.com
jkdrooling - Malaysia Food & Travel Blog jkdrooling.blogspot.com/
Johor Kaki - http://johorkaki.blogspot.sg /
The journey of Life - http://theponderofme.blogspot.com
The journey of the Little Biscuit - http://journeyofthetlittlebiscuit.blogspot.com
JQ Lee - www.jqtalks.com
Juanderful World - http://juanderfulworld.blogspot.com
Just.Yoga - http://www.yogaretnam.com/category/travel


Kaki Berangan : Jom Travel! - kakiberangan.blogspot.com/
Kaki Jalan - http://masmz.blogspot.com
Kaki Jalans - https://www.kakijalans.com/
Kaki Travel - kakitravelkhairuddin.blogspot.com/
KampungBoyCityGal - http://kampungboycitygal.com
Kembara GD - http://kembaragd.blogspot.com
Kisah Tatie - www.kisahtatie.com/
KYspeaks  Food, Travel, and everything in between - http://kyspeaks.com/


Lamyerda - http://lamyerda.com
Lenjan Destinasi - http://lenjandestinasi.blogspot.com/
Ler Travel Diary - http://lertraveldiary.blogspot.com
Life Is A Story - http://encree.blogspot.com
Little Clouds of Thought - http://littlecloudsofthought.blogspot.com/
Luvs Life Too Much To Lose Out! - http://Ellisluvslife.blogspot.com


Makiko Saba - http://makiko-saba.blogspot.com
Malaysia Asia - http://blog.malaysia-asia.my
Malaysia Backpackers - http://www.malaysiabackpackers.com/
Malaysia Food & Travel Blog - www.vkeong.com/
Malaysian Foodie - http://www.malaysianfoodie.com/
Miss Sunshine - http://www.sunshinekelly.com
Motormouth From Ipoh - www.j2kfm.com/
Mr Jocko - www.mrjocko.com/
My Armchair Travelogue - http://myarmchair-travelogue.blogspot.com
Mylovelybluesky 蓝天白云数格子 - http://mylovelybluesky.com
My Travellicious! - http://www.mytravellicious.com
My World - Azuan Zahdi / http://www.azuanzahdi.com
MyMap|The Map Is Not The Territory - http://zamzuriabdmalik.com
My Kembara - www.my-kembara.com
My Trips - http://j-travel.blogspot.com/


Nicole Kiss - http://nicolekiss.blogspot.com/
Nota Kembara - http://www.notakembara.com


Out of The Box, Out & About - http://farizlow.blogspot.com
Our Home Called Kuantan - www.duncaninkuantan.blogspot.com


Pinoy Voyager - http://www.pinoyvoyager.com
Places and Food - www.placesandfood.com
PureGlutton - gastronomy, culinary, travel and all the finer - pureglutton.com/


QuaChee's Blog - www.quachee.blogspot.com


Ramble and Wander - www.rambleandwander.com
Rugged Mom - www.ruggedmom.com


Sans - http://akasiaoccasionally.blogspot.com
Si Traveler Comel! - www.thebigsmallboy.com
Sweet Day Memories - http://may9582.blogspot.com
Syahir Basharuddin - http://syahirbasharuddin.blogspot.com


Tatie - http://kisahtatie.blogspot.com
That So Farah - http://www.thatsofarah.com
The Best Things In Life... - http://kairulizwan.com
The Fakawi Traveller - www.thefakawitraveller.com
The Five Foot Traveller - www.fivefeetflat.net
The (Mis)Adventures of Miss Elly - www.elly-yusof.com
The Nomad Gourmand - www.rebeccasaw.com
The Province of Chroma - www.zaraab.wordpress.com
The Tiny Wanderer - www.tinywanderer.com
Thrift Travelers - http://thrifttravelers.blogspot.com/
Thristhan, Travel & Food - www.Thristhan.com
Travel, just.yoga - www.yogaretnam.com
Travel by Husein Rider - http://huseinrider.blogspot.com
Travel Chameleon - http://travelchameleon.net
Travel Freak - http://pinparadise.blogspot.com/
Travel & Living Journal of DT - http://dianateo-dt.blogspot.com
Travel My Way - http://timetravelafif.blogspot.com/
Travel With Me - http://muchang.blogspot.com
Traveller's Anatomy - http://travelleranatomy.blogspot.com
Travelog - http://travelog.my
Travelsukasuki - http://travelsukasuki.blogspot.com
Trawberry Gal Adventures of Life - www.pamelaybc.com
Through My Eyes - http://adamlai.com


Wander2Nowhere - http://wander2nowhere.com
We Said Go Travel - http://www.wesaidgotravel.com
Wonderful Malaysia - www.wonderfulmalaysia.com
World of Travels, Enviro, Photography - http://hcvv.blogspot.com


YuhJiun - http://www.yuhjiun09.com


Statistic Breakdown for the Malaysian Travel Bloggers

  1. A strong majority of the above are mainly Malaysia Lifestyle Bloggers who cover several genres which include anything and everything. (Yet many claim they are travel bloggers)
  2. A number of them are mostly food, lifestyle and travel blogs. 
  3. A small portion is travel photobloggers, even though they claim they are travel but more photos than text in their articles. 
  4. Only a small handful of the above is pure travel bloggers who only write about travel. 
  5. While some of the travel bloggers above are active, there are a number of them who are casual travel bloggers who only blog once or twice a month. 
  6. A majority of them are working with full-time jobs while a small percentage of them are students or self-employed. 
  7. Some of the above blog in the Malay language and some blog in dual language, English and Malay or Chinese and English. 
  8. You should be surprised that there are no Indian travel bloggers who write in Tamil.  
  9. A majority of the travel bloggers are aged below 35 years of age while a small handful is aged from 35 to 50 years old. 
  10. A number of them are photographers which include their work in their travel or lifestyle blog.
The stats above are based on visiting the sites, meeting most of them and also monitoring their trends over the last five years.

There is no calculation to the results but judging from the style and delivery, the conclusion is a close assumption.

Travel Blogger in Malaysia
That's me, going for some scuba diving at Lankayan Island in Sabah, Borneo


You can also view my earlier list of travel bloggers in Malaysia which were done in 2011, and some of them are actually still active till this very day.

And if you are a Malaysian travel blogger and is not listed here, please leave your name and travel blog URL in the comment form and I will update the list when possible.

If you are a foreigner living here, you can also submit your name to be included in the complete Travel Bloggers List in Malaysia.

However, please note that I will update this list whenever I can do it, and it is not immediate. So you can go ahead and post in the comment form below.

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